Fear of Flying? You could go on holiday and leave it behind!

Are you looking for hypnotherapy for the fear of flying? If so, you’re not alone. Every Spring sees me receiving many calls from people whose families are beginning to pressurise them into booking a trip overseas. If you’re of them then I understand. The fear of flying is something I work with ona frequent basis. 

People often leave things to the last moment and removing fears is one of them. I shall have to think of why. Perhaps it’s because people try not to think about it, hoping the fear will disappear. Then the flight, the driving test or the exam looms closer and the fear can’t be brushed aside or ignored any longer. Are you in danger of leaving it too late too?

Every year I receive a flurry of calls from people who are going away on holiday and for whom the flight is an ever-growing source of terror. I suspect that this year is going to see greater numbers of such people contact me than ever before. After all, fear will only grow when a person can get away without having to face up to it. We’ve all had years of lockdowns and restricted travel. Now that things are back to normal many people are having to face the idea of flying for the first time since 2019. 

Doctors are besieged with calls for valium, hostess trolleys are drained of their champagne and airport bars are full of people trying to steady their nerves. Perhaps, like many people, you’d like to beat this fear, not simply mask it. Who wants to reach their hotel with a hangover or a drug-addled brain anyway?

It’s a common fear. I work with it every year!

Every year people rush to me for hypnotherapy in Reading, Oxford, London, Thame and Wallingford. Usually they call me just in time. It’s not, generally speaking, a one-session wonder and so please don’t leave it too long. If you know that a holiday is looming, call me sooner rather than later.

I also offer hypnotherapy online  for the fear of flying, using vsee, zoom or whatsap. Please get in touch for more details as to how this works.

It’s amazing how common this aviophobia is. Every year I use hypnotherapy for the fear of flying in all parts of Oxfordshire and Berkshire People leave me feeling able to fly without the panic. You could be next.

Flying itself isn’t the problem. Some people hate not being in control. Nervous passengers in a car tend to be those who hate flying. 

Some people read reports of crashes (which make the news far more frequently than do tidings of safe arrivals) and terrify themselves whilst others suffer from a form of claustrophobia. Those cramped seats and aisles aren’t exactly comfortable and business class isn’t suitable for everyone’s budget.

During the lockdowns nobody could fly anywhere. People like you loved this and felt relieved that they wouldn’t have to face their fears. Things are back to normal now, however, and your family is agitating for something to look forward to after yet another grim British Winter.

How far do you go to avoid flying?

The stories some of my clients tell me are amazing. Some haven’t been abroad for half a lifetime. Others take tortuous trips by bus, boat, car and train when a flight could take them there in a tenth of the time. Whole families are deprived of foreign holidays because one member just can’t stomach getting on a plane.

Every time a flight is avoided the anxiety is strengthened. Anxiety seeks to protect us and if it works once then it’s going to try at least as hard to have the same effect next time. It doesn’t seem to fade away with time at all. It never will. Your fear will keep becoming worse (perhaps even spreading to other forms of transport) until you decide to face it down. 

Hypnotherapy, however, could help to put the growth of that phobia into reverse. You could, in fact, learn to be free of it forever.

Hypnotherapy has helped plenty of people to fly in confidence. You could be one of them

fear of flyingWhatever the nature of your fear of flying, hypnotherapy can help.

The typical story I hear goes something as follows: The client had been terrified of flying since a bout of turbulence, when he was a child, convinced him that the plane was going to crash.

He then spent years avoiding flying but now either his career dictated that he fly overseas or his family were growing impatient with his inability to go with them on holidays abroad.

Others have always been worriers, a little prone to anxiety. One day they were on a plane with their children and had a horrid image of their whole family going down in flames. The fear is born in that single moment and strengthens every time they have to fly.

Others can have tended to being a little anxious throughout their lives. Their nervousness with regard to flying then mysteriously turned into a fully-fledged phobia after they had a child.

Those typical clients then come to see me for a few sessions of hypnotherapy in Reading, Oxford, London, Wallingford or Thame and leave feeling much more confident about their ability to fly.

I then, generally speaking, receive an email or text to say how well they’d done on the flight and that they were looking forward to the flight home. Case closed.

Don’t leave it too late. Let’s get rid of that fear of flying so that you can be looking forward to your holiday from the moment you book it. 

Free your family and let them enjoy their holidays again

anxiety and hypnotherapyHypnotherapy helped them to overcome their fear of flying. If you’d like to give me a call or send me an email then we could begin to make arrangements in order that you could lose your fear too.

Hypnotherapy is great for phobias, just as it is for many other problems. Hypnotherapy could help you to resolve any emotional hang-overs from previous bad experiences.

Hypnotherapy could help you to muster every ounce of your strength, helping you to transfer skills and courage from other areas of life in order to resolve this problem once and for all.

Is your family growing sick of the excuses? Are they losing patience with rainy holidays in the UK or ridiculously long train or sea journeys? Don’t you just long to take them somewhere decent, by plane?

Well, hypnotherapy could help you to let go of this phobia, once and for all.

I have worked with a great many people in order to use hypnotherapy to help them become free of this fear. You could be free of it too.

There’s no reason why you couldn’t hope to achieve what others have achieved before you. There’s nothing uniquely weak or hard-wired about you. Now that the world is returning to normal it;s a great time to put this fear to bed, once and for all.  Let’s get to work in putting this fear to flight!

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