Hypnotherapy, tailored to your needs, could help you overcome the problems associated with asperger’s.

If you or a loved one is on the autistic spectrum and requires a little help then I’m sorry to hear it. I work with high functioning individuals a great deal and have amassed, over the years, considerable experience of how to work with them.

anxiety hypnotherapyI began receiving calls from ASD/ASC clients in Reading, Thame, Wallingford and Oxford as soon as I began working as a hypnotherapist in 2012. My eldest daughter is an aspie and so I had some experience with the condition. I’d also chosen to write a dissertation on how hypnotherapy could be tailored to help people with asperger’s. 

Nonetheless, I hadn’t said a word about it on my website and so I was surprised to receive so many calls. I was glad I did. Those earliest clients taught me a great deal and I helped them to overcome anxiety, depression, exam nerves and suchlike.

I loved working with these clients and I still do. There’s something special about seeing this group of clients begin to make progress, to realise their strengths, to venture out into the world, to build friendships and relationships and to learn how to cope with and control the anxieties which had held them back for so long.

Perhaps, in part, it’s reassuring to know that if my clients can overcome depression, anxiety, OCD and learn to live happy and fulfilling lives then my daughter also has every chance of a future full of good things.

You can achieve all the things you’d like to (within reason). Hypnotherapy could help you

asperger's hypnosisI’ve seen such a client this evening, in Reading. It was lovely to hear her tell me of how things which caused her such anxiety in the past are now becoming easier and easier. She’s learning how to take a success from situation A and apply the same techniques to situation B.

She’s learning how to spot and praise herself for her strengths. She’s learning, in short, to be proud of herself. Depression and anxiety are fading from view as she realises that having a diagnosis needn’t hold her back.

It’s a very common story in my practice and could describe any one of dozens of clients. If you or your child would like to be able to tell me that same story in the weeks ahead then get in touch.

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I’ve seen people with high functioning autism in Oxford, Wallingford and Reading. People have travelled to see me from Hampshire, Manchester, Sheffield, Hertfordshire, Bristol and London. I was even once flown down to the South of France to work with someone who suspected that he might be on the spectrum.  Therapists from across the world have called me to ask for advice when working with ASC clients. I have presented to numerous conferences and sometimes train whole groups of counsellors how to work with such a client base. I’m enjoying every second of it.

If you’d like some help then please do consider giving me a call. I’d be glad to explain how I could help. If it’s easier to email then feel free to contact me by that method too. You can find out how to contact me here.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes

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