You may not choose to forgive your parents but you can learn to understand them. It will help!

Forgive your parents or come to understand them. Either way, hypnotherapy could help you to move on!

Paul Hughes: Reading hypnotherapistBefore I begin I’d like to disclose something: I grew up with an alcoholic and bipolar mother and spent a great deal of my life in coming to terms with the emotional consequences of my childhood.

I disclose this because it shows that it can be done. We can learn to overcome the problems which our earliest experiences caused us. We can leave them behind and thrive. People in Thame, Reading, Wallingford and Oxford have achieved this goal. Hypnotherapy has helped them. Could you be next?

Hypnotherapy can help in this process because the state of hypnosis can leave us able to see things as we’ve never seen them before. It can help us to see things through new eyes and to accept ideas which we’d be tempted to bat away in our normal waking state. Combine this with psychotherapy and counselling and we have potent agent for change. You can change. You will.

I don’t encourage my clients to wallow in the past. I do, however, help them to accept the consequences.

self-esteemIf you do feel bad about what happened then that’s perfectly understandable and clients needn’t feel bad about feeling bad. What you feel is a valid reaction to your past and in coming to accept these feelings you can learn to forgive yourself for your feelings of weakness and vulnerability. A great deal of what I do is helping my clients to accept that their feelings are valid and that they need to feel comfortable around having them. They are your feelings and you can relax around having them.

At the same time, however, I’ll encourage you to focus on your strengths and finer qualities. My clients are rarely very good at this but I can see what wonderful people they are – often as a direct result of what they went through. Appreciating how your background turned you into a caring and sensitive person (and/or a strong and determined type) can be a revelation.

Forgiving yourself for your sense of weakness and appreciating your strengths can often be key to recovery.

There is also the question of how to view your parents.

Your parents once had ultimate power over your very survival and so it is often difficult to see them as being people – people who had their own weaknesses, their own strengths and their own reasons for the very real and significant mistakes which they made. This may sound as if I’m excusing them but that’s not what I mean at all. What I mean is that if we come to see them as being weak and fallible then we can learn to reject what they caused us to feel. Their judgments needn’t define how we see ourselves. Their words and actions are not reflective of the people we truly were or are now. When we rob them of the power we once thought they had over us, we free ourselves to reformulate how we see ourselves in the here and now. If our parents mistreated us then this is a reflection on them, not on us.

Hypnotherapy can help this process develop. I love helping people to leave the consequences of their childhoods behind them. There are many people in Reading, Thame, Oxford and Wallingford who now feel free from their pasts and who now see themselves truly. You could be next.

I look forward to hearing from you. Contact me here when you’re ready to leave the past behind you. I’ll be glad to help you to make it happen.

Best wishes

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