Harness the winner effect! Hypnotherapy

Success breeds success and winning becomes a habit. Hypnotherapy could make it happen.

Before a truly big fight boxers will be put up against what are called, in the trade, ‘tomato cans.’ These weaker boxers pick up a handsome cheque in return for being beaten to a pulp. The winner then goes on to his title fight with a boost in testosterone and confidence. The psychological boost from the win, as artificial as it may be, is called the ‘winner effect’ and it can be used anywhere, by anyone.

You can benefit from this whether or not you’re a boxer. You could benefit from this if you’re a student, a woman in middle age or an elderly gent. You could benefit, in Reading, Thame, Oxford or Wallingford, whoever you are.

David Geary, an evolutionary biologist,winner effect hypnotherapy studied this winner effect in humans. People who win at video games receive a boost of testosterone and endorphins, rendering us more powerful and positive. The effects prove cumulative too. There is a winner effect and you can harness it.

The experience of winning establishes its own momentum.  The best news of all, however, is that the final task doesn’t have to be directly related to those which came before. You could win at a video game and use the benefits to go on to win at tennis, business or in any other field.

How can you benefit from this phenomenon?

What if things aren’t going well? Well, things can enter a negative spiral? What hope is there then? Well, you can go back in time and get some of the winner effect from a previous experience. That’s right, you can, in effect, time travel to a previous positive experience, steal the good feelings and bring them back into the present for use in the future.

social confidenceIf I asked you to imagine a sad time in your life you could be helped to remember it so clearly that you’d bring those sad feelings back with you. You’d feel sadder in the present because of the memory of the past.

So, imagine that I asked you to recapture how good it felt to succeed at some point in the past. You could do exactly the same thing but with these positive emotions. I could help you to harness them, store them and pull them out when necessary, be that in a job interview, a difficult meeting or elsewhere in life.

The winner effect in a bottle! 

contact resolved hypnotherapySo, if you’re facing a real challenge at work or in any area of life, spend sometime doing those things you’re good at. Meet the big scary challenge with a string of successes behind you. Your chances of success will be greatly increased.

If you live in or around Reading, Oxford, Wallingford or Thame please feel free to call me on 07786 123736, email me at paul@resolvedhypnotherapy.co.uk or simply use the contact form below. Hypnotherapy can help people who face challenges for which they feel unprepared. You can and will succeed.

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