Let go of self-hatred through forgiving your younger self.

You don’t have to hate that younger you. He or she is free of blame!

Many of my clients come to me for help with issues they’ve suffered since childhood. These people come looking for hypnotherapy in Reading, Thame, Oxford, London and Wallingford and were commonly emotionally, physically or sexually abused by people they should have been able to trust. They couldn’t, as it turned out, trust them at all. 

emotional abuseThese clients have all grown into lovely people but the one thing which they all share is a degree of self-hatred. They can be some of the world’s most lovely people, full of compassion for others and yet scathingly aggressive and unpleasant to their own selves

You see, we can survive our experiences and we can tell ourselves rationally that we’re not as bad as those people said we were. Nonetheless, a part of us has come to believe that we somehow deserved to be treated as we were. If we didn’t, how could they have done it? 

Young children, you see, don’t yet have the tools to tell themselves that Mummy or Daddy are just messed up, that the abuse they suffer is the fault of their parents’ shortcomings. They believe that they are somehow to blame. They believe that they are responsible. They really are the ‘bad’ little boy or girl they’re told they are.

Now, people won’t often recognise that they feel this way consciously. What they will often believe, however, is that to be sad or angry because of what they experienced is somehow weak, pathetic or pointless. They will often have taught themselves to feel nothing – in order to dull the pain.

Does this sound familiar? If so, read on…

conditions of worthShame and self-hatred are such poisonous things to carry around. Perhaps you’re here because you’ve decided that it’s time to let them go. If so, read on. Help is at hand!

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The refusal to accept the right to feel angry or sad about the past leaves such people in conflict with themselves because there will be a part of them which cries out to be listened to, understood and loved. However, this part is often suffocated, hidden away and denied. It’s the weak and despised part, after all.

Alcohol, drugs and other habits may be employed to help push those awful feelings away. Food can be a great comfort too and so weight issues can arise, threatening health and only worsening self-esteem and acceptance.

From here on in it all becomes a self-perpetuating cycle of self-hatred. Perhaps it’s time to accept that you need some help. Reaching out and asking for such help is a real sign of strength. I know, it doesn’t feel like that right now but for every person  who sits in the chair opposite me there are ten others who simply continue to put up with it, too fearful of facing up to their problems. It doesn;t have to be like this any longer. I’m here and I’m happy to help.

My clients have often learned to be their own abusers

emotional abuse hypnotherapyMany of my clients will have grown to be beautiful and compassionate people – to everyone but themselves. They will often think of themselves in the most terrible of ways. They will often verbally – whether out loud or in their heads – abuse themselves dreadfully.

How can these people learn to learn to show themselves compassion? How can they learn to integrate that crying child with their adult selves?

When the therapeutic relationship is secure and the time is right I will sometimes ask such clients to picture their younger selves. I will ask if they’re ready to say to this younger self the things which they say to themselves every day.

Directing such hostility towards a child is impossible. My clients are far too decent.

When they refuse I begin to explore why. It generally turns out that they are beginning to discover compassion for this younger version of who they are now and can begin to feel what they cognitively know to be true – that they were not to blame, that they are innocent victims and deserve compassion. It’s amazing what a little bit of imagination can achieve!

When they can do this they will be ready to begin re-parenting themselves. They will begin to rebuild self-esteem, self-acceptance and confidence. They will begin to feel affection for their own selves and to treat their own selves as if they’re somebody worth caring for.

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inner child hypnotherapyYou deserve to feel compassion for the younger you who suffered so much. Through such compassion you can learn that feelings can be coped with, that you needn’t hide from them anymore. It will do wonders for your ability to enjoy life and for your ability to build healthy relationships in adult life.

Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing?!

You could be happier in yourself, happier in your relationships with others, happier professionally and generally more content in your own skin. The past could be seen differently, the present lived in differently and the future could be faced and looked forward to with a greater degree of calmness.

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