ROCD needn’t be allowed to destroy your relationship and sanity. Hypnotherapy could help you to be free of it.


Force ROCD into retreat. Hypnotherapy could be the missing ingredient for which you’ve been searching!

Relationship ocd hypnotherapyA client recently told me that “everybody seems to think that their form of OCD is the worst”. He’s right, they very often do. I personally find, however, that relationship OCD is one of the saddest forms of OCD I’ve worked with. You can have other forms of OCD and yet have your relationship as your rock, your anchor, your safe place. To find that OCD is attacking your most highly valued relationship is, to me at least, incredibly sad.

If you’re here because you’re one of ROCD’s victims then I’m truly sorry. I’ve worked with it a good number of times and do understand how crucifying it can be. However, there is cause for hope. Hypnotherapy for relationship OCD (ROCD) has proven to be an effective means of becoming free from its grip.

If you’d like to be free of your ROCD, or know somebody who would, then read on a little longer. Have a look around my website and decide if I might be the right person wo work with you or with your loved one. I’d be more than glad, also, to have a conversation with you, in order to help you to make up your mind. ROCD can be beaten. I have experience of helping people to beat it. Let’s talk, in order to establish whether or not I might be able to help you to beat it too.


What is ROCD?

People with ROCD will commonly be afflicted with thoughts such as:

  • “Is my partner attractive enough/slim enough/interesting enough?”
  • “Do I really love my partner?”
  • “Is this the right person for me?”
  • “I found another person attractive. Does this mean the relationship I’m in isn’t the right one?”
  • “Am I going to be unfaithful to my partner? Am I being unfaithful right now because I sometimes think of my ex?”

Thoughts such as these churn round and round in the sufferer’s mind. Counter-arguments and contributions from concerned friends and family may reassure for a while. The troubling thoughts, nevertheless, continue to come. Arguing with them only makes them worse. Seeking reassurance only makes it worse. Therapists make empathetic noises but suggest nothing which helps. Nothing helps.

Physical anxiety spirals, often into a depressive state, and the sufferer can see no way out.

Can hypnotherapy help people with ROCD?

It’s often at this point that people contact me for help. The caller may never have read much about hypnotherapy before. It’s just for stopping smoking, losing weight and nail-biting isn’t it? Hypnotherapy still suffers from associations with mind-control, stage shows and worse. Can it really help?

Hypnotherapy is no miracle-cure. I have done my utmost to be honest in this regard, throughout my site, but I do find it to be an accelerant. As a fully qualified psychotherapist I utilise all the approaches a counsellor might use. I also, however, use hypnotherapeutic and mindful approaches in order to help people make practical advances against their ROCD.

OCD doesn’t happen to people who are able to regulate their emotions properly. OCD is a consequence of people attempting to control their feelings (usually through doing their best to block them out) and their worlds. ROCD is how their uncontrollable anxiety expresses itself, through the physical manifestations of anxiety and through the constant churning and eruptions of intrusive and upsetting thoughts.

Hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, mindfulness and allied approaches all combine to help my clients to achieve two goals:

  • ‘Do’ your emotions in a healthy manner. No more suppression!
  • Don’t ‘do’ your thoughts. There is simply no arguing with them. They will always find a way to cause you more doubt. Suppress them!

When you begin to learn to achieve these goals the anxiety begins to diminish. The thoughts begin to come that little less often and feel more easily batted away. It’s a grind but, over time, ROCD can be pushed back. I teach them how to do this. You could learn to do this. I could help you to do this.

That leaves clients with the need to repair their self-esteem and self-worth. Something happened, once upon a time, to damage these and this caused anxiety to flourish. At some point this anxiety turned into a form of OCD. If you want to ensure that ROCD does not return, that another form of OCD or another anxiety disorder doesn’t arrive to fill the gap, you’ll need to address the root cause. Again, I help my clients to achieve this, step by step.  Perhaps I could help you too!

It’s certainly worth a ‘phone call to find out.

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