The midst of grief seems to be an endless void. Hypnotherapy could help you to come through to the other side.

Losing somebody close to you is incredibly hard and I’m sorry if you’re here because this has happened to you. I see a good number of people for issues surrounding bereavement and its consequent grief. At the time of writing this post it’s also an even more unjust experience, for many, than is usually the case – thanks to covid 19. I’ve spent a good many sessions, over this past year, working with those who have lost loved ones to this disease.

Sometimes grief is the direct cause of the client coming to see me. Sometimes grief is an indirect cause, the client having developed problems such as depression, panic attacks, emetophobia or OCD because of a grief which wasn’t fully processed. Whichever is true of you, perhaps I could help you too.

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross was the first therapist to document that grief is a process with different stages. Most people, as hard as it is, manage to make their way through the various stages and one day find themselves on the other side. Grief may never fully depart, but it does become manageable with time. You can find a way of living with loss.

What my clients tend to find, however, is that somewhere along the process they become stuck and are unable to move on. The natural process of moving through the darkness of grief becomes less a process than a nightmare. When they recognise that grief isn’t losing its sting with the passage of time, they come to me for help. If you’ve begun to recognise that grief won’t let you go either, read on and see if I might be the right person to help you too.

sadness hypnotherapyIf you’re looking for warm, effective and professional hypnotherapy for grief in Reading, London, Wallingford, Oxford or Thame then help is at hand. You could either see me face to face or online using platforms such as Zoom.

I’ve used hypnotherapy for bereavement issues in all these locations. Please be reassured, however, that I’m not some magician who will attempt to rid you of your grief through uttering a few magic spells. I understand that this will never be an easy process and work in a sensitive and empathetic way to help people to complete the process of making their way through the remaining stages.

Zoom sessions are available. Please also be aware that current regulations also permit therapists to see clients face to face. I’m presently offering face to face sessions in Oxford and Reading.

Grief and sadness have a purpose. It’s perfectly understandable that people don’t want to be experiencing such emotions. They’re truly awful. I’m often contacted and asked if I can work to remove them.

Blocking these feelings, however, is no solution. Nobody wants to be sad and yet there’s a time and a place for every feeling under the sun. If I were able to remove the pain and suffering of grief then they’d be likely to return, fester beneath the surface or simply remain in the form of anxiety, depression and worse.

Hypnotherapy should never be used to suppress necessary feelings. However, hypnotherapy could help you to render these terrible feelings a little easier to stomach, to manage and to progress through.

If you’d like to hear more of how I could help you to overcome those feelings of grief then please do get in touch. I’d be glad to speak with you.

Grief is a process and sometimes people become stuck

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross wrote of the different stages of grief. Grief changes and develops before fading away into the final stage of ‘acceptance.’ If a person becomes stuck in another stage, such as anger or sadness, then acceptance can never come.

It seems to be a black hole of endless sadness and pain and there doesn’t appear to be any light at the end of the tunnel, despite the best efforts of friends and relatives to reassure you with phrases such as ‘time will heal’ and other such well-meaning banalities. 

They mean well. It doesn’t help. People who are stuck in the process of grief need therapy. Hypnotherapy could help you, either in person in Reading or Oxford or online using Zoom.

Complex grief is hard to shift.

grief and lossSometimes being stuck in grief happens because the bereaved person had a difficult relationship with the one who has died. Feelings of regret and guilt can complicate the grieving process and brings problems. This is known as complex grief or complicated grief and only a resolution to the troubled relationship can bring about its end.

This nature of resolution, however, feels impossible because the other person is no longer around to play his or her part in the reconciliation.

Sometimes the cause of this protracted grief is more romantic. Sometimes the two lives were so intertwined that imagining life without the other person seems impossible. Indeed, in the very aged the death of one partner can quickly bring about the death of the other.

If one of these scenarios describes your experience, please don’t despair. You can learn to move through your grief. You can and will emerge on the other side of it all. I’m here to help you.

I have worked with many people suffering such problems. I’ve helped them with the grief and I’ve helped them to overcome anxiety, depression and all manner of other problems which sometimes accompany the process. If you’re in the midst of complicated or complex grief then hypnotherapy could help you to let it go and move on towards a better life.

The natural temptation is to block the pain, to shut down those feelings

Often,  the bereaved person simply shuts off the grief in an attempt to escape the emotion. The problem is, of course, that it doesn’t work and the process becomes drawn out and worse than it would have been if it had been allowed to continue and develop and fade away naturally.

Those of my clients who fit this description have often been those who did the same thing with other negative emotions throughout their lives. This one, however, is too big to stuff inside some psychological box and so the pain goes on and the person experiencing it has no experience of dealing with feelings in any other way.

Hypnotherapy can help you through grief

I teach my clients to process these emotions naturally, in a safe and supported way. I teach them togrief reconnect with feelings and to pass through the grieving process. I help them, when they’re ready, to reach back out to friends and family as a first step to rebuilding their lives.

Using hypnotherapy and mindfulness (together with other psychotherapeutic techniques) the whole process can become easier and purer than you imagined possible.

I’ve helped people come to terms with the loss of parents, grandparents, partners and even the loss of children. It can be a difficult thing to face up to these feelings. It can even feel disloyal to let them go

However, the person who has passed would want nothing more than to know that you moved on, rediscovered happiness and were thus able to remember them fondly, with joy and with love.

Moving through and beyond grief is a perfectly natural goal. It’s not an act of disloyalty. It’s a vital part of life and hypnotherapy can help you to do so. Please don’t continue to suffer alone. I’m here to help you and look forward to meeting you.

Others have managed before you and you could be next. Simply call me on 07786 123736 or email me at

Let go of those feelings. You can do it!

The process is often easier than you’d imagine because it’s usually harder to suffer those feelings of grief whilst trying to find a way to avoid them. Learning to let go of those feelings, through processing them in a healthier fashion, can seem a release.

After all, if you’re here looking for help you know this to be true. Blocking the feelings of grief is akin to refusing to go to the dentist, the pain of the toothache doesn’t go away. It just builds. Even if you manage to hold off the feelings for a decade, they will come back to bite you at some point in time. Instead of resorting to alcohol or other substances in order to numb the pain it may well be time to come to see somebody like me. I could help you.

If you are presently experiencing problems with bereavement and live in or near Reading, Oxford, Thame, London or Wallingford then please do get in touch. I’ll be please to discuss with you how I could help you.

You could call me on 01865 600970 / 01183 280284 / 07786 123736, email me at or else simply complete the contact form in the footer of this page.