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Hello and thank you for visiting my site. I’d like to reassure you, from the very start, that you are capable of achieving your goals. I’ve yet to meet a client who isn’t capable of making positive and long-lasting changes to their life. Every week I use hypnotherapy in Holborn, London to help people become stronger, happier and healthier. Hundreds of my clients have already gone on to do so. You could do it too!

Too many people, however, have learned or were taught to stand in the way of their own self belief and esteem. I’m here to convince you that coming to see me for hypnotherapy in Holborn could clear away the doubts, the obstacles and the ‘can’ts’ in order to leave you free to thrive.

So, learn to leave the unhappiness behind you and give me a call in order that we can begin to plan your escape. First, however, have a read around this website in order that you can be sure you’ve chosen the right hypnotherapist for you.

‘Having never experienced hypnotherapy before I didn’t know what to expect but it was serene, calming and soothing, helping me deal with a messy tangle of emotions that dated as far back in my life as I could remember.’ – Google review

Hypnotherapy can help you achieve your goals

Many of my clients have learned to block off unwanted emotions. They have learned to criticise themselves without remorse. They have become extremely skilled at ignoring their strengths and qualities and, instead, persecute themselves with a cruelty they’d never inflict upon anybody else. Others have simply acquired phobias, performance anxieties and stresses or have suffered traumatic events which they can’t seem to shake off.

‘He has a remarkable way of unraveling what is deep within and adjusting the way you look at things. He is a very understanding and calming person to be around and I think the word needs to be spread how fantastic he is! Thanks so much for everything Paul.’ – Google Review.

Here’s how I could help you

Resolved! Hypnotherapy Holborn, London works to help people to process emotions in new and healthier ways, I help them to see their strengths and fine qualities more truly.

I could help you to stop the constant self-doubt, to let go of anxiety and to end your relationship with depression, OCD, sexual problems, panic attacks or whatever it may be. So, if you’re looking for a hypnotherapist in Holborn, London, please do get in touch and we’ll discuss how I could help you.

07786 123736 / 020 7193 9331
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‘He has a natural grace in his hypnosis and a knack of getting to the crux of the issues.’ – Google review

You can’t simply turn emotions off. They hang around to haunt you.

Bad feelings such as anger or anxiety can’t simply be switched off or hidden away in the unconscious mind. They bubble away and fester, waiting for opportunities to burst into the world. Relationships are imperiled, work suffers, sleep, appetite, libido and self-esteem all take a hit.

Here’s the thing…

depression hypnotherapyMany of my clients have tried their best to suppress their emotions. However, the only long-term result of attempting to face the world without resolving emotional difficulties is anxiety, depression and other nasties such as trichotillomania, OCD, substance abuse and obesity.

The list of problems caused by poorly managed emotions is as long as your arm and longer still. Hypnosis could help you to manage those emotions more effectively so that the problems you face are weakened and more easily dealt with.


Hundreds of people living and working in Holborn are living happier and more fulfilling lives because they refused to put up with their problems any longer. After all, who would choose to put up with toothache or a persistently painful back? 

Hypnotherapy could help you remove the obstacles which stand between you and the life you both want and deserve. Why wait any longer?

‘You have helped make my life a happy life again. I will never forget how good you have been to me.’ – google Review

I’m a UKCP Registered Hypnotherapist. You can be confident in the level of my training.

I’d want my doctor to be properly qualified before allowing him to mess about with my insides. I’d want a mechanic, plumber or electrician to possess whichever qualifications are necessary to be safe and professional in their work.

UKCP accredited training is a hallmark of quality

With a UKCP registered therapist you can be sure that their training matches the best of any training to be found, anywhere. I chose the toughest and most gruelling four-year course I could find because I believe that clients deserve no less. Your emotional health is vitally important and you need to feel confident in the person you choose to work with it.

‘My son is now a different child, he is now the carefree teenager he should be with little or no worries now. I cannot recommend Paul highly enough, he has helped my son in so many ways and for that I will always be grateful!’ – Google Review

What do other clients have to say about me?

The use of testimonials is commonplace in hypnotherapy but UKCP forbids their use. They are seen as breaking confidentiality and can be faked. However, google reviews are permissible because they’re external to my site and can be negative. None of mine are and you can read what a group of satisfied former clients have written by clicking here. *

Which conditions / problems / goals can hypnotherapy help with?

hypnotherapy for problemsYou may have never heard this title but UKCP registered hypnotherapists are called ‘hypno-psychotherapists’.

This means that we are trained not only in the use of hypnotherapy but also in the use of other forms of psychotherapy and counselling. We can blend a whole array of approaches, in a fully integrative fashion, in order to help you to let go of the past and to make a different and better future.

I can, therefore, work with any condition or problem which you’d commonly take to a counsellor. I simply use hypnotherapy to add extra weight and power to the ability of your own mind to resolve whatever issue you’d like to see changed. Therefore, if you’re undecided as to whether you should be seeing a hypnotherapist or a counsellor, you could actually arrange to see both, at the same time.

The list of problems which hypnotherapy can resolve is nearly endless. You name it and I will probably have helped someone to resolve it. If it involves an emotion then hypnotherapy can help. It isn’t a magic wand, of course. You will have to take an active part in finding and forming your own solutions. However, if you wish to make changes happen then hypnotherapy, when used alongside a solid underpinning of psychotherapy, can help to achieve seemingly miraculous changes. 

You, yourself, can achieve miraculous things. Hypnotherapy can help and I could be the one to help you to make it happen. Plenty of people in Holborn have already done so. You could be next.

For example…

change hypnotherapyI work with conditions such as anxiety, panic attacks, tinnitus, IBS, depression, OCD, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, bereavement and grief, anger management, addictions, phobias, bruxism, trichotillomania and much more.

I also work with a whole host of performance based anxieties surrounding exam stress, driving test nerves, writers’ block, procrastination, anxieties concerning public speaking and social anxiety. Please take a moment to peruse the menu at the top of this page. If it involves an emotional response, hypnotherapy could help you.

Give me a call if you’d like to discuss your particular needs and circumstances in more detail. I’m more than happy to take the time for you to be able to decide that I’m the right hypnotherapist for you.

After all, Holborn, just like the rest of London, is full of hypnotherapists and it’s always best to have a talk with a therapist before booking in, just to ensure that you feel as if they’re the right match for you.

Call me on 07786 123736 whenever you’re ready to begin moving towards a better and brighter future. I look forward to hearing from you.

I specialise in using hypnotherapy to help people with Asperger’s Syndrome / High Functioning Autism

My eldest daughter was diagnosed with asperger’s at the age of three and I had to learn about it fast. I decided to study how hypnotherapy could help people with the condition whilst training as a therapist.

And then…

Then, as soon as I began working as a hypnotherapist, clients on the spectrum began to appear in huge numbers. I hadn’t even mentioned the term on my website at that point. Still they came and they come still. Approximately a third of my clients at any one time are on the spectrum and I have found hypnotherapy, combined with a mindful counselling approach, to be very effective.

So what can you hope to achieve through hypnotherapy?

Being on the autistic spectrum is for life. The anxiety suffered by many people on this spectrum doesn’t have to be for life. You could learn to cope with anxiety in ways you’ve never imagined possible. You could learn to let go of OCD, substance abuse, panic attacks or whatever it is which bothers you.

I have used hypnotherapy to help a great many people learn to cope more effectively with life, to enjoy it more and to realise that asperger’s is a label. It doesn’t have to define you.

My clients with asperger’s range from ten years of age to 50. Help your child learn to thrive with asperger’s so that they don’t have to come to me as adults. If you live within reach of Holborn WC1 then consider giving me a call. I could help!

asperger's hypnotherapy london

Here’s the next step:

The next step is simple. You just choose a way of getting in touch with me. You could either call me on 07786 123736 / 02071939331, email me at paul@resolvedhypnotherapy.co.uk or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

You could always choose to be unhappy a while longer

Or you could just give me a call instead. I’ll be glad to talk with you about how I could help you to move towards a happier and more fulfilling life.

I’m really looking forward to hearing from you.

Resolved! Hypnotherapy London could help your child too!

Hypnotherapy isn’t only for adults. I use hypnotherapy in London (Holborn) and elsewhere to help children shake off anxieties, panics, depression, unwanted habits, exam stress and so much more. If your child is over ten years of age and hasn’t suffered a major trauma then I could be the person to help them move towards happiness.

One day your child will be past all this and you’ll be glad you called me

hypnotherapy for childrenI am a qualified child and adolescent counsellor, have almost finished my Masterd degree in child and adolescent psychotherapy and I do have twenty years of teaching experience (secondary) behind me. There is, I’m afraid to say, a great shortage of hypnotherapists who are willing and/or professionally competent to offer effective therapy for children.

This is why I chose to undergo a very expensive and rigorous training. I do believe that children deserve properly trained therapists. It’s no use just using simpler words and baby voiced approaches. Children aren’t little adults with smaller vocabularies. They have a psychology commensurate with a different stage of development and adults forget this at their peril. 

Unless a therapist has extensive experience and/or training with children then it is negligent, in my view, for that therapist to work with them. Your child deserves someone who really understands children. A therapist stating that they learned by having their own children simply isn’t enough.

Happy children have a habit of growing into happy adults. Don’t let them grow up feeling bad about themselves.

There’s a place in Holborn, London, where they could learn to feel better about life, themselves and their futures. it’s certainly worth the price of a ‘phone call to find out if hypnotherapy and I might prove able to help.

‘Paul must be the best therapist I have come across. He helped my autistic son to gain self esteem and confidence, for which I am truly grateful. He is very experienced, but with an ability to put you at ease and he is very approachable, while being thorough.

I have recommended Paul to other people, because he is so good at what he does. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks Paul I have my son back.’ – Google Review