“Only the weak-minded can be hypnotised!” Hmm. Really?

‘Hypnosis is only for the easily suggestible’ I’ve spent many hours, over the years, dispelling false beliefs surrounding the state of hypnosis and the practice of hypnotherapy. Some of the things I’ve heard have left me wondering where on Earth the beliefs have come from. I’ve been told that hypnosis can make you rob a…

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erectile dysfunction hypnotherapy

Relationships and “games”. Why keep on playing?

What game are you playing in your relationship? How can hypnotherapy help you to change? Each school of therapy has its strengths, its uses and its weaknesses. Transactional Analysis certainly has its weaknesses but where it excels is in assisting people to analyse the relationships they seek, establish and maintain.  How many times do we…

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unconscious mind

What is the unconscious mind?

Even the greatest minds aren’t fully aware of their own workings “I have familiarised myself with the factual data of a theoretical or practical problem; I do not think about it again, yet often a few days later the answer to the problem will come into my mind entirely of it’s own accord; the operation…

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Axe the anxiety and live like you’d like to.

  Does your anxiety have a personality, a character? Piglet personifies anxiety. Pooh spends a great deal of his time in calming his panic attacks and general anxiety disorder. He is the voice of a zen-like kind of calmness.  Children’s stories often see basic human emotions personified in such a way.  Giving human emotions a…

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success through hypnotherapy

You could ace those New Year’s Resolutions!

New Year’s resolution? Make it a want, not a should and hypnotherapy will help you! Every January I receive a flood of new hypnotherapy clients from Reading, Wallingford, Thame and Oxford – all of them wanting to achieve a New Year’s resolution. Hypnotherapy could help you to achieve your goals too,  but first of all…

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Tinnitus and Hyperacusis: make some noise! Hypnotherapy can help you!

   Tinnitus and Hypberacusis? Double Trouble! Fortunately, hypnotherapy could help Tinnitus can be hard enough to tolerate. Hyperacusis only makes things worse. The good news is that hypnotherapy for hyperacusis and tinnitus could help you. I’ve seen clients for this combination of conditions in Reading, Oxford, Wallingford and Thame, clients whose lives were drastically affected…

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Be sad, be glad! Hypnotherapy can help you to accept both

“You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness.”  Jonathan Safran Foer We’ve all heard somebody say how they felt “numb” after having heard some dreadful news. Feeling numb is the mind’s way of protecting itself against psychological trauma. Children from abusive backgrounds will commonly have modified their emotional sensitivity so as to…

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“Blue Monday:” Hypnotherapy Reading, Oxford, Wallingford

Could a date such as ‘Blue Monday’ really influence your happiness? The second Monday of the New Year (named ‘Blue Monday’) has been named the most depressing day of the year.  According to a whole host of researchers it’s the end of the holiday season and across our rain-swept land people are glumly going back…

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