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Stressed? Give yourself a break! hypnotherapy can help you.

Hypnotherapy could help you overcome stress and anxiety I remember, as a child, when I played a game of tennis with my father, one of his friends and this friend’s son – who I didn’t really know very well.  There came a point in proceedings where my game began to fall apart. I made some…

eating out social anxiety

Anxious when eating in front of someone? Hypnotherapy can help!

Anxiety when eating out? Hypnotherapy could help you. Every month or so I get a new client who has a fear of eating in restaurants. Sometimes its more acute with family and friends, sometimes with new dates or lovers. Restaurants in Reading, Oxford, London, Thame and Wallingford must be losing a fortune. The good news…

workplace stress

How much does workplace stress cost your business? How much could stress-management save?

Work-related stress and how stress-management programs could help both employees and employers It seems as if the West is in a permanent state of economic uncertainty. Governments have increasingly fallen for populist notions of tax and spend, regulation increases year on year, foreign rivals such as China gather strength and businesses are feeling the pinch….

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Why are women twice as likely as men to experience anxiety?

Are women really twice as anxious or is the truth a little more complex? Anxiety! What a vile problem to face on  a daily basis. Everybody experiences a dose of it from time to time but it’s generally situational and concerns something temporary such as a date, a job interview or a near miss in…

Axe the anxiety and live like you’d like to.

  Does your anxiety have a personality, a character? Piglet personifies anxiety. pooh spends a great deal of his time in calming his panic attacks and general anxiety disorder. Giving human emotions a face is hardly anything new. Artists have been doing it for hundreds of years. One, Toby Allen has taken to drawing psychological…

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Anxious and afraid of anxiety? Hypnotherapy could help you!

  Anxiety is bad enough. Anxiety about anxiety must surely be worse! Anxiety is a horrid feeling and it has any number of potential causes. It all, however, boils down to one central belief : ‘I am not good enough to cope’. Hypnotherapy is an excellent therapy when dealing with anxiety because it is not…