Beach body ready and weight loss with Resolved! Hypnotherapy Reading

Summer is coming. Are you ready? If worries of weight get in the way of your happiness then hypnotherapy could help you 

At the time of updating this blog-post it is now the autumn of 2020 and despite a lovely, hot day, Summer is more or less over. What a Summer it has been! We’re six months into the covid 19 crisis and most people saw their Summer plans wrecked beyond recognition. If this is true of you, let’s cross our fingers and hope that the Summer of 2021 is somewhat better than this one.

Do you remember the somewhat  exaggerated outrage surrounding this advert? Well, if you’re as comfortable with your body as are the women in the video then that’s a wonderful thing. However, if you’re not quite so able to see yourself in a mirror with as much self-acceptance then you’re far from alone. 

hypnosis for slimmingPeople in Reading, Oxford and London seem to have cottoned onto the fact that Winter is coming and that it’s best to enjoy this hot September’s day as much as possible.  The shorts, T shirts and short-skirts are to be seen everywhere on the streets, as the reign of scarves and woollies draws closer.

For some people, however, this isn’t a cause for celebration. If you’re carrying more weight than you’d like then Winter, with all its covering-up and figure-smothering clothing, is your friend. 

Many people dread the return of Summer and the consequent need to wear fewer and thinner clothes. If you’re one such person then hypnotherapy could help you. 

Clothes-shopping could be a cause for happiness rather than an experience filled with regret and humiliation. If you have clothes tucked away which are presently too tight to be worn then get them out and look at them once more. Hypnotherapy could help you to regain that figure an those clothes could be worn once again.

Others have done it. I’ve done it! I’ve lost 23 lbs since Christmas and you could do it too! I have weight loss clients currently losing weight, looking forward to the Summer of 2021 and the opportunity to bare themselves to the world without shame or embarrassment.

There’s a good eight or nine months until next Summer. Get working on it now and you’ll be more than ready to get the swimsuits out.

Hypnotherapy has helped plenty of people in the past. It is helping people now. It could help you, just as soon as you take the plunge and give me a call.

Yes, I’ll say it again. Hypnotherapy for weight loss could be the answer to your problem with weight

slimming with hypnotherapyI have never seen so many weight-loss clients at any one time. Obesity never seems to fall out of the news and the pressure to lose weight, to eat healthily and to get a decent amount of exercise increases steadily.

Covid 19 seems to have made this even more of an urgent matter. Clinicians tell us that intensive care covid wards were full of obese patients at the height of the pandemic. Being overweight isn’t just a danger to your health at some point in the future. It’s a clear and present danger right now.

It’s not going to go away by itself. Weight won’t disappear. If you want to be slimmer then hypnotherapy could help you. You have to take the first step, however. Give me a call!

My clients are shedding dozens of pounds, stones and kilograms because they have finally learned that diets and quick fixes just don’t work.

There is no such thing as a quick fix for weight-loss. Despite the ignorant, unethical and unproven claims of many hypnotherapists, hypnotherapy is no quick fix either. It can certainly add a new dimension to weight loss. It can certainly help to make weight-loss easier and long-lasting. You will still, nonetheless, need to commit to doing things differently.

I’ll help you. Give me a call. Take the serious approach, for the quick fixes all proved to be worthless.

They always did, didn’t they? You shed the weight quickly enough but it always went back on – together with a few pounds more. Does that sound familiar? If so, here’s why:

We’re not built to deprive ourselves of pleasure

strength and confidenceBeing a healthy weight isn’t about deprivation. Being a  healthy weight isn’t about ‘never eating that again’. Being a healthy weight isn’t about some ‘hypno-band’ trickery. Weight loss is about having a healthy relationship with food. Being a healthy weight requires a healthy relationship with yourself.

To lose weight we need to stop abusing food. It isn’t your friend. It isn’t your lover. It isn’t there for comfort or to help you repress your emotions. 

Food should be enjoyable and we need it to survive. That is all. My clients find that using food in any other way simply comes back to bite them – in the waist, on the hips and on the butt.

Food, at some stage, stops being a source of comfort and becomes a source of torment instead. We reach a point where eating to excess makes us miserable but we simply have no other way of staving off unwanted feelings. It becomes a truly love-hate relationship.

Hypnotherapy could help you to summon the will-power to make changes happen.

What are you waiting for?

Permanent weight loss is possible. Hypnotherapy can make it happen

I’ve helped plenty of people to lose weight in Reading, London, Thame, Wallingford and Oxford. It’s awesome to see people feel and look more comfortable in their own skins and it’s great to know that I’ve helped them to resolve any emotional issues behind over-eating.

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful therapy. It can help people to lose weight in a sustainable, bearable and even surprisingly easy manner. There are lots of slim people walking around Oxfordshire and Berkshire because they used hypnotherapy to help them with slimming. You could be next. I’d like to use it to help you and if you’d like to discuss how this could work, please just give me a call on 01865 600970 or 07786 123736.