Be the tortoise and win through perseverance. Hypnotherapy could help you!

In my earliest days as a teacher in Reading, I taught a girl with a mild learning disability. She was a nice girl and I’m sorry to say that she attracted bullies. There were others in the class who would do their best to put her down and mock her. Of course, I did my best to deal with the problem but I couldn’t be there through every break and lunch. She simply wasn’t as bright as they were and where she was naively trusting, they were manipulative, vicious and mean.

perseverance hypnotherapyThis girl worked to the best of her ability whilst the others found every excuse to avoid straining themselves. They did a good job of it. She would revise for tests, complete her work and always had her nose down, to the grindstone.

By the end of the year the girl’s effort had paid off. She was now getting higher grades, on a regular basis, than those of her tormentors. What’s more, she went on to earn better GCSEs too.

I took great satisfaction in pointing this out to the others at the end of the year.

They seemed to stop laughing after that.

I met that girl years later. She was on a till in a local supermarket. She was happy, smiling to see me and keen to tell me of her impending marriage to a boy who quite obviously made her very happy 

I couldn’t have been happier to hear it.

She is living proof that the tortoise who is conscientious will very often beat the talented but feckless hare. Those who establish the habits of persistence and graft will go on to achieve their potential. 

The world is full of Pete Dochertys and Paul Gascoignes, people whose problems overcame their talent and potential. Don’t allow yourself to follow in their footsteps. Hypnotherapy could have helped them both back then and it could help you now. It’s true that Doherty got together with Kate Moss and produced some fantastic music. I still wonder, nonetheless, what he could have gone on to achieve had he not slipped into addiction and chaos. I hope all is well with him now.

My student demonstrated a quiet strength and great perseverance. She kept going and won the race.

competitionYou have those same qualities in spades. If you’re reading this because you’ve suffered a problem for a long time and are now seeking a solution then you’ve shown strength and perseverance in surviving despite your difficulties.

If you’re in the middle of a crisis then the very act of seeking me out shows strength. The fact that you continue to function shows a whole host of qualities which I very much doubt you fully appreciate right now.

You will. Our work will be in harnessing your strengths so that you can overcome whatever it is that bothers you. Hypnotherapy will help you see how this can be accomplished. 

I’ll work to help you to build confidence in your ability to progress towards your goals. I’d work to help you take those steps, one at a time, towards achieving the things you wish to achieve in your life.

Breaking goals down into bite-sized chunks, tackling them one at a time and acknowledging your achievements is going to be key to building that sense of strength.

Learning to cope with setbacks, failures and disappointments is going to help too. In fact, this is the most important step of all. Failure, after all, is life’s greatest teacher and it’s one from which far too many people run away in fear. 

Failure is how you learned to walk, talk and write. Its not just an event, it’s an essential part of the process of growing up and learning to be human.

I could help you to learn to take it in your stride.

Hypnotherapy could help you. I could help you. Get in touch and we’ll discuss it all in more depth and detail.

If you’d like to learn more of how hypnotherapy can help you achieve your goals then please feel free to give me  a call. I’m always happy to talk and to help people. I’d be glad to help you.

Best wishes

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