Addictions are easy to acquire, hard to let go. Hypnotherapy could help you bin them for good! 

If you’re here because you’d like some hypnotherapy in order to be rid of an addiction then well done you. Most people simply make excuses, tell themselves that they’ll do something about it tomorrow and so forth. You probably know this already. You’ve been doing it yourself, for long enough. It doesn’t matter anymore, for you’re now a step ahead of those people. The next step is to read on and to then decide that you’d like to start the process right now, today. 

Addictions are habits which steal lives. You don’t need me to tell you how awful it is. You know it well enough already. Let me, however, reassure you. You don’t need to be a slave to a substance or habit any longer. If you’re truly sick of your addiction, if you’re desperate to make changes happen and if you’re prepared to do whatever it takes to succeed then get in touch with me. I’ll be more than glad to help you.

That does need to be the case, however. There’s no use in coming to see me (or anybody else) if you’re just tired of being nagged by a loved one. You have to genuinely want to stop and to stop for yourself. 

I offer hypnotherapy in Reading, Oxford, Wallingford, London and Thame to those people who are ready to change their lives. When you’re ready, get in touch. What? You’re ready now? Good. Have a little more of a read and then email, call or text me. I’m ready and waiting to help you.

I also offer hypnotherapy for addictions online, using vsee, whatsapp, zoom. Please get in touch for details. Please also be aware that covid 19 tier 4 restrictions of 2021 also permit therapists to see clients face to face.

The substance or activity doesn’t matter. Do you want to live freely or remain a slave?

Some addictions can be picked up in a matter of hours or days. Others take a while to insert alcoholism hypnotherapythemselves into our lives. No matter what it might be, the substance or activity doesn’t much matter, what began as a bit of fun or entertainment can turn on us and become our master. We become its slave.

I’ve worked with clients who have developed addictions to pornography, alcohol, cannabis, cocaine, nicotine, gambling, ketamine and more. I have used hypnotherapy to help people overcome them all, and more. You could be the next person to be free.

The focus of your addiction really isn’t important. They all satisfy the same needs and their patterns all follow similar paths. Your addiction served a purpose (or it seemed to, once upon a time) but the solution now poses a problem in itself. You’ve had enough of it now. You’re sick of it. You’re ready to be free!

I hope that things haven’t become so bad as all that. I’ve worked with people who have lost jobs, partners, families and homes because of one addiction or another. Some people have to hit rock bottom before the need for change becomes apparent. 

Others see themselves staring into the abyss of a P45, divorce or repossession and decide to act in time. Don’t be one of those who leaves it too late!

Whatever position you’re in right now, you can get your life back on track. Some things may never be the same again but that doesn’t mean they can’t be good. Hypnotherapy could help you to rebuild and I’m here to help now that you’re ready to act. Others have taken the very same steps you’re now considering taking for yourself. If you’re a little worried about how it might feel to begin therapy then don’t fret. They probably were as well. Now, however, they’re enjoying their lives, free of addiction, shame and regret.

It’s time to throw those shackles away! Hypnotherapy can help you!

Addictive substances or behaviours can be a valuable coping mechanism at first. That drink can be an excellent way of relaxing after a difficult day at work. Putting a bet on a match, of a weekend, can add an extra bit of excitement to the big game.

Cigarettes can help an insecure teenager to feel more socially acceptable at a party. The flutter on a horse-race could be part of a cathartic weekend away and casinos are glamorous places in which fortunes can be made.

Pornography can serve to release stress. Cocaine makes people feel powerful, charming and important. Cocaine enables people to keep up with the crowd, drinking all night without fading.

What did your addiction once promise to do for you? Did it deliver the goods? Does it do it for you anymore? 

If not then keep reading. It’s time to cast it away and liberate yourself from slavery. Others have done it before you and you could do it too. Hypnotherapy is the weapon with which an addiction can be beaten into submission and exiled from your life.

There comes a time when the habit or substance moves from being a fun and enjoyable servant to being a cruel and merciless tyrant. It then takes a while longer before the person with the addiction realises that this has happened. When you can’t hide from it any longer, that’s the time to act. Denial will bring you nothing but pain. Get in touch now and we’ll discuss how you could be free of your addiction, for good!

You can be free!

There are any number of ways in which we could come to rely on a certain substance or activity as a means of coping with a difficult time. It’s great at first but I’ve used hypnotherapy for addictions in Reading, Thame, Wallingford, Oxford and London in order to help people who have learned that these things don’t stay fun forever.

Being an addict simply isn’t fun. It is draining, damaging and grim. If you’ve simply had enough of it then give me a call. I’ll be glad to help you to set yourself free.

Addictions can be learned, perhaps.

Cocaine (2)Many of us grow up with parents who are addicts of some kind of another. We can learn from them that alcohol, cannabis or some other substance are an effective means of dealing with unwanted emotions.

We can grow up feeling miserable in our own selves if our parents seemed more interested in drink or drugs than in us. In order to suppress and cope with these feelings we can find ourselves turning to the very same substances for relief. 

The relief doesn’t last forever. Over time the pleasure becomes a habit and we begin to need more and more of the substance or behaviour in order to provide the same level of satisfaction. One glass of wine becomes two, a bottle, two bottles. The brain’s reward system becomes distorted and more and more is required in order to achieve that same level of ‘reward’.

There’s no end to it. Well, until you seek a decent hypnotherapist in order to help you to put an end to an addictive behaviour, once and for all.

I‘ve used hypnotherapy in Reading, Oxford, London, Wallingford and Thame for just about every addiction you can think of. If you’re simply sick and tired of hearing those same old excuses – from your own lips – then get in touch.

‘Oh, it’s just my genes, my personality’, insert excuse…

Perhaps there is a genetic link to addiction. Perhaps there really is such a thing as an ‘addictive personality’. Perhaps it doesn’t matter very much. You’ve quite possibly been using these things as an excuse for years.

Other people once used those same excuses. They’re now free of their addiction. You could be too.

Genes aren’t all powerful as determinants of our behaviour. We can learn to do things differently. When we learn that the cost of addiction outweighs the benefits we can do something to reverse the process. 

Personality? Well, that’s a fluid thing. You’re not the same as you were when you were twelve. You needn’t continue being the same as you are right now. Change is possible. Others have travelled that path before you and now live happier and healthier lives. Hypnotherapy helped them and it could help you too.

You’re here, reading this, because you realise that you now need to change your behaviours. Whether genes, personality or learned behaviours brought you to this point really doesn’t matter very much. We’ll get to the bottom of it anyway. What is important is that you want to stop, are ready to stop and are prepared to make whatever changes are necessary in order to stop, right now, once and for all.

We can all find excuses for inaction. It’s often more comfortable to carry on as we are. Are you tired of making excuses?

changes hypnotherapyEveryone can find an excuse not to deal with an addiction. ‘Work is too stressful right now. Somebody or other has just passed away. Another week won’t kill me.’ 

The list of potential excuses is long and persuasive. After all, you’ve probably tried to give up or change the habit before and it didn’t work. Why put yourself through it all again. Next week / month / year would be a better time to begin.

Well, perhaps there’s no perfect time to begin.

How much more time are you going to waste putting it off?

Make the call now. Now is all we have!

Strike while the iron is hot and commit to action. That’s the first step. Don’t put it off. You’ve done that enough already. Tomorrow has never come, Until, that is, today.

Carpe Diem!

Perhaps there’s only ever now, this moment in time, this instant. Let’s get to work right now!

Perhaps there’s no perfect time. Perhaps there’s no perfect situation. You’ve probably a whole circle of addicted friends who will provide you with excuses. Perhaps you’ve a whole list of reasons why today is not a good time. It may be that you’ve a long list of previous and failed attempts to cut back or stop.

contact resolved hypnotherapyThere’s only one real question to be asked: Do you want to stop? If you want to stop then let me tell you that you can. You failed to give up the habit in the past because you didn’t really want to stop. You seized the first excuse which seemed likely to stand up. The only thing I ask of those people who come to me in order to let go of an addiction is that they really do have to want to stop. Feeling as if you should stop a habit isn’t enough. It’s OK to be afraid of stopping. It’s OK to have doubts, I can help you with those, but you really do want to stop.

If, now, you truly want to stop then do some more reading on this site and then just give me a call. Give me a call and we’ll discuss how it is you found yourself in this position and how it is you’ll break free.

Sometimes the complete cessation of a habit is too much to consider or unrealistic. Sometimes reducing the harm caused by substance abuse is a perfectly valid first step. For some it will be the only necessary step. I don’t personally buy into the AA’s claim that people are alcoholics for life or that everybody needs to stop drinking completely. Sometimes it’s enough to reduce the habit to a sustainable and healthier level. This falls in line with the HAMS philosophy, which you can read about here.

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Hypnotherapy could help you break free from addiction

When you truly want to stop then nothing can stand in your way. Even physical cravings are minimised or entirely absent when the determination to stop is fully present. Hypnotherapy could help you to harness your strengths in the pursuit of moderation or abstinence. It could help you to realise what these strengths are, It could help you to take hold of them and use them in the present.

Are you convinced? Are you ready? OK, here’s the next step

Hypnotherapy could help all the different parts of your mind to act as one team in the pursuit of a better and brighter future. I have helped people from Oxford, Thame, Reading, London and Wallingford to end their dependence on cocaine, shopping, gambling, cannabis, ketamine, pornography, nicotine, alcohol and other substances and activities. I have also helped people from all over the world, using zoom. Clients from the USA, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere have seen me for help and so geography needn’t be an obstacle.

You could be next. All over Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire there live and breathe a horde of happier, healthier people who learned how to break free of dependence with hypnotherapy. Call me when you’re ready to join them. Don’t wait for the doubts to begin creeping back in. Seize the moment!

Oh, there’s just one thing I need from you.

I need to be convinced that you’re serious about this. It does nobody any good if you book in without seriously intending to follow through. In order to demonstrate that you’re fully buying into freedom from your addiction I’ll be asking you to pay for the first session in advance. When we arrange a time to meet I’ll send confirmation as well as my bank details. I’ll need the money transferred within 24 hours in order for you to secure the booking.

It’s your way of committing to that first session and it’s my way of knowing that you have.

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