Not all hypnotherapy can be done face to face. Therapy online is often an acceptable alternative.

The perfect scenario would be for every client to visit me for hypnotherapy in person. This isn’t always possible, however. Some clients may be unable to find a suitable therapist in their local area. Clients can also,  sometimes, be unable to leave their homes due to disability or agoraphobia.

There may be any number of reasons why a client may not be able to visit a certain therapist but who would still like to work with them. There are many reasons why a person may not be able to reach Reading, Thame, London, Wallingford or Oxford but who would still like to work with me.

Hypnotherapy online is a viable alternative

depression hypnotherapyIt’s for these reasons, therefore, that I’m happy to offer skype-based hypnotherapy via the internet to those clients who are genuinely unable to visit me in person and for whom there is no suitable alternative in their local area.

I’ve worked with clients from France, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Jersey, Scotland, The Cayman Islands, Spain and other nations across the globe. Wherever you live, there’s no place too far away from progress and a happier future.

It is surprisingly easy to build a good relationship over skype-like media. Therapy does work well through this medium and there’s a growing body of research to support this assertion.

I have no hesitation, therefore, in being happy to work with people from across the globe, should timing and other factors be mutually convenient.

Bear in mind that some states, particularly but not exclusively within the USA, place restrictions on foreign therapists working with their citizens. I may have to make some checks as to the legality of our working together prior to agreeing to do so.

Hypnotherapy online? How does it work?

hypnotherapy and self-confidenceIf you would like to work with me through skype then here’s how it works.

1. Contact me via telephone (07786 123736 / 01183 280284 / 01865 600970) or email me at We can then begin to discuss what brings you to speak with me and i can assess:

a) whether I am the right person for you

b) whether or not skype-like media is the appropriate medium for therapy.

2. I will then, if we agree to work together, send you some documents for completion. These documents ask for basic personal details and establish the appropriate therapeutic contractual relationship. I will also provide you with my details. I’ll then ask you to complete and return these documents prior to our first session. We will arrange a mutually convenient time and a fee for our first session and I will provide you with payment details,

3. I’ll ask you to pay via paypal before you call at the arranged time. Don’t worry if you don’t have a paypal account. Paypal also allows you to pay via credit or debit card. If you prefer you could also pay via bank transfer. My paypal account can be accessed below.

4. At the arranged time I will be ready and waiting for your call. Try to call from a quiet and private place where you can be physically comfortable. 

What? You don’t actually use skype?

fear of public speakingI don’t actually use Skype for online hypnotherapy. It is not approved by UKCP due to confidentiality issues. Your safety and confidentiality are my major concern and so I use a program called ‘Vsee’ instead.

It’s the world’s largest telemedicine platform and I have never experienced a problem whilst using it.

It offers the same functionality as Skype, is free and has none of the confidentiality concerns. It is, for those you in the know, fully HIPAA compliant.

It’s always preferable to see a hypnotherapist face to face. Where that proves impossible, however, therapy online is an acceptable alternative.

Many of my clients have achieved success through hypnotherapy online. You could too. If you can’t find any local therapist who can help you with your problem then consider seeing me online. I’d be glad to help you.

Calling via Vsee is free, reliable and easy. You can download it here:

Please use the test call facility in order to ensure that your microphone and camera are working, prior to the session.

Add me using my email address:

I look forward to working with you