Be the best you there could possibly be!

‘There is in every child at every stage a new miracle of vigorous unfolding.’ Erik Erikson (1902-1994) Erik Erikson is/was one of the most influential writers on the psychology of childhood. It’s a little old these days (rather psychoanalytical) but this quote is undoubtedly true. In fact it’s so true as to be positively trite….

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Live in today and tomorrow takes care of itself. Stop worrying!

Are you living life looking to some point in the future or with half of your attention fixed firmly on the past? Bubbles are awesome. There’s something so entrancing about a bubble. They live for a second and yet the memory of their beauty lives on in every adult child’s mind. They bring out the…

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workplace stress

How much does workplace stress cost your business? How much could stress-management save?

Work-related stress and how stress-management programs could help both employees and employers It seems as if the West is in a permanent state of economic uncertainty. Governments have increasingly fallen for populist notions of tax and spend, regulation increases year on year, foreign rivals such as China gather strength and businesses are feeling the pinch….

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hatred hypnotherapy

Hatred only hurts YOU! Let it go with hypnotherapy

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding about  ourselves.” – Carl Jung I was recently waiting for a train in Reading and overheard a girl talking on the ‘phone nearby. She was plainly a little drunk and was seemingly begging some boy to take her back into his life. It didn’t…

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happy day hypnotherapy

Ten top tips to make today a lovely day!

  Don’t let today become yet another dreary day. Learn to take charge and make it lovely.   Life is short and yet some people seem to live as if it’s going to last forever. They allow days to pass by without making any real effort to enjoy them. Life is treated almost as a…

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retirement image

How we see things and how they are: Perception and how we use it

 How good is your brain at seeing what’s really going on? Watch the video and find out! Our brains are very good at seeing what they believe they should see but they’re not always  so great at seeing what’s actually there. If you watch the video you’ll notice that you can’t help slipping back…

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