Mothers’ Day: Hypnotherapy could help remove its sting!

Mothers day. What a horrible time!

 Wow! I never enjoyed Mothers’ Day whilst my own mother was still alive but this video takes things to a whole new level. We can only guess at what happened to this person that they felt it necessary to set fire to their own mother’s car and video the emergency services’ response.

Well, that’s my take upon the title and contents of this video. Perhaps you have a different interpretation. In any case, it’s a testament to the power of our relationships with our others – whether those relationships are good or less so.

But it’s a lovely day, isn’t it?!

emotional abuseMothers’ day is a lovely time for most people. It’s a time when people take the time to thank their mothers for the care and love which they received both in childhood and into their adult lives.

But what of those who feel as if they have little to thank their mothers for? Mothers’ Day can be a time of conflicting feelings for those whose mothers were less than loving, less than caring, less than maternal.

The effects of an abusive mother (and this includes those who were simply indifferent and neglectful of the emotional well-being of their children) are well documented. The lack of a healthy relationship with one’s mother can cast a shadow over an entire adult lifetime.

Mothers’ day, therefore, can be a time in which resentment builds. Perhaps the adult child of an abusive mother mourns the absence of a  relationship they never enjoyed.

Perhaps they feel obliged, by familial and societal pressure, to traipse home with the obligatory bunch of flowers whilst all the while nursing bitter unhappiness in their hearts. Perhaps they harbour certain feelings of guilt, consciously or otherwise, that they are somehow to blame for their own negative emotions towards their parent.

I spend a great deal of time working with those who have suffered poor relationships with their mothers. I do know that the consequences of such problematic beginnings can be overcome. I could help you to overcome them too.

Get in touch and we can discuss how I might be able to help you.

It can all be undone. You can let go of the past.

change hypnotherapyThe good news is that the damage done by poor parenting can be undone. It may not be quick and it may not be easy but there’s simply no need to accept that you are “damaged goods” and that nothing can be done. You can learn how to love yourself.

You can learn to silence the critical inner-voice (either heard out loud or simply an insidiously silent attitude of self-denigration) which you once heard so loudly and for so long that you made it your own.

Many people with such backgrounds find that they defend themselves through anger. Others unconsciously learn to deaden their feelings. This latter technique serves to protect the child against criticism but also dulls the positive feelings which we all have a right to enjoy: love, happiness and self-esteem.

Anger becomes self-defeating, directionless and caustic, destroying or weakening our ability to form or sustain stable and healthily loving relationships with others in our lives.

Depression and anxiety, even an unwarranted feeling of guilt, can afflict those who are left mourning their childhood. If you recognise any of these feelings in yourself then perhaps it’s time to look for help. You can be helped and I would be glad to help you to establish a sense of peace within your own self and with regard to your past.

Hypnotherapy could help you

hypnotherapy online by zoomYou can learn to replace these self-defeating defence mechanisms with healthy feelings of self-esteem and emotional resilience. You can learn to thrive and live the life you deserve. Hypnotherapy can help you achieve these goals. You deserve no less. I’d like to help you.

If you live in or around Reading, Wallingford, Oxford or Thame and would like some help then please do consider giving me a call on 07786 123736 / 01865 600970 / 01183 280284 and we can discuss how hypnotherapy could make mothers’ days less of a trial. You could, alternatively, email me at or simply use the contact form in the footer of this page.

I wish you all the best in life. You deserve no less.