Which Conditions can hypnotherapy help with?


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Hypnosis is widely recognised as being effective in helping people to stop smoking, let go of a phobia and lose weight. Fewer people, however, are aware that a well-trained hypno-psychotherapist can work with all of the conditions and problems listed below.

If you take a look down the list of conditions I’ve worked with then you may well be surprised. Eczema? Asthma? Can therapy really help to reduce the symptoms of such things?

The answer is ‘yes!’ I have worked successfully with every one of the conditions listed below. Hypnotherapy can be used not only with the full range of emotional problems and disorders but also with a wide range of physical conditions.

You see, our emotions are very powerful things and without realising it our emotional states can have a very direct and powerful effect upon the severity of physical problems such as pain, IBS, anorgasmia and a whole lot more.

The medical profession recognises that stress has a deleterious impact upon our physical health. Using hypnotherapy to resolve stress and the memories of traumatic experiences will thus have a knock on effect upon those other conditions which bother you. Hypnotherapy will be able to tackle both cause and symptom.

resolved hypnotherapy readingFurthermore, our brains are so powerful that they can also influence the body’s problems directly. I’m presently seeing a little boy who continues to wet the bed. Within a few weeks – all being well – he’ll have stopped. He’ll have stopped simply through using the power of his imagination to encourage parts of his brain to pay more attention to his bladder at night. It’s amazing but it’s true. There are already several young boys and girls in Reading, Wallingford, London, Oxford and Thame who enjoy dry nights as a result of hypnotherapy.

So, have a look through this page. If the problem you’re experiencing isn’t listed then do give me a call anyway. The list is by no means exhaustive and I’m sure that I’ll have already worked with something similar.

If you’re looking on behalf of your child then please be aware that I am now a qualified child and adolescent counsellor. I am almost at the end of a two year masters degree in the field of child and adolescent psychotherapy and you can read more of my work with younger children at www.resolvedcounsellingforchildren.com

I look forward to hearing from you.

‘I would highly recommend Paul as he puts you quickly at ease, listens extremely well, asks all the right questions and through relaxation techniques and a recording that you get to keep after each visit he can help you overcome any hurdles you may encounter. Professional, friendly, he knows his stuff.’ – Google Review