Hypnotherapy and Children in Wallingford, Reading, Thame and Oxford.

Children are fantastic at hypnotherapy.

hypnotherapy for childrenTwo weeks ago two mothers from different towns called me, regarding two boys who shared the same age and also… the same name. It was a strange but fascinating coincidence.

I obviously can’t share any details but I have already finished seeing one of these boys. His problem was a cry to be listened to. He played his part and responded to counselling and hypnotherapy in order to eliminate his behaviours. His parents played their part too. Once they understood what his behaviour was saying his parents moved heaven and earth to respond. He was satisfied and his problematic behaviour fell away immediately. 

I often end up helping families to communicate more effectively

I had spent one session with the boy and one session with him and his parents. They left me as a happier family and the boy was calmer and more content than he had been for a long time. 

I think that these two sessions number among my proudest moments as a therapist. I negotiated between two divorced parents, helped a young boy to communicate his feelings and needs whilst helping everyone to be heard, listened to and valued.

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hypnotherapy for children in oxfordshire / berkshire

I also offer hypnotherapy for children aged 10+

Children are incredibly astute and observant with regard to what goes on around them. You may do your best to hide those rows from the kids but they pick up on the atmosphere regardless. You may do your best to keep your own anxieties and insecurities a secret but your children can sense that something is wrong. Children are vulnerable and have to be very aware of things, They may not realise what they’re doing but they’re constantly taking cues from those they love and look up to as role models. If you think that your own issues are having an impact upon your family then perhaps you’d consider having them resolved. I’ll be more than happy to work with both you and your child. This wouldn’t be the first time and it won’t be the last.

Children respond very well to hypnotherapy. They haven’t lived long enough to be set in their ways and have all the imagination anyone could wish for. They don’t, however, have the power of an adult and don’t always have the vocabulary with which to understand and communicate their needs and emotions. 

I was proud to have been able to help this young boy to work with his parents in order to resolve his problems. I could help your child to do so too. If you’d like to find out more then please contact me here.

Best wishes

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