Hypnotherapy is shown to be an effective means of losing weight. You can do it!

Hello there. If you’re here to look at another way of losing weight then the following research shows that hypnotherapy can drastically increase your chances of slimming down and keeping that weight off for good. I know this very well because I’ve already helped a good many people in Reading, Oxford, Wallingford and Thame to lose weight through this approach.

Research supports the use of hypnotherapy

weight loss hypnotherapyTwo groups of people were set the task of losing weight. One group was assisted with hypnotherapy whilst the other group was left to use more traditional methods of shedding the pounds.

After nine weeks those who were using hypnosis had lost more weight than those who relied on other methods. Furthermore, those who had used hypnothrapy were more likely to have maintained their weight loss when checked in a follow-up two years later.(Journal of Clinical Psychology, 1985).

A different study saw 60 women divided into two groups. Half were left to their own devices whilst half were given hypnotherapy. Those in the hypnotherapy group lost an average of 17 pounds. Those who were not given this treatment only lost half a pound each. (Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 1986).

A meta study showed that adding hypnotherapy to weight loss programs increased the amount of weight lost by 96%. (Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 1996).

Hypnotherapy in Oxford, Reading, Wallingford and Thame could help you to achieve your goals!

At the time of updating this post we’re still living through the stresses and strains of Covid 19. I’ve never been so busy, thanks to the collapse in the nation’s mental health in recent months. Problems with the abuse of food have sky-rocketed during this time. This has been compounded by the fact that so many people are now working at home. All those steps to the train station and so forth added up to quite a few calories. If those calories are now sitting on your hips, or on your belly, then perhaps it’s now time to do something about it.

Why do so many people fail to lose weight or to keep it off?

Food is love, food is comfort, food is a treat. Many people use food to regulate their emotions, to celebrate, to commiserate, to reward. Hypnotherapy, when used properly, won’t just focus on the habits surrounding food. It will help you to establish a different and healthier attitude to the food you eat. It will help you to regulate your feelings more effectively. The need to over-eat, therefore, will be removed.

This is what so many people fail to address when following diets. There is no diet in the word which will address the emotional aspects of a poor relationship with food. Psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and a mindful approach to food could help you to lose weight and to keep it off for good.

You can lose weight in a sustainable way without giving up a single thing!

binge eating hypnotherapyHypnotherapy is a fantastic way of losing weight. I use hypnotherapy in such a way that the client doesn’t have to give up a single thing.

There are no cravings, no sense of deprivation and no need, therefore, for huge dollops of will-power. You could lose weight in a sustainable fashion with hypnotherapy and a whole host of other practical techniques which I’ll discuss with you when we meet. 

If you live in or around Thame, Wallingford, Oxford or Reading and would like to lose some weight in a sustainable manner then please feel free to get in touch.

You could call me on 07786 123736 / 01865 600970 / 01183 280284 or else email me at paul@resolvedhypnotherapy.co.uk. Whichever way you choose, please get in touch. You can lose weight, you can be confident in your own body, you could bare all in our increasingly hot English Summer. If you’d like to learn more then give me a call.  I’ll be more than glad to talk with you.

Best wishes

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Thanks Paul. This is very interesting. I went to see a hypnotherapist many years ago for smoking and it worked well for me. I’m very keen on having some more for weight loss and will call you soon.