self esteem

What are your ten best qualities?

You’re probably already well-versed in your worst qualities. What about the other side of the coin?   Words are powerful, as this video shows. How we talk to ourselves is crucial. This post talks, a little, about how you might begin to turn things around by changing the way you talk to yourself, about yourself….

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Nail biting? Give them a break!

Hypnotherapy could help you to bin the habit of biting your nails. It’s time to let the habit go!   Nail biting is classed among a group of conditions called OCRDs (obsessive-compulsive and related disorders) and can be a rather difficult habit to stop. It can seem quite a trivial thing and yet it’s deeply…

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Asperger’s? Social anxiety? Hypnotherapy!

Social anxiety could be overcome with the help of a well trained and aspie-aware hypnotherapist I can’t think of any group of people who are less deserving of social anxiety than those with asperger’s or high functioning autism. People on the spectrum, in my experience, tend to be among the most honest, loyal, dependable and…

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games people play

Be an adult and bin the mind games!

You could learn to stop playing the same old roles I was training my hypnotherapy students last weekend (I originally wrote this post in 2016) and the topic in question was Transactional Analysis. Transactional Analysis was designed in the 1960s by Dr Eric Berne and is quite simply brilliant. When it works there is nothing…

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Hypnotherapy could help you recover from childhood sexual abuse.

If you’re struggling with the consequences of being sexually abused as a child then hypnotherapy could be the answer. I’m truly sorry if you’re here looking for help with such a terrible issue. There are few things worse than seeing perfectly decent people suffering the consequences of such awful ordeals. I have used hypnotherapy in…

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hypnotherapy anxiety

Why are women twice as likely as men to experience anxiety?

Are women really twice as anxious or is the truth a little more complex?  Anxiety! What a vile problem to face on  a daily basis. Everybody experiences a dose of it from time to time but it’s generally situational and concerns something temporary such as a date, a job interview or a near miss…

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asthma hypnotherapy

Breathe easy! Hypnotherapy and Asthma

Don’t let asthma and anxiety play together. They’re a bad influence on each other. Hypnotherapy could help you tame asthma and banish anxiety I recall having asthma as a child. I remember having one of those inhalers into which you inserted a capsule of powder. I can still taste that powder today and hear the…

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Beat the bullies and enjoy a happier child

Bullying can be so destructive. You could, however, help your child undo the damage I find few things sadder than to see beautiful children reduced to tears by the behaviour of bullies. Forty four percent of school children report being bullied and most of those suffer this experience every week! Many victims, unfortunately, are on…

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exam stress hypnotherapy

Top Revision Tips from Resolved! Hypnotherapy

Effective Revision leads onto less stressful exams. Here are some top tips for successful revision in Reading, Oxford, Wallingford and Thame. Exam stress is so unfair in that it really only seems to affect those who have the least reason to be worried. it affects the kind of student who has worked hard, applied him…

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tinnitus hypnotherapy

Helpful tips to keep tinnitus at bay. You can beat it!

Helpful tips for managing and habituating to tinnitus. Don’t let it become all-consuming!   Tinnitus, destroyer of lives! It’s a truly horrible condition and I’m sorry if you’re here, at your wits end, desperately search for a cure, a solution, and end to it. I’m glad you’re here because there is a solution. I can’t…

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inner child hypnotherapy

Love your inner child and heal through self-compassion

It’s not your fault and it never was. Forgive your inner child! I never fail to be saddened by the capacity of my clients to curse, berate and belittle themselves. A never-ending series of clients, in Reading, Oxford, London, Thame and Wallingford sit in one of my chairs and tells me just how awful they…

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International Happiness day!? Can you join in?

Happiness can be hard to reach. Hypnotherapy could help you get there. ‘Happiness is like a butterfly, the more you chase it, the more it will evade you, but if you notice the other things around you, it will gently come and sit on your shoulder’. Henry David Thoreau. Everybody wants to be happy. Who…

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