Are you plagued by worry? Hypnotherapy could help you!

I recently told this story to a client in Reading who wanted me to use hypnotherapy to help him with his anxiety:

The Plague went forth in the land. A man went to meet him, asking if the Plague could show mercy on the world. The Plague answered that he did intend to be merciful: he would only take five thousand from the Earth. 

Some time later the two met again. “So,” said the man, “you are a liar as well as a murderer. Your five thousand was fifty thousand.”

“Not so,” replied Plague, “I took five thousand as I promised. Fear and worry killed the others.”

Is fear and worry harming your ability to live your life as you would like? I’ve seen a huge upsurge in such problems in recent times. Covid 19, swiftly followed by a cost of living crisis and an unstable world order, have all combined to send a great many people over the edge. My books have never been so full. If you are paralysed with worry, perhaps hypnotherapy could be of assistance. I use hypnotherapy in Reading, Oxford, Wallingford, London and Thame every day in order to help people regain control over their thoughts. If anxious thoughts are wrecking your life then perhaps hypnosis could help you too.

Worry is the most unproductive use of your time

Worrying solves nothing. We can take steps to ensure that nothing bad happens. If they do happen then we can take steps to resolve or repair the situation. Worrying changes nothing, prevents nothing and resolves nothing. If worry or obsessive thoughts are starting to intrude on your life then the sooner you act the sooner you’ll be able to free yourself.

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and hypnosisMany people devote far more energy to worry and anxiety than the actual problem deserves, if it exists at all. I have helped clients in Wallingford, Reading, Oxford, Holborn and Thame to see that life is far too precious to spend it living in fear.

After all, 90% of the things we worry about never happen at all. When they do happen we find a way to cope and if we thought about it, we’d realise that the time we’d spent worrying hadn’t helped at all. 

As Shakespeare said, worrying is “An enemy to life.”

And yet so many people spend so much time worrying themselves half to death. Stress is a major contributor to disease and we seem hell-bent on driving ourselves into illness. What has worrying ever achieved? 

I suspect the answer is nothing.

By now you’re probably worrying that you spend so much time worrying. It becomes a vicious circle and the anxiety about anxiety is only ever training your brain to become better at being anxious. You are sensitising yourself to anxiety and to the original thoughts which prompted its appearance. 

How can hypnotherapy help resolve worry?

social anxietyHypnotherapy is the ideal therapy for those suffering from worry. Psychotherapy resolves the conscious aspects of the problem whilst hypnotherapy can bring emotional and unconscious responses into line.  

I help my clients to change those habits which only serve to consolidate and anchor the tendency to worry. Worry, if allowed, changes into anxiety and brings all kinds of physically nasty symptoms along with it. Don’t let it get that far!

I teach worriers and fretters to live more mindfully – to get out of their heads and to re-associate themselves with other aspects of their own beings and with the world around them. Worriers, in this manner, acquire their true perspective and we can also learn to enjoy the world around us more fully. Besides, when the underlying issues are resolved there tends to be less need for worry to begin with.

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Furthermore, hypnotherapy is perfectly suited to the worried client because the state of hypnosis can be both accessed through a relaxing procedure and taken home once the session is finished. I could teach you how to relax your own self and how to access those feelings of calmness at almost any time and in almost any place. You can learn to be your own therapist, editing your own thoughts and causing yourself to relax and unwind. Sleep will improve, your mental health will improve and you’ll grow in strength and self-esteem. What’s not to like?

What if worry transforms itself into anxiety?

When we worry the amygdala in our brains causes us to produce adrenaline and cortisol. These produce physiological responses in our bodies which are unpleasant and which heighten the worry. The effect becomes cyclical and, if continued over time, can contribute to a condition called Generalised Anxiety Disorder. This is where the anxiety is both about nothing in particular and everything at the same time. The amygdala becomes a little dysfunctional and remains forever at a heightened state of alert. 

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People will often try to suppress these feelings. Who wouldn’t? They’re horrible. However, if this is too successful or goes on for too long then the result could be a series of panic attacks . Of course, the dreadful feeling of panic becomes something to anticipate and fear in itself. The cycle of anxiety continues and deepens. Things can only get worse if left untreated. Many people think that depression is a form of self-protective short-circuit when the cumulative effects of anxiety become too great. 

This video explains how repeated exposure to anxiety can become self-sustaining.

Anxiety disorders are most unlikely to be resolved with a single session. I teach my clients self-hypnosis and mindfulness in the first session in order that they can begin to process emotions more healthily and relax around their anxiety. In time the brain learns to self-regulate and the vicious circle begins to move in reverse. If the emotional problems behind the original anxiety and worry are resolved and more healthy ways of dealing with emotional upsets are learned then the problem is over, for good! 

What about practical problems and worries?

anxiety“That’s right,” said Big-Ears. “Face up to trouble and it will run away – but if you run away, trouble will come after you. Now – let’s make plans.”

Yes, let’s! When you face a problem head on it tends not to be as big as you’d imagined. Even if it were, you’d still be able to find a way around it, through it or over it. Worrying merely makes things worse.

I have a family friend with ‪#aspergers‬. He was a teen at the time and I’d been talking with him a while. He knew I was a therapist who specialised in working with apserger’s clients and gravitated towards me in order to get some unofficial guidance. One day both our families met up and his mum advised me that he’d had a terrible set-back and it was best not to attempt to discuss it. I did steer the conversation towards the issue but, as expected, he’d not discuss it. It was just too terrible.

I never mentioned it again for a while . A month later later I referred to it again. Guess what?! He couldn’t even remember what I was talking about. He learned from that experience. A problem tends to shrink in time. What seems terrible is rarely quite so bad as all that.

Hypnotherapy can help us to acquire a little perspective. Hypnotherapy can help us to devise practical solutions and to put them into operation. I’d like to help you to resolve anxiety and to come to solutions which you can work towards with confidence. 

So, if you live in or around Reading, Oxford, Thame or Wallingford and do find yourself plagued with worry, please contact me here to arrange your free telephone consultation. We can talk it through and discuss how to proceed, together, in order to free you from the prison of worry.

Best wishes

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