Resolved! Hypnotherapy in Oxford: Helping people to live fuller, happier lives.

Hello. If you’re reading this then you’re probably looking for help with a habit, a phobia, anxiety, depression, a self-limiting belief or any one of a host of other possible problems. I’m sorry that this is the case. Nonetheless, you’ve taken that all important first step towards finding the solution.

Whatever bothers you it’s extremely likely that I have used hypnotherapy in Oxford to help people who once suffered from the same problem. I’ll be more than glad to help you too.

Please note:  working together online, using televisual software, is an effective means of delivering therapy. I have used it for years and, given recent developments, it’s an ideal means of achieving your goals, from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Hypnotherapy, when skilfully used, is a truly excellent way of finding solutions to seemingly impossible problems. I’m a well-trained and experienced hypnotherapist and am here to help you put things right, once and for all.

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‘His approach was kind and caring and he used Mindfulness techniques of meditation which have been really effective – especially as he recorded these sessions and emailed them to me so that I could listen at home. I feel so much better! He was brilliant.’ – Google review.

You could be the next person to kiss their difficulties ‘goodbye’!

Hundreds of people in and around Oxford are now enjoying happier and fuller lives thanks to hypnotherapy and I am proud to have helped them. What is it you’d like to change?

I regularly work with depression, anxiety, addictions in all their forms, phobias, asperger’s syndrome, performance anxiety, tinnitus and much more besides

If you’d like to make some real changes to your life then please do get in touch with me I’ll be glad to talk with you.

‘He has a remarkable way of unraveling what is deep within and adjusting the way you look at things. He is a very understanding and calming person to be around and I think the word needs to be spread how fantastic he is! Thanks so much for everything Paul.’ – Google Review

I’ll be more than glad to help you too.

pal from resolved hypnotherapy oxfordWhatever it may be, please rest assured that others have been there before and that a solution is available. You really needn’t continue to simply ‘live with it’ any longer. You could work, with me, to resolve it for good.

I hope that my website will answer all of your questions. Please feel free, however, to get in touch with any other questions which arise.

I work just off the Cowley Road and am five minutes’ drive from both the town centre and the ring road. I offer ethical, professional and compassionate therapy which will help you to leave your problems behind you, once and for all.

There’s no reason for you to feel depressed, anxious or defeated anymore. There never was, in truth. You’ve always been better than you thought and believed. A part of our work together will be to help you to come to see this for yourself.

You’re awesome. I can help you to see this for yourself.

contact resolved hypnotherapyMy clients aren’t somehow lacking in strength or character because they have problems.

They have more of these qualities than the average person, in fact, because they’ve carried their issues around with them for so long.

No, my clients only imagine themselves to be unable to put their problems behind them by themselves.

Hypnotherapy helps them to see that they can do it and once they see this, the problem falls away.

So, if you live in the area and would like to come for some hypnotherapy in Oxford then please do give me a call. I’ll be more than glad to talk with you and I think you’ll feel better for having taken the first step towards a problem-free future.

What’s the first step to that solution you crave?

Whatever it may be: anxiety, phobia, depression, panic attacks, OCD, sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, anorgasmia, premature ejaculation or vaginismus, calling me may well be your first step to a solution. I have worked with insomnia, trichotillomania, dermotillomania, enuresis, anger issues, grief, addictions, alcohol abuse and tonnes more besides.

If you can’t find a mention of your problem on my site then give me a call anyway, it’s likely that Resolved! Hypnotherapy Oxford has worked with it before!

‘Paul helped me beyond explanation. His unique and personal approach to counselling via hypnotherapeutic techniques blew me away.’ – Google Review.

‘How can hypnotherapy help?’

I undertook four years of training in order to learn how to combine counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and mindfulness into a powerful therapy. I now have seven years of experience in helping people to leave problems such as depression, anxiety, OCD, phobias and more, much more, behind them.

Hypnotherapy helps the brain to devise, accept and visualise solutions to problems which may have left you confused, feeling helpless for years.  It helps you to realise that you’re far stronger than you think and that you hold the answer to your difficulties.

You hold the answer to your problem and I’ll work to help you to find out what it is. We’ll work together to help you to find new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. You’ll love the results!

I believe that everybody in deserves an ethical and well-trained hypnotherapist who is capable of delivering the best possible therapy. I took no short-cuts in ensuring that I became able to deliver just that very thing.

‘Paul helped me come to terms with what was a very difficult in my life. I met him at a very low point and left him almost as high as kite!! Haha. Seriously though he is incisive personable and very professional in his approach. And a lovely man to boot.’ – Google Review

It’s an effective and safe form of therapy. It has moved far beyond its 1950s image of being all about whirring eyes and swinging watches.

It’s now increasingly respected by the medical profession and I receive regular referrals from local audiology departments when they have tinnitus patients who need that extra help.

If you would like some hypnotherapy in Oxford in order top learn how to cope with tinnitus or any other condition then please do get in touch.

You may well enjoy the whole process. Here’s why!

Therapy has this image of being a grim and depressing trawl through the past. I think that this puts a good few people off the idea of beginning.

I can reassure you that it’s not like that. Of course, there may be tears at times but many people find the process comforting and even enjoyable. Some of my clients even tell me that they’re sad to finish! 

There are many different types of therapy and in the past therapists from different schools of thought have argued over which is best. Research, however, shows that it’s the relationship built between client and therapist – rapport- which is as responsible for success as the type of therapy employed.

I like to think that I’m good at establishing that rapport. You, of course, would need to agree and so please feel free to pick up the ‘phone and call me on 01865 600970 to find out if I’m the right person for you.

‘Best thing I ever did. If you are ever in doubt about whether to give hypnotherapy a go, be assured that this man can and will change your life.’ – Google review

What do others say about Resolved! Hypnotherapy Oxford?

google reviews for hypnotherapy oxfordThe use of testimonials is commonplace in hypnotherapy but UKCP forbids their use. They are seen as breaking confidentiality and can be faked. However, google reviews are permissible because they’re external to my site and can be negative. None of mine are and you can read what a group of satisfied former clients have written by clicking here.

Please bear in mind, however, that results can vary from person to person and that success can’t be guaranteed. I can only ever guarantee that I’ll do my very best to help you to achieve whatever it is you’d like to.

Hypnotherapy can work wonders with children too!

I have twenty years of teaching experience and so was always in a good position to work with children and adolescents of ten years of age and upwards. I’m now a qualified child and adolescent counsellor and so can work with children of four years and upwards. Hypnotherapy, combined with other forms of child and adolescent psychotherapy, is a powerful combination.

At any one time a third of my client base is comprised of children and young people. I simply love helping these clients to leave their problems behind them.

I have helped children and teenagers to overcome OCD, anxiety, depression, problems with food, trichotillomania, school refusal, asperger’s, anger, phobias, ensuresis and much, much more.

Why wait to see your child happier once more?

Oxford, being an academic centre of world-wide renown, means that  I have helped dozens of people to cope with problems at university or at school. My teaching experience comes in handy here too. I spent twenty years helping children and teenagers to make the best of themselves in an academic and pastoral sense. 

I am now training to become a fully qualified Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist. It has been a hard couple of years but the results will see me still more able to combine psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, play-therapy and a whole host of other approaches in order to help your children to make the very best of themselves.

Covid 19 put a spanner in the works, for I’d otherwise be fully qualified by now (January 2021). I’m now a qualified child and adolescent counsellor but still have a little way to go before earning the full title of psychotherapist in this field. 

Children are fantastic subjects for hypnosis They’re generally open-minded and their imaginations are unsullied by age and cynicism. If they’re determined to make changes to their lives then hypnotherapy can help them to make them happen.

I will soon be Oxford’s only Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist who is also trained to UKCP standards in the use of hypnotherapy. I’m already a qualified child and adolescent counsellor. Do be careful to explore the qualifications of others who claim to be able to help. I wouldn’t trust my child’s mental health to anybody without looking into the qualifications and training of the therapist concerned. I wouldn’t advise you to do so either. You can read more of my work with the under 18s, as a qualified Child and Adolescent Counsellor, by clicking here.

hypnotherapy for children

Hypnotherapy is safe, respectful and increasingly recognised by the NHS.

I could talk for hours about how wonderful hypnotherapy is. In truth, however, I believe that it’s the relationship between the client and the the therapist which is the most important ingredient of all.

I offer compassionate, professional and evidence-based hypnotherapy in Oxford and it’s this which will leave you feeling safe enough to uncover and resolve every layer of the problems you’re experiencing.

Would you like to hear some more reasons as to why I might be the right person to help you?

I trained for four years in order to be the best therapist I could be. The NSHP is one of only three professional hypnotherapy organisations which is accredited by UKCP. You needn’t, therefore, have any doubt as to the quality of my training.

I belong to the NSHP.

‘How does it work?’

and hypnosisIt isn’t a magic wand. I can’t just say a few magic words and make everything right again. What I can do, however, is to help you see yourself as I see you.

You see, you have everything you need in order to resolve your problems. Much of what I do is to help you to harness your strengths, helping you to use them to put your problems behind you.

If I’m good at anything it’s in helping people to see themselves as I see them. I can guarantee that I’ll help you to see strengths and qualities which you have under-estimated.

You’re not just a problem, a label or a collection of difficulties. You’re a unique human being with a great number of strengths and I’ll put them to good use in putting your issues where they belong: in the past.

Do you have any specialisms?

I have used hypnotherapy in Oxford to help great numbers of people with a huge range of issues,  some of which are listed in the page above. However, I do happen to specialise in working with people with asperger’s / high-functioning autism.

A quarter to a third of my client base falls within the spectrum and I believe (as far as it can be measured) that I have a good success rate in helping my ASC / ASD to resolve problems such as anxiety, depression, OCD, social-anxiety and the like.

If you, or someone you love, is on the spectrum and is experiencing problems then please do consider giving me a call. I’d be glad to discuss how I could help. I have worked with children as young as nine years of age and I have worked with adults into their sixties, some of whom have only recently been diagnosed.

Hypnotherapy can help. I’ll be glad to help you, just as I have helped hundreds of others to overcome the difficulties inherent in being on the spectrum. Give me a call, send me an email and we’ll explore how I might be able to help you too.

asperger's hypnotherapy wallingford