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Welcome to Resolved! Hypnotherapy Clerkenwell


Hello. Thanks for visiting my site. I look forward to hearing from you and to helping you to resolve whichever issues are presently bothering you. In the meantime, have a look around my site and see what I have to offer.

What can hypnotherapy do for you?

I offer warm, professional and effective hypnotherapy in Clerkenwell, London, EC1. I offer you the chance to be rid of whatever troubles you. I’m no magician, of course, I offer no magic wand solutions (beware those who do) and no quick fix but I will help you to see that you are and have everything you need.

What? You want to be transformed into a different person?

Believe me, you don’t need to be a different person. You’re wonderful just as you are.You have the strength, the willpower and the character to overcome whatever needs to be overcome. You may not believe me yet, but you will. I will help you to see yourself and to like yourself as you truly are and this will be all you need to achieve your goals.

‘Having never experienced hypnotherapy before I didn’t know what to expect but it was serene, calming and soothing, helping me deal with a messy tangle of emotions that dated as far back in my life as I could remember.’ – Google review

What can hypnotherapy help with?

The list is almost endless. If emotions are involved then hypnotherapy could help. I see people suffering from depression, anxiety disorders, grief, anger management issues, OCD, phobias and addictions of all kinds. Hypnotherapy, in the hands of a ell-trained and ethical practitioner can help with all the problems traditionally taken to a counsellor. It generally, furthermore, takes rather less time.

Anything else?

hypnotherapy online by zoomHypnotherapy can also help with a lot more besides. I see people who wish to overcome performance related issues such as erectile dysfunction, the fear of public speaking, sporting performance, exam anxiety and more.

I see people whose physical problems are either caused or worsened by stress: IBS and eczema being typical examples. Chronicpain can also be lessened or even eliminated through adjusting the emotional response to this stimulus.

This site has a page on each of dozens of complaints and problems which hypnotherapy could alleviate. Have a read and see if I seem as if I might be able to help you with whatever it is which bothers you.

Have a think and consider whether I might be the kind of person with whom you might be able to build a constructive therapeutic relationship.

If you don’t find your problem discussed then do get in touch. I may well be able to help you nonetheless.

I’ll always be happy to talk with you and to discuss how I might be able to use hypnotherapy to help you.

‘Paul was extremely warm and he made the sessions fun and enjoyable. This was quite a feat, given the problems I went in with.’ – Google review

UKCP Registration: Your guarantee of a thoroughly trained hypnotherapist

ukcp hypnotherapy wallingford

Being registered with UKCP means that my training lasted four years, involved a thorough academic and practical process, left me able to use counselling skills and other psychotherapeutic approaches and means that I engage in regular CPD and supervision.

It also means that I had to undergo dozens of hours of my own personal therapy. I know how it feels to be sat in the client’s chair and I learned a huge amount from the process.

Hypnotherapy, in common with counselling, is an entirely unregulated profession. UKCP (and BACP) registration is, in my view, the only guarantee that a therapist has been adequately trained. Don’t take chances with your emotional well-being.

Specialist in working with Asperger’s / High Functioning Autism

hypnotherapy for asperger syndrome

I’ve been seeing clients for years but have only recently set up shop in London. Already, however, I’m attracting a good number of clients on the autistic spectrum, just as I did from the very first days of my life as a psychotherapist.

What makes me able to work with people on the autistic spectrum?

My eldest daughter, now 11, is on the spectrum and I did a great deal of study on the topic – both as a concerned parent and as a student therapist. I regularly speak to audiences of therapists on this topic and now train people to work with ASD issues.

I have established an effective means of working with these clients and truly love every second of helping my ASD clients to leave their worries, anxieties, depression and poor self-esteem behind them.

If you, or the one you love, could use a little help then please do get in touch. I’ll be more than glad to talk with you.

Hypnotherapy for children in Clerkenwell, EC1, London

hypnotherapy for children in reading

A good number of the clients I see are children and teenagers.

My secondary teaching experience left me with a great understanding of adolescents. I began to be approached, however, by parents of younger children and I’m afraid that I wasn;t always able to help them.

This is why I am now almost at the end of a two years Masters Degree in child and adolescent psychotherapy. I’m now experienced in working with children as young as four years of age and with a wide range of problems.

The younger the child the more fully I rely on tools such as play therapy, sand tray and other approaches including art, craft and music. 

If your child is in need of help then perhaps I could help.

It certainly wouldn’t hurt for you to ask and find out

It’s going to be fantastic to see your child truly happy again

I have helped children and adolescents with ASD related issues, OCD, depression, anxiety, emetophobia, school refusal, social anxiety, sports performance, exam anxiety and much more besides.

However, if your child has suffered an extreme trauma then I really would recommend that he or she is taken to see a more suitably trained professional. I have years and years of relevant experience but I’m not yet formally trained as a child psychotherapist.

Resolved Hypnotherapy Clerkenwell, how to get in touch

I’d recommend that you give me a call. That way I can establish if I am the right person for you and you can decide as to whether you think we’ll be a good fit.  You could call me on either 020 7193 9331 or 07786 123736.

If you’d prefer you could email me at or simply use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Where in Clerkenwell am I based?

My rooms in Clerkenwell can be found here: The Terapeia Consultancy, 9 Coldbath Square, London, EC1R 5HL. Please consult the map below.