Can hypnotherapy help me? The answer is probably ‘yes’!

I first registered with UKCP in January 2015, after four years of training. During my training I accrued hundreds of hours of experience with clients. Since that time I must have racked up well in excess of 10,000 hours. I’ve expanded my hypnotherapy practice to cover Reading, Oxford, Wallingford, Thame, London and surrounding areas and I’ve qualified as a child and adolescent counsellor. I believe that I’ve now seen pretty much everything a psychotherapist / hypnotherapist could reasonably expect to see.

self-esteemThis past year has seen people contact me in droves. The impact of covid upon the nation’s mental health has simply been enormous. My books are full to overflowing and I’m really enjoying meeting and helping so many new clients.

I’ve noticed, however, that more of the people who are contacting me are asking the same question: “can hypnotherapy help with (insert problem) ?”

The answer is almost always (barring psychiatric conditions or physical conditions which only medicine can touch) ‘yes!’

Hypnotherapy can help with anything to which emotions are attached. It can help with anything a counsellor or psychotherapist would work with. Even if it couldn’t, I’m trained to use those approaches too. I combine hypnotherapy with counselling and psychotherapy, as necessary, and you get the best of all worlds.

As well as working with adults I have also undertaken training so as to be able to work with children too. I am now a trained child and adolescent counsellor and will be a child and adolescent psychotherapist when I have finally finished my two year masters degree in that subject. 

Given the covid crisis, the cost of living crisis and the strain that an endless sense of chaos has put upon the mental health of an entire nation. it’s a good thing to be able to cater for the whole range of ages. I have never been busier than I am right now.

Resolved! Hypnotherapy has helped hundreds of people in Reading, Thame, Oxford and Wallingford

eczema hypnotherapyHypnotherapy works because it gets to the root of the problem and resolves it, once and for all. This doesn’t mean we always have to go back into the past, raking things over. The root of the problem is that core belief or feeling from which everything else sprouts.

We call it the “process”in the trade. Hypnotherapy, when used to its full potential, doesn’t just work with symptoms. It tackles what lies beneath the issue you wish to see resolved. 

My current caseload includes people with depression, bulimia, OCD, insomnia, eczema, emetophobia, stuttering, arachnophobia, asperger’s syndrome, a lack of confidence, anxiety attacks, alcohol misuse, relationship issues, erectile dysfunction, IBS, childhood abuse, perfectionism, exam anxiety and a general existential malaise.

If I were to go back through the past few months then there’d be other people with a great number of other issues too. Hypnotherapy can and is helping them all.

If you or your child is aged from 4 years to 100 then I am trained to help. Please get in touch and ask how my skills in psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, counselling, mindfulness and a range of child-focused approaches could help you.

But what if your particular problem isn’t mentioned on my website?

contact resolved hypnotherapyAs I said above, hypnotherapy can help anything in which emotions are involved. If your emotions are rendering a problem worse, or are entirely responsible for its arrival in your life, then I could quite possibly help you to resolve it.

I have over 90 pages detailing my approach to various problems, difficulties and conditions. If, however, your problem isn’t amongst them then give me a call anyway. If I haven’t heard of it before then I have an experienced supervisor (all reputable therapists have one) who probably has.

Together we could render that problem of yours a thing of the past.

Hypnotherapy could set you free.

It’s certainly worth a ‘phone call to find out, isn’t it?

Give me a call on 07786 123736 or else email me via

How could I help you?

If you’d like to find out how I could help you then simply contact me via this page here. I’ll be glad to talk with you.

I can be a part of the solution. I need you to feel confident and comfortable with me. So, give me a call or an email or simply complete the contact form below. I’ll happily talk with you in order to answer your questions. I hope you do feel that we can work together but if you’re unsure, get in touch as soon as you’re ready and find out. 

Best wishes

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N.B: There are some issues I am unable to work with. Clients with organic mental health issues such as schizophrenia or other forms of psychosis are not well-suited to hypnotherapy. Clients with anorexia nervosa who are not currently willing to be under close medical supervision are also advised to approach their GP before coming to see me. I’m not currently trained in hypnobirthing and recommend my fellow Reading therapist Clare Burgess for this purpose. I also have little belief or experience with working on ‘past life regression’ or similar concepts. If exploring these things is a goal then I would recommend finding a local therapist who has more of a belief in those things.