Low income and hypnotherapy in Reading, Wallingford, Thame and Oxford.

Hypnotherapy for those on low incomes in Thame, Oxford, Reading and Wallingford

One day a woman called me from Oxford and explained her situation. She was suffering from terrible anxiety and anger issues. She’d called a few therapists and had explained that she was on income support. Would they be prepared to see her at a discounted rate? She could only afford £25 per session. They had all declined and she was becoming desperate.

hypnotherapy and stressI was the fourth therapist she’d called and I was happy to see her. I happened to have a spare slot in Oxford at that time and I believe that therapists have a social duty to help people wherever possible, no matter what their situation.

I believe that any therapist who can do so should be prepared to help those whose incomes leave them unable to afford the normal fees for therapy.

After all, we may have trained for years and being a hypnotherapist may be expensive in terms of room rent, CPD, the membership and suchlike but £60,70,80 is a lot of money and not everyone can afford it. 

It also makes good business sense. A grateful client is a client who’ll go on to recommend you to friends and family, friends and family who won’t need a discounted rate.

I have kept slots for low income clients ever since starting out as a fresh, new therapist and my clients have repaid me tenfold through recommendations.

January and February can be particularly hard

changes hypnotherapyThe post Christmas period is typically hard for many people. Credit cards have to be paid, relationships suffer more than at any time of year and the feelings of not being able to provide an ‘adequate’ Christmas for the family (combined with poor weather) can leave people feeling depressed and anxious.

Low income leaves people both more in need of therapy whilst being less able to pay for it. How much does this cost society, particularly when you consider that the stress and anxiety caused by living in low income households merely renders it harder to escape from that same poverty. 

How can you hold down a job or get back to work if you’re suffering panic attacks or chronic long-term stress? 

NHS provision of talking therapies is improving but demand is continuing to outstrip supply. As with physical health, it seems as if the demand is elastic and simply outstrips provision, no matter how much is spent.

Referrals to an NHS counsellor can take weeks or months, prove to be unsatisfactory and the fees for private therapists can be just too much. What are we as therapists supposed to do, walk on by?

I’d like to help out. I’d hate to think that people who are ready and willing to change are unable to find the help that they need.

People deserve better access to hypnotherapy, counselling, and psychotherapy of all kinds and being on a low income doesn’t change that fact. Besides, although I am busy all year there are very few therapists who are fully booked in January and February. I could spare an hour or two per week for those who’d otherwise have to suffer alone.

Give me a call, we can work something out

contact resolved hypnotherapyI am quite heavily booked up but I do reserve a couple of slots at any one time for people who’d not otherwise be able to afford hypnotherapy. I make enough money with my other clients and like to think that this is my way of paying something back into society for all the kindness which has been shown to me over the years.

I do ask that low income clients do their best to fit in around my full-fee paying clients and I do sometimes have to ask such clients to wait a short while until another discounted-fee client finishes having hypnotherapy with me. If you’re happy with this then please feel free to get in touch. Please do declare, however, that you’re a reduced-fee client at the beginning of our conversation. It may be no good having a conversation on the question of how I can help, only to find that I have no low-income slots available.

I’d like to help make sure that 2020 sees you leave your problem behind. If you’d like to learn more of how hypno-psychotherapy can help you begin afresh, call me on 07786 123736 / 01865 600970 / 01183 280284

Best wishes

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* This price doesn’t apply to smoking cessation therapy. I will charge £55 for income support clients who wish to stop smoking. The smoker of 10 cigarettes per day will recover this cash within a fortnight! Furthermore,I have always been flexible on fees for those on low incomes. If you read this post after Feb 29th 2016 then call me. We can work something out. Bear in mind that I may only be able to offer certain slots and that these may be subject to change.