Asperger’s is for life. The anxiety, depression and other problems needn’t be. Hypnotherapy could help you to achieve your goals.

Hello there.  If you’re reading this page then you’re probably either on the autistic spectrum and are looking for help or you know somebody else who needs such help. In either case, I hope that this page provides you with the information you need. I have worked with this condition a great deal and have a god understanding of how it can render peoples’ lives more difficult. 

I have personal experience of ASD

My eldest daughter was diagnosed as having Asperger’s syndrome at the age of four. I had to learn about the condition very quickly. I soon found that I could use hypnotherapeutic relaxation techniques to calm her down during anxious times, preventing meltdowns.

And then the clients started coming

asperger's hypnosisI later found that I could use hypnotherapy to help clients with AS in Reading, London (Holborn), Wallingford, Thame and Oxford. In fact, clients now call me from all over London, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and from even further afield.  

Furthermore, people began calling me regarding  ASD related issues before I’d even thought of mentioning it on this website.

I had absolutely no intention to focus upon working with this part of the population. Asperger’s was just something my daughter had been born with. Nonetheless, people began calling me and kept calling.

Several years on and with a good deal of experience on the matter and I’m very glad they did.

Asperger’s Syndrome quickly became a specialism

It soon became clear that I had found my specialism and now a quarter of my clients at any one time are on the spectrum. 

Click here to listen to me being interviewed by Adam Eason on the subject of my work with Asperger’s Syndrome!

UKCP Registered Hypnotherapy. 

ukcp registered hypnotherapistWorking with Asperger’s / High Functioning Autism may not be as complex as many people fear but it’s certainly not suited to those who underwent poor quality training.

UKCP accredited courses run for a total of four years and demand the very highest of professional standards.

As a UKCP registered therapist you can be confident that I have been trained to the highest standards currently on offer within counselling, psychotherapy or hypnotherapy.

I wouldn’t trust my emotional well-being to anybody with less than UKCP or BACP registration.

I now train others to work with this part of the population. My training day was found to be so useful that my course has been recommended to counselling organisations across the country.

You are more than just a label

hypnotherapy autism

Labels, in my experience, are rarely straightforward. Sometimes they are ill-fitting. People with asperger’s are rarely as the textbooks say they should be.

Sometimes a label can be helpful, enabling parents to access extra support at school.

Often, however, the label of ‘asperger’s’ or ‘autism’ can seem like a life-sentence and some of my clients feel as if they are forever marked out as ‘different’ – and not in a good way.

My job is to help my clients to make the most of their strengths. My job is to help them become proud of themselves and to forgive themselves for the difficulties which asperger’s / high functioning autism brings in its wake. Hypnotherapy can help and I look forward to seeing how it can help you or your loved one.

My job is to help you see yourself as more than just a list of symptoms

Parenting a child with asperger’s? Perhaps hypnotherapy could help you too.

In consequence, I have worked with adults who were depressed, suffering from OCD and for whom even the simplest social interactions were terrifying. I have worked with anxious children, children with anger issues and adolescents who simply needed help with coming to terms with the fact that they were ‘different’. I could help you too.

Asperger’s and hypnotherapy.

hypnotherapy aspergers readingThere is very little literature on the topic of adults with Asperger’s. There is even less written about psychotherapy and Asperger’s. There is next to nothing written on how hypnotherapy can help.

This is a pity because to have Asperger’s is to suffer from anxiety on a regular – if not constant – basis and hypnotherapy is simply great for anxiety.

You could learn to defeat anxiety, to work with it and to erode its ability to affect your life. I’ll be more than glad to help you to achieve such goals. You can achieve almost anything. I’ll show you how.

All you have to do is pluck up the courage to get in touch. Telephone conversations are preferred but if this causes you anxiety then I’ll be glad to answer any questions via email instead.

My work with Asperger’s is starting to fill the gap

aspergers teenager hypnotherapyWith this literary deficit in mind I chose to write my dissertation on how hypnotherapy and psychotherapy could best be used to help people with Asperger’s / High Functioning Autism .

I presented this to the NCHP’s annual conference and, as a result, they partially lifted their ban on the use of hypnotherapy with ASD conditions.

I am now a regular presenter on the topic of asperger’s / HFA and hypnotherapy and look forward to developing a CPD program with which to train other therapists on working with this fascinating part of the population.

I have found that very few therapists have any real understanding of what it is to be on the spectrum. Working with ASC clients can be damaging, for the client, if everyday aspie behaviours and traits are misunderstood.

I understand ASD related issues

My clients do tend to appreciate the fact that I understand (to the extent that any neurotypical can understand) what it’s like to live in an often infuriating and scary world.

Relationship issues? Perhaps I could help

I have presented to conferences of therapists about how to work with clients on the autistic spectrum. I now receive calls from across the country, from therapists asking how to help such clients. I’m glad to offer my knowledge, as far as I’m able, because clients with ASD need to see therapists who understand them.

You needn’t continue feeling this way

Asperger’s or High Functioning Autism needn’t condemn you to a life full of anxiety or depression. I do understand how difficult it is to either be on the spectrum or to care for someone who is.

I have met people on the spectrum who are full of despair because life is so difficult. I have seen parents of people on the spectrum who are full of despair because they see how difficult life has become for their AS / HFA children.

You or your children can learn to be more self-confident. Anxiety can be mastered, beaten and left behind.

All you have to do is to resolve to get in touch and we’ll work to see your problems fade into history. Hypnotherapy can help you and I’ll be there with you, every step of the way.

You can learn to fit in much better

It really doesn’t have to be like that, however. Learning to fit in can be difficult but it’s not impossible. Learning to thrive within a sometimes uncaring neurotypical world can be tough but it can be done. My clients do tend to find a way. I’m proud to have helped them. You, your child or partner can do it too.

One of my first aspie clients was so scared of people that he’d run from his philosophy class in a near panic. When we finished working together he was able to stand in front of a hundred people whilst singing a song along to his guitar. He was nearly crippled by OCD, medical anxieties, depression and fear when we first met.

When we stopped working together his life was a million miles from where we’d begun. You could do this too. Your child could do this. I can’t offer guarantees but it can be done.

I truly love working with AS clients

hypnotherapy asperger's

I enjoy working with AS clients. I enjoy helping them to see how strengths in one area of their lives can be used in others. They can learn to see things, and themselves, from a different angle.

I enjoy helping people to take control of those situations which once caused them anxiety. If you have AS and are looking for a therapist to help you, I hope you will choose to call me. I look forward to working with you.

I expect you’ve tried everything else already. What is there to lose?

How do I work with clients on the ASD spectrum?

asperger's hypnotherapy londonA few years ago I attended a conference on “Asperger’s and Mental Health,” hosted by Autism Oxford. The conference featured several brave aspies who discussed their difficulties and how they had worked to improve their ability to function within the NT world.

There was also a presentation by Dr Sally Powis, a clinical psychologist. Dr Powis and one of the ASD presenters praised the way in which mindfulness both could and had been of great use in helping aspies to relax.

Dr Michael Yapko has written an excellent book (“Mindfulness and Hypnosis”) on the subject of how the effects of mindfulness and the hypnotic state (when seen through a brain scanner) are precisely the same. I often use mindfulness with my clients and hypnotherapy goes further than mindfulness can, alone, because it establishes that same state of mind and then uses it to cause change to happen.

If you combine these approaches with solution focused therapy and an awareness of ASD issues then you have a powerful therapeutic approach which can help aspies to succeed in their goals. It’s nice to know that Resolved! Hypnotherapy is ahead of the game in helping clients with Asperger’s Syndrome to make changes to their lives…

How can it help you?

I use hypnotherapy, mindfulness and solution focused counselling techniques to help my clients with asperger’s achieve their goals – whatever these may be. I help my clients to control their anxiety, to focus on progress on an incremental basis and to persevere when things are tough. As progress occurs confidence grows and the old anxieties fade. 

therapy for high functioning autism

I have helped people to become so comfortable in their own skin that – where they once refused to leave home – they could perform in front of a large crowd.

I have helped people to feel more comfortable in social situations, to learn new ways of socialising, to understand basic social cues.

I have helped clients with ASD to overcome depression, anxiety disorders, OCD and more.

I have helped clients to overcome a crippling lack of self-esteem and confidence. I helped them to be comfortable and happy in themselves.

I could help you too. If you’re looking for hypnotherapy for asperger’s related problems in Reading, London, Wallingford, Thame or Oxford then please give me a call or click here for other ways of contacting me.

Please feel free to get in touch if you’d like more information or to discuss things in more detail.

Best wishes

Paul in Reading



If you’re in or around Borehamwood, Herts,  and would like some help with an ASD related issue then I recommend that you call my colleague Keith Gordon, a UKCP accredited hypnotherapist / psychotherapist with a great interest and experience in ASD. Contact him here

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