Doing up your laces is tough work!

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I seem to be attracting  growing number of people who are looking for hypnotherapy for sports performance. In Oxford, Reading, London, Wallingford and Thame there would seem to be a good number of people whose mindsets are obstructing their abilities.

It doesn’t have to be that way. I’ve worked with professional footballers from Reading Football Club, equestrians, golfers, athletes and many more besides. All have found that hypnotherapy can help to remove those blocks which hold you back.

Sometimes it’s a period of difficulty which sets off the vicious circle of negative thinking and poor performance. Perhaps you were feeling a bit ill, had a really bad game and were heavily criticised by a coach or manager. That can be enough to dent confidence in anybody.

Perhaps you’ve had an injury and are finding it hard to get back to peak form. I’ve worked with many people who suffered an injury and the fear of a repeat injury held them back from allowing themselves to truly let go in their sport. Performance suffers, confidence weakens and that same vicious circle emerges.

Athletes need to treat the fitness of their minds as seriously as they look after their bodies. The divide between them is an entirely artificial construct in any case.

If you’d like to learn how your mind is getting in the way of your performance, if you’d like to learn how to stop letting it happen, if you’ve found that faddy books which talk about ‘chimps’ and the like don’t quite cut the mustard, have a read through this post and then give me  call.

OK, so what is ‘flow’ and why should you care?

Please humour me for a minute. Put on a lace-up shoe and obey the following instructions to the letter. Forget what you know and follow these directions as if you’d never done a shoe lace before.

  • Tie a knot in the ends of the laces. Cross the left end of the lace over the right end and then pass it under the X that was formed. Pull tightly on both ends to secure the knot.

  • Make a loop of about 2 inches in one end of the lace by folding the lace over. Pinch the folded lace with thumb and forefinger and hold it tightly in this position. Using your free hand, make a similar fold in the other lace and pinch it with the other thumb and forefinger.

  • Tie the two loops into a knot by crossing one over the other and then sliding that loop under the crossover. Pull both the folded tips of the loops to tighten the knot. Make a second knot if the loops are long enough to double-knot the laces and keep them in place securely.

    Did it confuse you or cause you to take time and effort in following the instructions?

    Now, put on the other shoe and just do up the laces.

    Easy, wasn’t it?!

    When you think about unconscious actions you actually render them harder. You don;t need to think about tying your laces anymore. You can just do it. Until, that is, you begin to overthink the process.

  • Thinking is the enemy of sports performance. As Nike says: “just do it.”

    competitionThose who are good at sport simply do it. They don’t waste time and energy pondering on every move. They know what feels right and obey their intuition.

  • This is called “flow” and it’s why a top footballer doesn’t have to consciously calculate angles, newtons and velocity before placing a ball in the back of the net.

  • Too much worry, stress and thinking is holding your game back. You’ve taken a step backwards from trusting yourself to know what’s necessary and once again over-think.
  • Perhaps it’s time to begin to trust your instincts. Lord knows you’e trained hard. You’ve put in the effort. You know the game. If you still find, however, that you fall short in competitions it may be because you question too much and trust your instincts too little. 

    Many top sportsmen and women already utilise hypnotherapists to increase their performance. You could too. I have used hypnotherapy in Reading, Wallingford, Thame and Oxford to help people improve their performance in sport, to re-establish that state of flow and to enjoy their sport once again.

  • Get in touch when you’re ready and learn how to make your mind an helpful servant of your sporting ambitions, instead of allowing it to become a drag upon your abilities.
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