Driving you crazy? Park that fear with hypnotherapy!

You learned the fear of driving. Unlearn it again! Hypnotherapy could be the answer.


One of my favourite topics to work with is the fear of driving. I’ve used hypnotherapy for the fear of driving in Reading, London, Oxford, Wallingford and Thame and it really does work. Hypnotherapy is the perfect therapy for such a problem and the solution is usually rather nice and fast.  

phobia of drivingA phobia is an irrational fear which has sunk into the unconscious mind and is generally beyond conscious reach. Why would you want to go and see a counsellor for such a problem (unless the fear is the result of something truly traumatic) when counselling generally deals with problems on the conscious level and when hypnotherapy could generally have you back in the driving seat so much faster?

Even if the fear of driving is the consequence of a trauma, well-trained hypnotherapists can access and adjust that unconscious response more rapidly than can the average counsellor.

In any case, I’m a UKCP registered psychotherapist and so can offer all the benefits from both ways of working.

This is, after all, what hypnotherapy is all about. Hypnosis accesses the unconscious mind and helps you to retrain it.

What’s the unconscious mind?

How can hypnotherapy train it?

Hypnotherapy works fast on such issues

and hypnosisIf you have ever tried to think of a name, failed, gone on to do something else, only to find that the name appears to you out of nowhere then you’ve experienced the power of the unconscious mind.

All the while you were washing up, gardening or whatever it was, your unconscious mind was sifting through information in order to answer the question. It then ‘magically’ appeared in your consciousness.

Hypnosis gets to the unconscious mind where the consequences of your imagination (i.e. the ‘I’m going to die’ response) can be re-trained and eliminated using that very same imagination.

Your imagination is very powerful and neuroscience is now explaining the very same thing. What you imagine so vividly becomes your reality. This is why you jump in fear when the monster appears in that horror movie you’re watching. When you become completely immersed in a movie there’s a part of a brain which imagines that you’re living that same experience. The monster leaps out and so you jump in your brain’s effort to protect you.

Just imagine how good it’ll be to be freed from this fear. Imagine that ability to just get in a car and go someplace without all the planning, fore-thinking and tedium of train or bus-travel!

You can learn to use your imagination for good things rather than allowing it to keep you in fear of driving. You can almost literally imagine yourself out of this fear.

That which your imagination creates can be destroyed by that very same imagination

So, I like working with this problem because it’s a fast and simple case of helping someone to free themselves from what can be a very life-limiting fear. 

If you’ve landed on this page but simply have a fear of driving tests then please click here

I’ve used hypnotherapy in Reading, Oxford, Wallingford and Thame to help people become more confident whilst driving. There’s no reason why a fear which has been learned can’t be unlearned. The fact you learned this fear so quickly (in most cases) is a testament to the power of your mind. This power can be utilised to reverse the process.

How do people learn to be afraid of driving?

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There are two ways of learning to be afraid. If you see something suspicious then the thalamus relays that information to the cortexes, where it’s evaluated. If it turns out to be something to be cautious of then signals are sent to the amygdala, that old and powerful part of the brain, where anxiety and fear are triggered. 

You’ll recognise this scenario more quickly the next time it occurs. The brain learns and learns fast.

However, the second way to learn a fear is where the information taken into the thalamus is so strong and so violent that there’s simply no need to evaluate things.

It’s DANGER with a capital D and the reaction  needs to be acted upon immediately. The information is therefore sent straight to the amygdala which reacts by activating every defence mechanism in the body. The reaction is enormous and it’s instant. 

From this point on your brain will react to anything which reminds you of that terribly scary event. The thalamus will think:

“remember that car-crash!? That was awful. She’s in a car again. Danger! Put her on high alert, NOW!”

This time there’s no processing in the cortexes, the message goes straight to the amygdala which reacts by triggering fear, leaving you wondering why you’re flooded with adrenaline, cortisol and sweat.

How could hypnotherapy help you?

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It’s very likely that you’re here because something terribly scary happened in a car – either to you or to somebody you love. Your brain took the wrong lessons from that experience and applied it too comprehensively.

You could learn to see that event in different ways. You could learn to let it go. You could learn to confuse the memory of that event by mixing it up with different memories or emotions. 

You could take confident calmness from one area of life and use it in the car. You could talk to that part of your mind which fears being in a car and you could encourage it to let go of that fear.

You can do any number of things. They all add up to helping you to let go of a fear which doesn’t need to be there, which is doing more harm than good and which can be unlearned as fully – and almost as quickly – as it was learned.

Other people live highly stressed lives and something dramatic happened in another area of life. Perhaps an unwanted divorce was thrust upon you. Perhaps a parent died. The list of possibilities is endless. Whatever it was you just happened to be diving when the anxiety overtook you in one huge wave. Being at the wheel of a car during an anxiety attack is a horrible experience. Your amygdala won’t appreciate that the anxiety came from elsewhere. It simply learns, in that instant, to associate driving with fear.

A skilled hypnotherapist could help you to take control of your fear and to put it to bed, once and for all. 

If you’d like to discuss how in more detail then simply give me a call. I’ll be more than happy to talk with you.

In either case, hypnotherapy offers a solution.

If you’re interested in having some hypnotherapy in Reading, London, Oxford, Thame or Wallingford in order to be more confident behind the wheel then please do get in touch. You could call me on 01183 280284, 01865 600970 or 07786 123736. I’ll be glad to hear from you and to explain how hypnotherapy could help you.

Best wishes

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