Emetophobia can wreck lives. Don’t let it get out of hand. Let’s get your life back under control!

I use hypnotherapy for emetophobia, in Reading, Oxford and online, every week. It’s one of the conditions that I work with most often of all.

If you’re here because emetophobia is affecting your life then I’m sorry. I do understand how horrid a problem it can be. I’ve used hypnotherapy to help plenty of people to overcome the problem and you can overcome it too! As I update this page it’s becoming plain that there’s a wave of emetophobia travelling through the teenage population. I’ve had so many enquiries regarding this phobia, in recent weeks, that I’m finding it difficult to fit them all in. If you’re here because your son or daughter is suffering from this condition then rest assured that I’m also a qualified child and adolescent counsellor.

Emetophobia, for those of you less familiar with the problem, is a phobia which begins as a simple fear of vomit or vomiting and which can spiral into a large number of associated fears and phobias. Over time it combines to have a huge impact upon a sufferer’s life. People can become afraid of germs, of people who are ill and even of the very words ‘vomit’ or ‘sick’.

People can get to the point where they won’t eat out, for fear of germs in restaurants. They’ll avoid friends with so much as a sniffle. They have to check TV programs, in advance, for instances of nausea/vomiting. They can even refuse to share crockery and cutlery with family members. Emetophobia is no laughing matter. It can become truly crippling!

Zoom sessions are available. I see no difference in efficacy between face to face and remote sessions.

Hypnotherapy can help with emetophobia? You or your child can learn to beat it. I’ll be glad to help.

It’s cripplingly devastating to the quality of life.

It can ultimately lead a person to be too afraid to leave their home. It can lead to OCD symptoms whereby the sufferer becomes obsessed with cleanliness. It can lead to depression, generalised anxiety, panic attacks and worse. Emetophobia can become a complex and many-headed nightmare!

The good news is that I’ve used hypnotherapy in Reading, London, Oxford, Wallingford and Thame to help people to overcome this crippling phobia. Read on and decide whether you’d like to use hypnotherapy to be free of it too.

I also offer hypnotherapy online  for emetophobia, using vsee, zoom or whatsap. Please get in touch for more details as to how this works.

Where does emetophobia come from?

Often this phobia can be traced back to a single event or belief. Some clients develop this in childhoodemetophobia because they witnessed a school-friend being sick at school and were scared at the way in which the teacher handled it. Some people were scared by the violent force of an illness they suffered themselves.

In recent times I have worked with teenage boys who developed the fear of being sick due to travel sickness on planes and in cars.

Some learn it, at a young age, because of a loved one being very ill. The fear of losing this person led to a fear of illness and a fear of the signs of illness. Problems such as emetophobia and health anxiety are the result.

Others learn the phobia from parents who are just that little bit too fastidious with cleanliness. It’s amazing how some children misinterpret the words of those they look up to.

Our imaginations are very powerful things. When imagination combines with fear then we can develop phobias. Their intention is to protect us from threats and yet they can become so severe that they threaten the quality of our lives.

The good news is that what is learned can be unlearned.

You could be free of emetophobia and hypnotherapy could help you.

These things can be unlearned

Resolving these misunderstandings can lead to the problem unwinding and loosening its grip upon the sufferer, ultimately losing its power altogether. Sometimes this can be a simple process. It often isn’t. Emetophobia, as I’ve described above, is one of those phobias which is often more deep-seated than most.

Hypnotherapy is a brief therapy, working far more quickly than counselling can hope to match. Furthermore, whereas most counsellors work at the surface level, hypnotherapy gets to the unconscious mind – where most phobias are hidden.

After all, if phobias were willing to listen to logic you’d have solved the problem already.

How do I work towards resolving emetophobia?

anxiety emetophobiaMany clients ask me, when they call, to estimate how many sessions it takes to resolve whatever it is they’re calling about. The answer is simple: there’s no way of knowing. Many phobias can be resolved quite quickly. Others take longer. It all depends upon the client and the beliefs which lie behind the symptom.

I’ll work to help you resolve your problems as quickly as is possible

Rest assured, however, that my job is to help you to resolve your problem as quickly and as completely as possible. It is unethical to keep a client coming to see me for longer than is necessary and because it’s unethical it really doesn’t make good business sense either.

If you’d like to wave goodbye to your phobia and to have the help of an experienced, effective and ethical hypnotherapist then give me a call.

I’ll be more than glad to speak with you.

Others have left the phobia behind them and you could hope to do the same. Give me a call and I’ll begin to help you to understand how this fear came into being, why it persists and what I could do to help you to let it go.

People recommend me to their friends. Perhaps, one day, you might too.

I have many happy former clients who recommend me to their friends. This wouldn’t be happening if clients left with the sneaky feeling that I’d been more interested in my wallet than in their welfare.

I help my clients to resolve whatever anxiety lies behind this phobia. I give them the tools to confront their fear, one step at a time. I help them to rebuild their lives, their confidence, their sense of self – one step at a time.

Hypnotherapy could help you set yourself free

So, hypnotherapy can help to resolve the problem and because the original cause will have been dealt with it will not be able to reappear in another form. You’ll be free of the phobia and perhaps even happier than you were before it arrived. Wouldn’t that be worth the time and expense?

What’s the next step?

hypnotherapy for agoraphobiaI’ve used hypnotherapy for emetophobia in Reading, Thame, Oxford, London and Wallingford. If you’d like to hear more of how hypnotherapy can help resolve your emetophobia, do please get in touch. I’ll be glad to talk with you. You could call on 07786 123736/ 01183 280284 / 01865 600970, email me at paul@resolvedhypnotherapy.co.uk or use the contact form below. 

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