Hypnotherapy for cannabis could help you to stop smoking weed! You could be free of it!

Cannabis was different when I was a student. It was mellow, calming and a relaxant. Yes, you could pay a little bit extra and find some skunk but that was relatively hard to find and I didn’t always enjoy the pounding heart and the general intensity of the experience anyway. 

It’s not like that anymore. Marijuana has grown much stronger since the early 90s and the consequent problems with cannabis-induced psychosis, paranoia and addiction have grown to become a more significant mental health problem too. Recent lockdowns have played their part too. People were bored. People were anxious. People often lost a sense of structure, for they could work from home, work when they chose and so weed smoking began to creep into what once would have been the commute or time in the office.

The good news is that hypnotherapy can help people to overcome addictions. You can stop smoking weed, draw, green, blow, dope or whatever it’s called now. I’ve used hypnotherapy in Reading, Wallingford, Thame, London (Holborn) and Oxford to help people simply stop, give it up, quit, for good! You could be next!

In fact, I’ve just received an email, this very morning, from a client who has stopped smoking weed since our very first session last week. There will be other sessions, of course, so we can work on the underlying issues. Still, this person has stopped and I have every confidence that they will remain stopped – for good!

I also offer hypnotherapy online for cannabis addiction, using vsee, zoom or whatsap. Please get in touch for more details as to how this works.

Addiction to any substance is a horribly destructive thing

cannabis hypnotherapy addictionMany people experiment with ‘soft’ drugs when they’re young but sooner or later find that there’s just no time for them anymore. Perhaps they also get their lives together and realise that they’re not needed either.

Life, relationships, children and careers combine to leave less and less time for such things. Besides, there comes a point when people realise that they simply don’t need cannabis anymore. Fun comes in a million different forms and drugs eventually lose their appeal.

For some people, however, drugs provide more than simple fun. Some people come to depend on them as a way of feeling calm, acquiring confidence and obliterating unwanted emotions and feelings. 

Of course, it eventually becomes a vicious circle. Friends drop away as they give up the clubbing, partying all night lifestyle. Relationships fail as partners realise that you simply can’t function without a joint. You’re not really there anymore, being constantly stoned and never really listening. If you’ve ever been around someone who is high, and you’re not, then you’ll know that they can be rather boring.

Furthermore, weed tends to sap motivation, drive and ambition. Perhaps your partner is keen to move on with his or her life, straining at the bit to acquire a mortgage, a promotion and so forth. Perhaps your being constantly high is causing him or her to have doubts as to whether you’re a suitable partner to assist in achieving their ambitions.

Perhaps you’re now the only one left and the habit really doesn’t leave you feeling good anymore. If so then you’ve passed the point where the drug was a source of fun. It has now gone from being a friend to becoming your master. 

Perhaps you’ve had enough and are sick of living in the shadows, watching your life drift by in a haze of bleary nights and foggy days. 

Addiction to cannabis begins to affect the whole of your life

Careers either grow stagnant or the inability to concentrate leaves you unable to progress. Jobs are lost as performance suffers. All this leaves people feeling increasingly depressed and so the appeal of cannabis increases as being the best way to simply forget it all for a while longer.

Cannabis begins to affect memory and the ability to learn new skills. Studies suffer, jobs prove impossible to hold on to and motivation to even try diminishes by the day. You know that weed is ruining your life and so depression begins to set in. However, you’ve learned that weed is the answer to such depressed feelings and so you simply smoke more.

Other addictions set in too, often alcohol or other drugs are used to balance or complement the effects of marijuana. Cannabis is implicated in psychosis, depression, paranoia, schizophrenic episodes and more besides. It becomes a slippery slope and a downward spiral.

Hypnotherapy isn’t magic but it can offer you a way out of these problems. I could help you to set yourself free from addiction. I could help you to recover your energy and sense of dynamism.

If you truly, truly wish to stop smoking marijuana then you can. Keep reading but don’t despair. Hypnotherapy could offer you a way out. Many people in Reading, Oxford, London, Wallingford and Thame have found this to be true. You could too.

Give me a call when you’re ready and we’ll arrange a time to make a start.

We haven’t even mentioned the physical effects of this addiction yet

stress hypnotherapyAs well as the irritability, cravings, insomnia and paranoia which the drug induces in its absence, there’s also a whole host of physical consequences of long-term use.

Smoking weed with tobacco obviously brings the same risks as the smoking of cigarettes. These are usually worsened because people rarely use filters when smoking cannabis. 

Marijuana can also cause or worsen problems with blood pressure, lung function, liver disorders, erectile dysfunction, sperm quality, chest infections and the like. 

Research shows, however, that none of these things are very effective in scaring people into giving up an addiction. You have to want to stop smoking cannabis. Hypnotherapy can help you to quit weed but you simply have to want to do it first.

If you’re ready then give me a call. I’ll ask you some questions about your motivation for your determination to succeed will be key. I’ll also ask for you to leap a little hurdle in advance of our first session. Those who are truly and utterly determined to make a success of stopping won’t find it a problem in the least. If you were to find it a problem then perhaps you’re not quite ready yet. We’ll see!

Are you ready to stop smoking cannabis?

will power hypnotherapy

Well, consider the following questions

  1. Do you acknowledge that your life is suffering because of cannabis addiction?
  2. Do you acknowledge that others can get through life and thrive without cannabis?
  3. Can you imagine how life would be better without marijuana?
  4. Would you like to get there?

If the answers to those questions are ‘yes’ then what stops you positively wanting to leave that habit behind? Is it the fear of cravings? Is it the fear that you can’t do it? Is there a certain part of you which feels you’re not strong enough to live life without it? None of these things are true. You are strong enough and hypnotherapy could help you to harness that strength and put it to a new and more constructive purpose.

What about that little hurdle?

If you would like to exit the agony of addiction then I’ll need to be sure that you really mean business. I will therefore ask all those who wish to stop using cannabis to pay for their first session in advance. When we arrange a time to meet I’ll send over details as well as my bank details. I’ll ask that you transfer that money within 24 hours in order to secure the booking. 

If you really do want to put a stop to your marijuana habit then you truly can. However, pre-payment is that first little hurdle I’ll ask you to jump in order to prove to me how badly you want it.

Hypnotherapy could help you to leave cannabis addiction far behind you.

Hypnotherapy could help you in several ways:

  1. It can deal with the underlying issues which caused you to lean on a substance for support. Youcannabis hypnotherapy simply won’t need it for confidence, relaxation or to obliterate unwanted emotions anymore.
  2. It can help you to begin taking steps towards that better life you want for yourself.
  3. It can help get rid of the vast majority of cravings and can help you ride out any which should come your way.
  4. It can help rebuild your sense of self as a strong person who can achieve and succeed, despite any difficulties which might seem capable of holding you back.

I have used hypnotherapy in Reading, Oxford, Thame, London and Wallingford to help a great many people with a great many addictions, including addiction to cannabis.

If you live in or around these areas of Berkshire and Oxfordshire and are ready to begin the process of change then I look forward to hearing from you. You could call me on 01183 280284 / 01865 600970 or 07786 123736. Alternatively, email me at paul@resolvedhypnotherapy.co.uk or use the contact form below.

I’m really looking forward to hearing from you. Others have done it before you and now it’s your turn!

Best wishes

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