happy day hypnotherapy

Ten top tips to make today a lovely day!

  Don’t let today become yet another dreary day. Learn to take charge and make it lovely.   Life is short and yet some people seem to live as if it’s going to last forever. They allow days to pass by without making any real effort to enjoy them. Life is treated almost as a…

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retirement image

How we see things and how they are: Perception and how we use it

 How good is your brain at seeing what’s really going on? Watch the video and find out! Our brains are very good at seeing what they believe they should see but they’re not always  so great at seeing what’s actually there. If you watch the video you’ll notice that you can’t help slipping back…

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christmas hypnotherapy

Don’t Just Give This Christmas. Take Something Back!

Christmas is the season of giving, but lose your own self and depression will surely follow.  As I write this, in 2016, there are millions of mothers, across the country, choosing gifts, buying gifts, wrapping gifts and preparing for the nation’s favourite ‘holiday’. There’s the visits to relatives to plan, the visitors, the office parties,…

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hypnotherapy and change

Existential hypnotherapy. What is the meaning of life?

What is the meaning of your life? Existential Hypnotherapy could help you to find it and live it I often sit down with a client and as they begin to explain their reasons for coming it becomes increasingly clear that their life has lost a sense of meaning. ‘Why am I here?’, ‘what’s my purpose…

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Imagine that! Hypnotherapy for children.

  Their imaginations can invent anything! Imagination has driven the world forward since the dawn of human history. We’ve used it to imagine the solution to a problem and then to put that solution into practice. We’ve used it to create the most soaringly beautiful works of art, the most glorious literature and we’ve used…

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Children and divorce. Hypnotherapy can help

A carefully handled divorce needn’t scar your children for life. A messy one can and will. Hypnotherapy could help. I see so many adult clients whose problems began when their parents divorced. It doesn’t matter how long ago this happened or how old the client may be, if the divorce was messy and destructive the…

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hyperacusis hypnotherapy

Hyperacusis and how hypnotherapy could help

Hypnotherapy could help you learn to forget about that noise. Hyperacusis need bother you no more.   Hello Are you suffering from an intolerance of everyday sounds? Does the sound of the neighbours drive you mad? Are you driven insane by the sound of people chewing their food, the noise of a hoover, the ringing…

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depression hypnotherapy

F*ck it! Dance as if nobody is watching you!

Life is short. So, just say ‘f*ck it’ and dance! The video above is by one of my favourites: Francoise Hardy, a dark, melancholy and devastatingly beautiful (a mon avis) character from the 60s. For those of you without any French it’s about the ephemeral beauty of a rose which, even whilst in full bloom,…

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changes hypnotherapy

Take small steps to make great strides!

How a commonly used hypnotherapy technique could help you  Water is a fascinating substance. We pay little attention to it because it’s so everyday. However, just watch this video. It shows that great changes sometimes happen in small steps. Sometimes the greatest changes happen almost imperceptibly. It takes a great many small snips to…

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asperger's relationships

Asperger’s Syndrome and Relationships. Can hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy and counselling could help to save your neurotypical / asperger’s ‘mixed’ relationship Asperger’s syndrome or high-functioning autism is almost defined by the difficulty its ‘sufferers’ experience with personal relationships. I’m the father of an ‘aspie’ and witness, every day, the extra effort my daughter has to invest in social interactions. She has friends, she…

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Dare to dream, dare to act! The alternative is stagnation.

If you only dare to do what you’ve always done, you’ll never achieve what you could have achieved I was recently seeing a client who wanted something very badly. Perhaps there’s something you want really badly too. When, however, the opportunity arose for her to take a chance in achieving her goal, she found herself…

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