A change in time brings nine. Hypnotherapy could help you change!

Positive changes can breed like rabbits. Hypnotherapy can help make it happen!

I’d like to tell you about a client I’ve helped in the past year. I help several clients each and every day but this one tells a particular story. The details of this story remain true even though they are changed sufficiently well in order to protect her confidentiality.

This was a client with a very troubled past and whose anxiety and anger were extreme. She had seen many counsellors and none of them had been able to help her. She came to see me, as so many do so many others, as the last port of call. It is in many ways a great pity that hypnotherapy is often only seen as the therapy of the desperate.

In the first session we discussed the origins of the problem, how it affected her in the here and now, what she hoped to achieve and what her resources were. This took up most of the session.

Which one, simple change would you make?

will power hypnotherapyI did, however, have time to teach her a few simple techniques with which to face the week between this and the next session. She was to focus on making one simple change to her behaviour.

When I next met her the changes were considerable. She had felt calmer, had slept far better and her unhelpful way of coping with her anxiety and stress had halved. We hadn’t even discussed how these things might be  goals for week one. She had made one simple change and this had turned itself into several. I was extremely impressed. It’s always amazing how the simplest of techniques can have such a dramatic effect.

We then continued and I’m glad to say that this client progressed rapidly. 

It’s a common story and could describe any one of hundreds of clients. I will always remember this client fondly. She was and remains one of the many people with whom I am proud to have worked.

There will be many more like her and if, perhaps, you are in need of help then you will number among them. I am proud to have known and to have worked with each and every one of my clients.

Changes begin and then accelerate until they acquire a momentum of their own

hypnotherapy reading

hypnotherapy changes

The details of the following story are heavily redacted, changed and altered. It could describe numerous clients I’ve seen in recent years. However, the story remains true in its essence.

I once asked a client to begin driving a different way to work, It made his journey a little longer but the aim was for him to begin seeing things from a different perspective. If we look at things from  different angle they can become different things.

Well, on this new route he drove past his old golf club. He realised that he’d missed taking part in that activity and so re-joined. He reacquainted himself with his old buddies and began to regain a social life. he realised that friends were important. He’d forgotten them for so long, so busy had he been in his work. Deciding that he’d made a mistake, he began to call old friends he hadn’t seen for years.

He met up with them and began to resume his old social lie.

He grew busier, happier and his anxieties and depression left him. Now, we were doing other things as well but it’s amazing how something as simple as going a different way to work could branch out into so many life-enhancing changes.

You could always continue to attempt huge changes in one massive leap

I expect you’ve tried this before. You’ve fixed your mind upon the future self you wish to see and you’ve decided to go for it. Perhaps you decided to run 20 miles per day, cut your calorie intake by 90% or bungee jump from the top of the the Eiffel Tower. Whatever your goal was, you failed and so felt worse than before.

Fix sensible goals and they appear more achievable

Changes are like balls of snow rolling down a hill. They start off small. They acquire size, strength and speed. Soon they’re knocking everything out of their path and taking on a life of their own. The longest journey starts with a single step. The biggest mountain in the world is made up of the tiniest atoms. Small things add up.

Hypnotherapy could help you to focus on some small things, they’ll all come together in order for you to achieve your goals. You’d start to see the world differently and when we see things differently we also begin to see ourselves differently.

Praise yourself for the small changes and you reinforce success. You’ve probably tried beating yourself up for failing. Did it work? It’s time to try a different approach.

Small changes add up to great transformations

change hypnotherapyYou are your own harshest critic and you deserve to be a little kinder to yourself. Hypnotherapy could help you. Wouldn’t that be worth it!

You could see similar benefits from hypnotherapy. You could begin with a simple step and see it grow into something substantial. You can achieve your goals just as hundreds of others in Reading, London, Thame, Wallingford and Oxford have achieved theirs. Contact me here and I’d be happy to explain how I and hypnotherapy could help you.

What do you have to lose? You’ve already tried everything else. Perhaps it’s time to give hypnotherapy its chance to prove itself.

Best wishes

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