Overcome that fear of failure with Resolved! Hypnotherapy

Failure is the best teacher. Hypnotherapy could help you to leave the sense of failure behind you.  So many successes are averted through the fear of failure. So many victories unwon, so much triumph un-enjoyed, so much happiness squandered. It’s tragic to see how people become trapped in this vicious circle of fear, procrastination,…

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Your children will thank you for having hypnotherapy

Children are as strong and as fragile as eggs If you drop an egg from an aeroplane and can guarantee that it will land fully on the pointed end then that egg will never break. Tap an egg on its side and it will shatter. Children are a little like eggs. They are infinitely strong…

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hypnotherapy food

Sprouts and hypnotherapy. Could you be made to like them?

Can hypnotherapy make you like sprouts? Several years ago I heard some wonderful news. Someone, somewhere in the Thames Valley had invented a wonderfully delicious new drink. Yes, they had discovered a drink which nobody had thought of ever before.  They had the imagination and inventiveness to come up with the wonderdrink which nobody had…

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Be an individual and ditch the label!

People love putting each other in boxes. Resist the label!  What’s wrong with a label? Hypnotherapists see lots of labels. People seem to absolutely love them. Here’s a disorder, there’s a syndrome, here’s a disease, an imbalance, a problem. Sticking a label on something, or someone, makes it so much easier to manage. Doesn’t…

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Clear the smoke! What’s that anger really about?

Anger isn’t always quite what it seems! Hypnotherapy could help you to resolve it, once and for all! Hi there. I take on a fair number of clients for problems regarding anger-management. The problem is, however, that anger is never the problem. Anger is merely a protection against a feeling which seems even worse. Anger…

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parkinsons hypnotherapy shakes

Hypnotherapy can help Parkinson’s sufferers

You needn’t simply resign yourself to Parkinson’s Disease. Hypnotherapy could make a difference If you’re here because you or a loved one suffers from Parkinson’s Disease then I’m sorry. I’ve worked with it a few times in the past couple of years and do understand what a debilitating condition it can be. Research into the…

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depression hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy in Didcot, Oxfordshire.

Resolved! Hypnotherapy Didcot. Helping people live happier and fuller lives. : Hello, people of Didcot. If you live in or around Didcot and have found this site whilst looking for hypnotherapy then let me begin by saying I’m sorry. I’m sorry that you have to be here. I love every moment of my work but…

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ptsd hypnotherapy

PTSD and hypnotherapy in Reading, Wallingford, Benson and Oxford

Hypnotherapy can help you to recover from PTSD It used to interest my school students that war, in centuries gone by, saw more soldiers die of disease than from their wounds. The first world war was the first exception to this historical fact, not that the veterans of that conflict had much to be thankful…

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hypnotherapy health

Gratitude and optimism increase heart health

Your emotional outlook affects your physical health. Could hypnotherapy therefore help you to live longer? NICE approves of hypnotherapy as a treatment for IBS and thus accepts that our inner psychological turmoil can cause or worsen physical ill-health. That much has been known for quite some time and it seems unsurprising to say so. Everybody…

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Counselling with hypnotherapy: an awesome blend!

Torn between counselling and Hypnotherapy? You could have both! As I explain elsewhere on my website, I once went for hypnotherapy for smoking and then to a counsellor for something which had bugged me for years. It was this which led me here. I was impressed with how effectively I’d been helped and so one…

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smoking hypnotherapy

Stop smoking, stop stress! Hypnotherapy could help you!

Stop smoking and stop feeling stressed. At the same time! Have you recently come to the same conclusion as every non and former smoker: that smoking is a complete and utter waste of time? If you’re living in or around Reading, London, Oxford, Wallingford or Thame then perhaps hypnotherapy could help you to turn that…

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Perseverance and strength. How to get them

Be the tortoise and win through perseverance. Hypnotherapy could help you! In my earliest days as a teacher in Reading, I taught a girl with a mild learning disability. She was a nice girl and I’m sorry to say that she attracted bullies. There were others in the class who would do their best to…

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The end of History?

You will always grow and change. The direction change takes is up to you! I’d like you to imagine the person you were ten years ago. Let’s say “five years ago” if you’re in your twenties. How different were you back then? How did you look, behave and feel? How have you changed in all…

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