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Taking care of yourself with Resolved! Hypnotherapy: Reading, Thame, Wallingford, Oxford

I’d like you to begin by watching this short video about Penguins:

What can we learn from this video?

If all of the penguins had been determined to scramble for warmth then none of them would had found it and all would have perished.

If all of the penguins had decided to be altruistic, fighting to remain on the outside of the huddle, they would have died in much the same way.

depressionWhat does this have to do with you? Well, so many of my clients could learn from the Emperor penguin. So many of my clients spend their lives exclusively caring for others, placing the needs of others above their own  and neglecting themselves to the point where they then need to come and see me for hypnotherapy in Reading, Oxford, London, Wallingford or Thame.

Hypnotherapy can help resolve a great many issues and a central part of how it does this is by helping people to see that they are important and that they deserve the same love, kindness and consideration as anybody else.

You deserve your time in the middle of the huddle and if you persist in neglecting your needs then you will ultimately deny others and yourself the best possible you. You will collapse into depression and perhaps its attendant problems of substance abuse, anxiety disorders and so forth.

Refuse to take better care of yourself and you’ll end up depressed, anxious and perhaps resorting to alcohol or ‘mothers’ little helpers’ to keep things going. It’s simply unsustainable. At some point change of one kind or another will be forced upon you.

Don’t wait for this to happen to you. Learn that you are as important as anybody else. In fact, if you’re mum, you’re more important since everybody else (probably, statistically) relies upon your being able to function.

You’ll be of no use to anybody, anyway, if you carry on as you are.

Placing the needs of others before your own  may feel like the right thing to do. Indeed, at times it is. However, make it too much of a self-denying habit and it will all come crashing down at some point. A depressed and burned out you won’t be in any position to care for others effectively at all. Unless you look after yourself at the same time as you care for others, misery is the only ultimate certainty.

What message are you sending to your children?

Self-neglect will also send the signal to your children that you’re unimportant. Partners, children and friends will fall for the strong act you play and will continue to burden you with their demands and expectations. Will they then be there for you when your turn comes to crumble? Well, perhaps they will.

Perhaps they won’t.

Do you really want or need to wait to find out?

Besides, if you’re a mother acting as a drudge then perhaps you’re unconsciously telling your daughter that she should grow up to be one too. Your son may grow up expecting his partner to cater for his every need, just as you did. It really wouldn’t be likely to end well for either of them, is it?

Children grow up seeing their parents as role models for how men and women should behave. Of course, once they reach a certain age they no longer do this consciously and yet the unconscious learnings will have been stored away and will be hard to shift in future life.

Treat yourself, therefore, as you would wish your daughter to treat herself as an adult. Demand the same respect you’d hope her future husband would accord her. Only in this way can you be secure in knowing that she’ll learn the positive lessons which your example has set for her.

Take control and begin to treat yourself with more respect, care and love.

affairs hypnotherapyI have worked with many mothers (and children) to help remedy a situation where the child has treated the mother with contempt because the child has learned to see itself as the centre of the world.

Treat yourself with more respect, as being of more value, and the child will learn that respect for others which is necessary for success and happiness in the wider world.

I have worked with many mothers and have helped them to be more assertive in having others take account of their needs. I have used hypnotherapy in Oxford, Reading, London, Wallingford and Thame to help them to take better care of their own selves. 

If an airplane has to make an emergency landing the oxygen masks fall from above. Mothers are instructed to fit their own masks before attending to children. What use is it to anybody if you pass out half-way through placing a mask on your baby’s face?

Give me a call if you begin to feel that your way of life is becoming unsustainable. If resentment is building towards others who only seem to take, take, take; if you begin to feel that depression is swallowing you up then perhaps hypnotherapy could help to provide some answers. I’ll help you to change the way you feel, think and behave when considering your own needs.

Your self-respect will teach your child to respect others.

hypnotherapy online by zoomLook after yourself and others will benefit. Neglect yourself and everybody suffers.

Hypnotherapy has helped people in Reading, Wallingford and Oxford reach self-acceptance and self-esteem. You are at least as deserving, at least as worthy as everybody else. Let me help you to see this for yourself and everybody will gain – you, your family and thus society in general.

You are an important part of our world. Don’t deny us the best possible you. We need you. Take care of yourself through Resolved! Hypnotherapy! Contact me to find out how!

Best wishes

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