Hypnotherapy could help you be free of Paedophile OCD / POCD

Hypnotherapy for POCD has helped others. Perhaps it could help you too

hypnotherapy POCDHypnotherapy for Paedophile OCD / POCD can be an effective treatment which brings relief in the short term and a solution in the longer term, so long as it’s administered by somebody with a thorough training and experience. If you’ve tried the usual CBT approaches, as recommended by GPs, and without success then perhaps now is the time to try something a little different. I work face to face with POCD clients in Oxford and Reading or online using zoom / whatsapp.

If you’re here because you’re suffering from Paedophile OCD then I’m truly sorry to hear it. I’ve worked with POCD often enough to understand just how crippling it can be. What makes it different to most other forms of OCD is that the subject matter renders it extremely difficult to talk to other people about it. Who wants to tell others that they fear that they may be a paedophile? Reassurance and support can therefore feel forever out of reach.

With me, however, you can feel reassured. You can be reassured because I have worked with POCD many times. I’ve also worked with real paedophiles. I’ve worked with nationally known paedophiles and I’ve worked with those who have been arrested and charged for the possession of child pornography. Despite their crimes I was able to work with them from the normal therapeutic position of being non-judgemental.

If I can do this with real paedophiles then I can do this with you.

What? Why? Well, because I already know that you’re not a paedophile. If you’re here, reading this page because you fear that you may be a paedophile, then you’re not a paedophile. Real paedophiles don’t fear it. They live it and behave in paedophile ways. The fact that you’re terrified that you may be a paedophile is proof, as least to us therapists, that you’re not.

The fact is that OCD often gives people the fear that they may end up wanting and doing those things which most disgust and repel them. For some reason, perhaps we’ll establish what this reason is, your pre-existing anxiety focused itself upon POCD. Anxiety doesn’t like being generalised. It prefers to focus in upon a narrower range of fears and worries. Paedophile OCD is the vehicle through which your anxiety channels itself and paedophile OCD is that which we’re going to destroy, together. 

OCD is an anxiety disorder

What this effectively means is that POCD is a symptom. You were anxious before you developed POCD. Perhaps you’ve had other forms of OCD before (or have them now). OCD is an attempt to control anxiety, to get on top of it. It may not work very well but that’s why you’re looking for a therapist. 

If you:

  • fear that you might find children sexually attractive (as opposed to actually finding them attractive and experiencing arousal around them or around images/videos/thoughts of them)
  • fear that you might one day sexually molest or rape a child (as opposed to plotting ways of actually doing so)
  • fear being around children, pictures of children or TV programs featuring children (rather than wanting to be around them)
  • take steps to avoid being anywhere where children might be found (rather than hang around such places in the hope of encountering children)
  • suffer constant fear and persistent thoughts that you might really, deep beneath it all, be a paedophile (rather than excusing it and finding ways of satisfying your urges)

then you have POCD and are not a paedophile.

Of course. It’s one thing for me to say this and another for you to believe it. Perhaps this page has been reassuring but reassurance doesn’t last for very long, does it? Your POCD will soon find ways to sow more doubt. “But what if….?” 

Underlying issues

and hypnosisI’m sorry to say that people with OCD are not very good at processing their emotions in a healthy way. This is why the brain turns to OCD in an attempt to cope. In order to be free of OCD for good, you’re going to need to learn how to process emotions in a healthier way.

That might involve learning mindful ways of doing so. It might involve resolving issues from your past. It might involve (it usually does) working to improve self-esteem and acceptance.

It certainly involves learning to refuse to do your thoughts. I’ll teach you to do your feelings in healthier ways but to never, ever, engage with OCD related thoughts. The more you engage with them, the more you argue, the more you fear them, the more they embed themselves in your brain. The more they come.

When combined with a thorough knowledge of psychotherapeutic theory and practice, hypnotherapy and allied approaches accelerate the therapeutic process. Others have learned to leave POCD behind, using these approaches, and so could you.

Get in touch and we’ll discuss it further

POCD is a vicious form of an already vicious anxiety disorder. If you’d like to discuss my approaches in more detail then you could use the contact form at the bottom of this page, email me at paul@resolvedhypnotherapy.co.uk or call me on 07786123736 / 01183280284 / 01865600970. I look forward to hearing from you.