Hypnotherapy has helped people with Generalised Anxiety Disorder in Reading, London, Wallingford. Thame and Oxford. It could help you too.

Can hypnotherapy help people with Generalised Anxiety Disorder? I’m often asked that question and the answer is ‘yes!’ This is fortunate because GAD is experiencing a boom-time thanks to the circumstances in which we’ve been living for the past couple of years. The constantly relentless fear surrounding covid 19 has left some people’s amygdalas permanently in a state of high alert.

anxiety hypnotherapyIt’s never much fun to be anxious but many people can at least hope for a degree of respite. People with social anxiety can heave a great sigh of relief when reaching home or when safely huddled up with a trusted circle of friends. People with phobias can feel safe when the stimulus is trusted to be absent. People who are worried whilst at work can feel great at weekends.

Those with Generalised Anxiety Disorder (sometimes it’s called ‘free-floating anxiety’), however, can have little sense of freedom from an all-embracing sense of anxiety which seems to follow them wherever they go and which spreads into wider areas of life over time.

It’s exhausting to live with anxiety on a prolonged basis. If you’re here looking for a way out then perhaps I could be of help. Perhaps you’ve already tried counselling. I love counselling and have spent well over a hundred hours seeing professionals. It’s a necessary part of my training courses. 

However, counselling doesn’t always offer real and practical solutions. I am a trained psychotherapist (which is pretty much the same thing) and can offer all of the benefits of that approach. I can also, however, offer practical tools and approaches through the modality of hypnotherapy and through the use of mindfulness. so many of my clients have been through the usual counselling approach and whilst they have found it useful they have also found the lack of practical guidance frustrating. This is where my more practical approach comes into play. I can offer all the benefits of the counselling approach whilst also being aware that people need practical guidance and practical solutions. 

I’ve used hypnotherapy in Reading, Oxford, Wallingford, London and Thame to help people to set themselves free from generalised anxiety and fear. If you’d like to learn more of how it works then please read on.

I also offer hypnotherapy online for generalised anxiety disorder, using vsee, zoom or whatsap. Please get in touch for more details as to how this works.

Nowhere to hide, no way to suppress it. Hypnotherapy for generalised anxiety disorder could set you free!

If you haven’t found a way to suppress this anxiety then perhaps you should be grateful, for those who dogeneralised anxiety disorder hypnotherapy find a way to hide it from themselves will often go on to develop panic disorder as well as anxiety, experiencing panic attacks on a regular basis and perhaps even during sleep.

I don’t think you’d enjoy that.

There’s a far better way of dealing with it and that’s to tackle it, head on, by going for both symptoms and causes at one and the same time.

Others have left it behind them. You could too.

Perhaps you already do suffer panic attacks (click here to read more about panic) in which case hypnotherapy could help there, too. I have worked with a good many clients who suffered this problem. They learned to overcome their panic attacks. You could too.

Be wary of those who will promise to help you to be free of GAD in a single session. Miracles do happen but they’re miracles because they’re rare. Give me a call if you’re prepared to do the work, in a thorough and sustainable fashion. Perhaps you’ll read this page and decide to go for the miracle cure in any case. If so, get back in touch when you’re done with miracles and are ready for the heavy lifting. 

Please don’t feel as if you simply have to learn to live with it. Don’t allow your life to continue shrinking. Fear won’t allow you to find a safe place. It will follow you, even home, and won’t let go until you turn around and face it. I’ll help you to face it and beat it once and for all.

What are the origins of Generalised Anxiety Disorder?

anxiety disorder hypnotherapy

The amygdala is that part of our brain which is responsible for regulating the fight or flight response. In GAD it’s constantly on high alert, causing the dispersal of adrenaline and cortisol throughout the body and bringing all those unpleasant physical symptoms into being.

What causes this to happen is largely unclear and different factors will be contribute in different ways with different people.

One of the most common ways I see this condition developing is where the person has been subjected to long-term stress as a child. Where the child feels unsafe, unsupported or unloveable the habit of becoming anxious can become deeply rooted. Sometimes the child was merely left prone to worry but the adult then went on to find the stresses and strains of life too much and the anxiety response went into overdrive.

Some people respond to these long term stresses and strains by becoming emotionally rigid, by dissociating from their feelings so as not to feel the pain. It doesn’t work in the long term, however, and the years of dissociation can result in the development of an anxiety disorder when later events test them too far.

Others can learn to be anxious from parents or other caregivers. Children look to trusted adults for signals about the world around them. If these adults are afraid of life then the child will commonly learn to be afraid too. General Anxiety Disorder can be passed down from generation to generation in this manner.

Perhaps you’ve decided to cut the chain. Perhaps you’d like to avoid passing the fear down to your own children. If so, please get in touch with me. Hypnotherapy could help you.

Single issue causes

Sometimes a single trauma has been enough to leave a person suffering constant anxiety as a consequence. Sometimes a bad experience with a drug (LSD being a prime example) can cause an anxiety disorder. Genetics may play a factor, though this is unproven, whilst diet, poor sleep patterns and medications may play contributory roles too. With many of these, however, what came first – the anxiety or the insomnia – is a real chicken and egg question.

Hypnotherapy could get to the bottom of it and resolve that anxiety disorder, for good!

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I’ve helped a good many people in London,  Reading, Oxford, Wallingford and Thame to let go of their anxiety disorder. Often this begins with helping them to learn to respond to anxiety in a new and more effective manner, for attempting to suppress it or feeling anxious about anxiety does even more damage.

This can be accompanied by an investigation into what caused it to begin with, if this is seen to be productive, before that cause is dealt with and resolved.

If, for example, a poor experience of childhood is the cause then you can learn to develop a new self-confidence, a new sense of peace with your past, which will neutralise its effects. Hypnotherapy is a fantastic treatment for problems such as this. You really don’t have to put up with feeling this way any longer. 

If you live in or around reading, Oxford, Wallingford or Thame and would learn to learn more about my approach to this problem then please do give me a call. You could call me on 01865 600970 /01183 280284 or 07786 123736. Alternatively, email me at paul@resolvedhypnotherapy.co.uk or use the contact form below. I’ll be more than glad to talk with you and I think you’ll be glad to have taken that first step to a calmer and more confident future.

Best wishes

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