workplace stress

How much does workplace stress cost your business? How much could stress-management save?

Work-related stress and how stress-management programs could help both employees and employers It seems as if the West is in a permanent state of economic uncertainty. Governments have increasingly fallen for populist notions of tax and spend, regulation increases year on year, foreign rivals such as China gather strength and businesses are feeling the pinch….


Be self-assertive. Learn to say “no” or your body, sometime, will.

Be self-assertive! Learn to say ‘NO!’ before your body does it for you.   Well, he makes it sound all so easy on the video. For many people the art of saying ‘no’ is a difficult one. For many people the art of demanding things for yourself feels impossible. Hypnotherapy could help you to be…

Teaching? Stressed? Hypnotherapy could help you!

Teaching is an incredibly stressful career. Learn to take control of your anxiety with hypnotherapy Last year the Samaritans announced that they were receiving an alarmingly high number of calls from teachers driven to despair by stress. This article in The Guardian explains that record numbers of teachers are leaving the UK for jobs overseas. Headteachers…