Alcohol abuse, alcoholism and hypnotherapy

You can leave alcohol dependency behind. Hypnotherapy could help you!

Are you fed up of waking up every morning and wondering why you had to finish that bottle the night before? Are you sick of resolving to stay away from alcohol for a day, only to find that you find some excuse and buy a night’s worth of alcohol almost without thinking about it? Perhaps your relationship is starting to suffer and your loved ones are growing tired of your falling asleep on the sofa every evening.

If so, perhaps hypnotherapy could hold the answer to that alcohol problem. It has proven to be so for a great many of my former clients. They have managed to let go of the demon drink and you could do it too.

addiction hypnotherapyThe reliance on alcohol is a worrying national trend at the moment and there certainly seems to be a good number of people in Reading, Thame, London, Wallingford and Oxford, who are keen to use hypnotherapy to adjust their relationship with alcohol. I have seen plenty of clients for this issue and the number is rising all the time. 

At the time of updating this page we’re all still living through the ravages of lockdowns, restrictions and Covid 19. It’s a grim time for all and many people are turning to alcohol. It probably isn’t proving to be much of a solution, is it?

Hypnotherapy can certainly help people to stop drinking. I have helped people to stop drinking altogether. I’ve also used it to help people reduce their drinking to moderate levels. 

Hypnotherapy can help people to change the way in which they see themselves in relation to their habits. You really do have the power to take control.

It isn’t, however, a matter of simply waving a magic wand and saying a few special words. Hypnotherapy for alcohol abuse is more complicated than a matter of directly tackling an unwanted habit.

You’ll need to understand this and to buy into the consequences (with regard to how alcohol abuse is treated and resolved) if you and I are to work together. I’ll need your commitment and your full understanding of why we’re doing what we’re doing. Hypnotherapy for alcohol addiction is not a matter of my breaking out a magic wand or saying some magic words. We’ll need to get down to work and you’ll need to play your part. If you’re ready then read on.

Alcohol is a coping mechanism. Hypnotherapy could resolve the cause too

alcoholism hypnotherapy

Some people will insist upon seeking a quick fix. They’ll find a therapist who will help them to resist the urge to drink.  Perhaps that therapist will help them to learn how to relax a bit or summon a strong feeling through which to resist urges and thoughts surrounding drinking. 

They will almost always fail. Perhaps it will last for a while. It may even last for weeks or months. However, what will be missing is resilience. The next time a difficulty arises, the next time a crisis arrives, alcohol will still be the first port of call.

Alcohol is far stronger than the cheap tricks employed by those poorly trained hypnotherapists who took the short cut and refused to invest time, energy and money in fully rigorous training.

Unlike smoking, alcohol abuse is almost always a coping mechanism for deep seated emotional problems. If these problems aren’t resolved then alcohol abuse could creep back into your life or perhaps you’d simply seek and find another unhealthy means of keeping your feelings at bay.

I’ve worked with many people who took the short cut. Some even spent many hundreds of pounds in Harley Street. Well, Harley Street may be a prestigious location but the people who rent rooms in that street are no better trained than the vast majority of others. In fact they are frequently less so. Confidence, money and chutzpah are the only requirements for working in such an address. Therapeutic skills are not necessary when signing a rental agreement. 

Don’t be fooled by empty promises of super-fast solutions!

Destroy the habit once and for all!

ukcp registered hypnotherapistThis habit needs to be cut off at the roots. Your emotional need for the drink needs to be resolved. You could either abstain completely, if this is the goal, or learn to enjoy it for its own sake, rather than abusing it for the purpose of self-medication.

My mother was an alcoholic who never sought help. She drank herself to death at the age of 56. I admire everyone, therefore, who does find the strength to walk through my door.

If you’re truly determined to stop your drinking or to reduce it to acceptable levels and are prepared to work at your emotional issues, you’ll have every chance of achieving your goals.

If you’d like to discuss how hypnotherapy can help you to change your drinking habits then please do feel free to call me on 07786 123736 / 01865 600970 / 01183 280284. Alternatively, email me on or simply use the contact form below.

Best wishes

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