Another lockdown? Another blow to Britain’s mental health!

Britain is staring into the abyss of a collapse in mental health. 

To some people this headline may seem somewhat alarmist. It is sad to say, however, that the research shows it to be true. 69% of people surveyed by the UCL COVID-19 social study reported feeling worried by the impact of covid restrictions upon their lives. 
As long as June, a half of those adults surveyed by MIND reported that their mental health had been negatively affected by lockdown. That figure rose to two thirds for the young. The young and women would appear, or so the evidence suggests, to have been disproportionally affected.
Most worryingly, ten percent of people reported experiencing suicidal thoughts. This is most certainly a worrying fact.
Every day I see people whose mental health has been negatively affected by the arrival of covid-19 and by the seemingly endless series of restrictions which have been imposed upon us in the attempt to slow and arrest its spread.

Why such a serious effect?

People have seen their sense of security eroded and, perhaps, destroyed altogether. Job security is diminished, particularly in October 2020 as the furlough scheme comes to an end. With the risk to employment comes the fear for housing. Rent and mortgage payments do not wait for the virus to choose to recede.
Many people derive their sense of security from their employment. Seeing it taken away, or placed at risk, leaves them wondering about their identity. Work is also a place for social connection. Being that so much of social interaction is now prohibited, work has been even more important for those people who continued to go to work.
For those who were sent to work from home, this is now the seventh month of isolation. I can recall clients telling me of how much they enjoyed the change, back in March. They’re not telling me such things any more. People are being bored to tears by the endless isolation. Productivity is falling and job satisfaction is falling with it. Together with the anxiety that their jobs might not be secure, this is proving to be a potent brew.

Ways of letting off steam are now banned

depression lockdown hypnotherapyMany people would once have sought comfort in hugs and conversations with friends and family. Restrictions and tiers have put that source of relief out of reach, for far too many. 

Activities and pastimes are similarly affected. No more can people easily go out for meals or drinks with friends. In tier two even a coffee with a friend from work is out of bounds, unless they happen to live together too.

Back in march people could at least head outside, into a garden or park. Spring had sprung. I can remember how good it felt, for a time, to be able to spend more time with family, in the garden, enjoying the sun. For many people, gardens were non-existent and fears of being harassed by the police prevented others from seeking the fresh air.

Now, of course, as we enter our second lockdown, we find little but wind and rain outside. lockdown means complete isolation at home. Boredom, depression and anxiety are an all-too frequent consequence.

We have now been under varying degrees of restriction for seven months. For the young, in particular, this has been a terribly long time. Exams have been missed. Traumatic foul-ups with exam results have been endured. Graduations, proms and the ceremonies associated with the beginnings of university have all been missed. University students found themselves imprisoned within their own lodgings. Love and friendship have been lost as teenagers have found their most fleeting years soured by events beyond their control.

It’s no surprise to me…

get in touch for hypnotherapy…that I have never been busier. As the nation entered into a free-fall in mental health my case-load increased exponentially. By Mid-October I was having to ask clients to wait for others to leave my books before I could take them on. It has been truly heart-breaking for me to have to watch my clients suffering so terribly. The resort to anti-depressants has never been greater. The extent of suicidal ideation has never been more common. The despair is palpable.

If you are suffering too then please do get in touch. I will do my best to help you to weather the storms ahead. I could help you to get to grips with your anxiety, to overcome your depression and to find a way through these times of uncertainty. 

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