Don’t be a money machine to those who thrive on divorce.

Are your own issues threatening your relationship?

I was following a bus recently and was saddened to see an advert on the back which read: ‘Thinking of divorce? Contact so and so solicitors, family law specialists.’ There is always a ready supply of people who are happy to make money out of the misery of others.

January and September are the busiest times of year for such solicitors. Both months follow family holidays, where those embroiled in struggling relationships are thrown together for extended periods of time and when strains and gripes become unbearable. 

The past fortnight has seen a mini-boom in the number of clients coming to see me because they wish to save their relationships. They have become aware that their own issues are causing the strain and wish to resolve them before it’s too late.

What is wrong and how is it threatening to destroy your relationship?

anxiety hypnotherapySome people become too jealous and /or possessive because of their own insecurities. Some people push their partners away – consciously or otherwise – for fear that getting too close will only cause them greater pain in the long run.

This is sometimes due to aspects of their past causing them to fear attachments in the present and so they keep their partners at arms length – not noticing they do so – and make that eventual rejection more likely.

Others see their lifestyle habits (drinking, drug taking and the like) place their relationships in peril. Lastly, but not exhaustively, anger issues, depression, anxiety or similar problems, carried from childhood, can place relationships in peril.

Hypnotherapy could help you to resolve your issues so that your relationship might survive for your sake and for that of your children. Hypnotherapy might help you to at least look yourself in the mirror, knowing that you did your best.

Perhaps it’s alcohol which threatens to separate you from your spouse or partner. It may be asperger’s syndrome. Gambling, anger issues, a porn addiction and tokophobia. All these have been reasons why people came to see me of late, for fear that refusing to address such issues might cause their loved one to leave them.

I’ve often worked with people who have either had an affair or have, themselves, been the victim of a partner who has cheated. Errant partner, or innocent victim, if both parties wish to move forward then that process can be rendered more easily achievable through one or both halves of that relationship attending a course for psychotherapy/hypnotherapy. I have used hypnotherapy for affair recovery in Reading, Oxford, Thame and Wallingford. If you and your partner would like some help, please do get in touch.

Please take my advice, whether you come to see me or not. Go to see somebody. Go and get some help. Don’t risk leaving it until it’s too late, until you’re alone and wishing that you’d done something sooner.

Hypnotherapy could help to save your marriage / relationship

hypnotherapy and relationship problemsI’ve seen people in Reading, Thame, Wallingford, London and Oxford who knew that their own problems were placing their marriages and relationships in peril. Hypnotherapy has saved many relationships and it might just help you to save yours. 

If you feel that your own issues are poisoning your relationship, it needn’t be too late to make the necessary changes to the ways you feel, think and behave. You could begin making those changes today.

It would be worth the time and money to invest in your relationship, even if only in order to avoid the cost and wrangling of any break-up involving houses and children. Hypnotherapy can help you to make those changes and a ‘phone call or an email is where you begin.

Please do bear in mind, however, that I’m not yet a relationship counsellor. It may well be my next training but, for now, I can only work with one partner. 

Don’t put it off any longer. Your relationship deserves better, your partner deserves better and you deserve better too. I’ll be more than glad to help you. Call me before its too late!

You could call me on 07786123736/01865600970/01183280284. You could also email or use the form at the bottom of this website.