Don’t let anxiety stay on top. Hypnotherapy could help you to let it go.

I’m truly sorry if you’ve been driven to seek hypnotherapy for anxiety. That gnawing feeling of dread can destroy your ability to enjoy life and even to focus effectively on basic tasks at home and at work. Anxiety eats away at the very fabric of life and drives people into withdrawing from life until they’re stuck at home and too afraid to go anywhere or to do anything. I use hypnotherapy for anxiety in Reading, Oxford, Wallingford and Thame pretty much every working day. I do understand how debilitating it can be.

anxiety and hypnotherapyHowever, help is at hand and so you can take a deep breath and begin to feel a little bit more hopeful about the future. Hypnotherapy is almost tailor made for such an issue. Most people leave their first session with me feeling as if they’ll be able to be OK in time. 

Anxiety is a hypnotherapist’s bread and butter. Pretty much all of my clients suffer from it and I’ve used hypnotherapy for anxiety in Reading, Oxford, London, Wallingford and Thame in order to help people to set themselves free from anxiety, fear, generalised anxiety disorder, panic attacks and more.

If you’re presently feeling anxious, scared and alone then hypnotherapy could help you too.

Zoom sessions are available. 

I see clients face to face and also offer hypnotherapy for anxiety online. I use platforms such as whatsapp, zoom and vsee in order to deliver hypnotherapy remotely. Covid 19 forced many a reluctant therapist online. Fortunately for myself and for my clients, I’ve been using it for years and so am well-used to the medium. I have used hypnotherapy for anxiety with clients as far away as the USA, Australia and India. If you can’t make it to see me in person then hypnotherapy online is perfectly OK.

I have found that hypnosis online is just as effective as it is in person. If you’re keen to get involved in hypnotherapy for anxiety and yet are unable to see me face to face then therapy online may just provide an appropriate solution. 

A client emailed me recently in order to tell me of how much better her life has been since we finished working together. Be sure that the details have been changed in order to protect her identity but it is true to paraphrase her as saying that “I have never felt happier and never knew that it would be possible to let go of my fears so completely. Thank you so much”.

She isn;t alone. Many people found their solution before I worked with her and many more will go on to do so long after her return to a happier life. If you’d like to be free of your anxiety then get in touch. You’ve nothing to lose except your fear!

Anxiety doesn’t have to be in control forever!

By learning to focus upon your strengths, through concentrating on what is good about the here and now, by accepting the possibility of a better future, you can learn to leave anxiety and fear behind. I’ve helped hundreds of people to reprogram their minds. They learned to restore control over their own fears. You can too!

The original cause of your anxious feelings can be located and resolved. You can learn to face fer down and to re-establish control over your life. Step by step, day by day, the future could begin to feel brighter again.

For information on how I work with panic attacks please click here.

Are you still trying to beat anxiety out of your system?

anxiety hypnotherapyPeople try so hard to beat it out of themselves. They cajole, insult and place themselves under so much pressure to get better that they make things worse.

I help my clients to approach things in a different way. If you can’t beat anxiety by bullying yourself then you can learn to do so through accepting that anxiety. Just let it be there! 

That doesn’t, of course, mean that you have to put up with anxiety forever. It simply means that this is where we are, right now, and fighting against it in a self-critical manner just isn’t going to work for you. It hasn’t worked so far, has it!? A different approach is needed. I could help you to find a new way to deal with it, to befriend it, to kill it with kindness.

Every time you become anxious about the fact that you’re anxious, every time you criticise yourself for being this way, every time you rage against that feeling it simply grows stronger. Anxiety feeds on your fear of it. You can begin to reverse this process.

The more you hate anxiety the bigger it becomes. The more you hate yourself and call yourself every abusive name under the sun, the more anxiety digs itself in.

I’ll teach you a different approach which will help you to leave it behind you forever. I’ve used this approach with hundreds of people in Reading, Oxford, London, Wallingford and Thame. Hypnotherapy for anxiety has helped people in Oxfordshire, Berkshire and beyond. It can help you too. Just get in touch and we can discuss how hypnotherapy could help you with your anxiety, whether it’s situational anxiety specific to certain situations or is a more general anxiety disorder.

After all, as the video shows, anxiety is trying to help Here’s how:

Once you begin to learn how to treat anxiety differently, instead of becoming afraid of it and making it worse, half the battle is won. I can teach you how. Just give me a call and we’ll get started! You can call me on 07786123736 / 01183280284 or 01865600970. Alternatively you could email me at or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

‘It’s amazing how allowing yourself to feel so s**t helps you feel so much better’

anxiety and hypnotherapyYes, I know, that sounds ridiculous but it really does work. This quote came from a former client of mine and it’s an excellent way of explaining the way I often choose to work with anxiety.

If you relax around anxiety, if you accept your right to feel it, then you remove a couple of layers of discomfort. You begin to treat yourself with compassion and respect and so you learn to feel somewhat better. It’s an early and quick win in the wider war against anxiety disorders of any kind.

Step by step you can begin to push the boundaries of fear backwards. You can begin to test new coping mechanisms and grow in confidence.

Many of my anxiety clients have seen counsellors before coming to see me. They found that talking things through was helpful but they all came away still not knowing of any solidly practical approaches.

The fear was still there and they came to me looking for help to cope with it, to begin with, and then to remove it altogether.

Counsellors often shy away from offering such practical approaches because they want the client to find a solution for themselves. How much easier would it be, however, for the counsellor to present a range of options and simply allowed the client to find the method which worked best for them? That’s how I approach things and I think it’s a more compassionate and constructive way of doing things. After all, some people are so anxious that thinking straight is an issue in itself? How are they to decide between the billion options available which all offer the ‘ultimate solution’? No, I’ve read about and have even practised a great many approaches and so can help you to find the best way for you.

You could learn to do the same as those other clients who have come to see me for hypnotherapy for anxiety in Reading, Oxford and elsewhere.. Hypnotherapy offers you the opportunity to cope with anxiety, resolve the issues which caused it and so be able to rebuild your life.

You needn’t allow anxiety to control your life any longer. Hypnotherapy could free you from anxiety, worry and panic. It has worked for many others and perhaps it’s now your turn.

You can do it. I’m here to help!

This whole anxiety problem began because you believe , on some level, that you’re not good enough. Treat yourself more kindly and things will improve. This whole problem grew worse because you became anxious and angry about anxiety. Relax around it and half the problem is gone. We’ll then resolve the underlying issues and your problem will be all gone, for good.

I can help you to realise that you are good enough. I can help you to build your self-esteem, self-acceptance and pride in the person you’ve become. Anxiety, fear, nerves and self-doubt will whither, fade and die.

Click here for more on how I work with issues surrounding anxiety

Top tips for toppling anxiety

If you’re reading this then the likelihood is that you’ve already done some reading and you’ll have tried all sorts of self-soothing techniques. Don’t forget those but they’re not repeated here. Here are some tips which are less commonly explained.

Give your anxiety a character.

Close your eyes and imagine it as a cartoon character who wants to be scary but who really isn’t any good at it.

Imagine that character with a ridiculous voice, as if it has inhaled a balloon full of helium.

You see, when we feel anxious we see that anxiety as being a powerful force beyond our control. When we give it a character, a personality, a slightly silly voice then we can talk to it, talk it down, reassure it that bit more easily and picture it growing calmer.

It may sound silly but plenty of my clients in Reading, Thame, London, Oxford and Wallingford have used this technique and report it has helped them. It’s certainly worth a try.

Isn’t it?!

Give me a call and we can discuss how I could help you. Hypnotherapy can turbocharge this approach, as well as all the others, and render them much more powerful. You needn’t continue to suffer the awful effects of anxiety. You could be free of it once and for all.

Try this breathing technique

Push out your stomach to the count of three. This will cause you to take a breath in. Now, hold that breath to the count of three and then exhale nice and slowly to the count of six. Repeat the cycle. Combine this breathing technique whilst you reassure and talk down your cartoon character and you have a technique which will help you to control the tendency of anxiety to build itself up into something awful

Don’t let your anxious thoughts run away with themselves.

Vocalise them. Vocalise them slowly and calmly, giving yourself time to breathe. Then answer them slowly and calmly, as if talking to that anxiety character.

 Don’t ignore the basics

Heed the more commonplace suggestions you’ll read about diet, sleep and exercise. They may seem trite but they are important. A healthy body is a healthy mind and the absence of these things will only ever make bad things worse.

Please, please, please don’t turn to food for comfort. Nobody feels better for becoming overweight. Exercise, on the other hand, is shown by research to be the most effective quick win. Exercise destroys adrenaline and releases endorphins. Even a brisk walk counts.

Close your eyes and think back to a good memory.

Visualise what you could see at that time, what you could change hypnotherapyhear, the people you were with and then remember how it felt to be you at that time. Practise making those remembered feelings stronger and stronger. Feel them  more acutely and exaggerate them. The more you practise this the quicker and easier it becomes to recapture those feelings when you need them.

One step at a time

Don’t focus on where you want to be and compare it to where you feel yourself to be right now. Take control by deciding upon the very next step – no matter how small – and PRAISE YOURSELF for taking it.

After all, I expect you’ve bullied yourself for long enough and it doesn’t work, does it!? Praise yourself, even if it seems mechanical and insincere, for every positive action taken.

Bullying yourself and criticising your actions, or the lack of them, has done you no good so far. That’s not going to change. A different approach is needed.

Hypnotherapy could give you the tools and the structure in which to use them.

Do not turn to alcohol or other substances for relief.

You’ll need more and more of them over time, to achieve the same effect, and you know where that ends up. Besides, you’ll be achieving less and thus feeling worse. It’s avoidance behaviour and will achieve nothing in the long run. Many of my clients have gone down that road and are now seeing me for addictions, depression, relationship breakdowns and, still, the same old anxiety. Don;t go down that road. Come to see me for hypnotherapy for anxiety before things go too far.

Get out more!

People are social animals and yet anxiety and depression leads us to withdraw. If you notice this temptation then resist it with all of your power. Socialising with a trusted network of friends is shown to be a significant part of recovery from depression and anxiety disorders. Start small, with a particularly close friend, and build up. If you find yourself without much of a social network then you could use or similar sites to begin. 

Help people.

and hypnosisGraham Turnbull wrote a book called ‘Trauma’. In this book he explains that helping others is one of the best ways of escaping PTSD. It’s the same for other forms of anxiety. Helping others gives us a sense of purpose, achievement and drives social interaction.

If you’re short on time then just take every opportunity to practise random acts of kindness. Keep doors open. let people into queues of traffic, help women with carrying their prams up stairs and you’ll receive a boost from their gratitude.

You’ll find that the gratitude of others helps you to feel better about your own self. You’ll notice that people respond to you positively. Your confidence will grow and as it does so your anxiety will begin to diminish.

Helping others is an excellent way of allowing yourself to feel better about you. You’re a good enough person already. Hypnotherapy could help you to see it for yourself.

Give me a call and we could talk through the many ways in which hypnosis can be used to help you to put your feelings of anxiety, panic and fear behind you, once and for all.

Tell yourself the three best things you’ve achieved each day  

What do they say about you as a person? Tell yourself. Do this after you’ve brushed your teeth each night. It’ll begin to focus your attention away from the negative and towards the positive.

Change routines.

Sit in a different place to eat. Eat something different to the usual. Drive to work a different way. Get dressed in different rooms. Anxiety can anchor itself to certain routines and places. Change them.

Be nice to yourself.

Have baths full of all that girly stuff if you used to enjoy that kind of thing. Buy that new outfit. Do whatever it is, or was, which made you feel good- even if its effects are temporary it will prove that a change in mood is possible.

Reflect upon what you’d like to change in life.

Lobsters and crabs cast off their old shells when their old ones become uncomfortable. Perhaps this is your opportunity for growth. Read more about this idea here.

Have a worry time.

Sit down for ten minutes and worry as hard as you can. Over-dramatise it as hard as you can, out loud in a ridiculous voice if you can manage it, and have something absorbing (washing up, jigsaws, lawn-mowing, walking the dog etc etc) planned for when worry time is over.

Think back to all the things you’ve worried about in the past.

How many of them actually came out as badly as you feared they might? How did things really turn out and what can you learn from those experiences when thinking of how to overcome your present-day concerns?

You really can learn to beat anxiety. I would be sooo pleased to be able to help you accomplish this task. You have everything you need to achieve your goal. I am waiting for your call so that we can begin to get to work.

So many people in Oxford, Reading, London, Wallingford and Thame have used hypnotherapy in order to escape from anxiety. There’s no reason at all why you couldn’t do the same. It only requires one thing of you – the courage to get in touch and to resolve that you’re simply not going to allow yourself to suffer in this way any longer.

I offer you a way out, a route to freedom

Hypnosis is a wonderful way of learning how to relax and whilst you’re in that state you can begin to reconfigure your mind. You can leave the past behind you and find new ways of dealing with old problems. 

Hypnotherapy has helped countless thousands of people to make long-lasting changes to the way they feel, think and behave. There’s no reason why you can’t join them and spend the rest of your life with a greater degree of confidence in your own self.

I offer warm, professional and effective hypnotherapy in Reading, Oxford, Thame, London and Wallingford. You can call me on 07786 123736 / 01865 600970 / 01183 280284 (we’ll talk about whatever it is which bothers you – giving you the chance to decide if I might be the right hypnotherapist for you) or email me at It might be quicker simply to use the contact form below. 

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Hello. Just fill in this form and your message will come to me via email. I'll then email you back as soon as possible. If you'd prefer me to call you then simply let me know in your message. Don't forget to provide a number if this is the case. Best wishes. Paul

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