Hypnotherapy can help you to gain that sporting edge!

Do you remember the time when you used to play that sport? You loved it and just played and played until you one day found that you could simply perform without thinking. You played and performed and because your body knew just what to do and you could almost sit back and enjoy it.

golf and hypnotherapyDo you remember? When you played the game you were more relaxed. When you focused on winning alone you were tense. Tense people rarely perform to their best. Your tension is killing your game! Do the right thing in the right way and results will follow. Focus on results for their own sake and you’ll screw it up.

Can hypnotherapy help with sports performance? Could it help you to recover your edge?

My experience with sporting professionals and amateurs leads me to say ‘yes’. Yes, without a doubt, hypnotherapy can help people to build or recover the best mindset for sporting success. 

Hypnotherapy could help you to consign this period of despair to the past. I’ve used hypnotherapy with sportsmen and women in Reading, Oxford, Wallingford, Thame and Holborn, London.

I also offer hypnotherapy online for sports performance, using vsee, zoom or whatsap. Please get in touch for more details as to how this works.

All these clients learned the secret of high-level performance: get your state of mind in the right place and you can achieve that all-important state of flow.

You’ve spent an age working on your game. Perhaps yours is a sport in which you need a high level of physical fitness. If so then you’ve learned the discipline of working on such things. If your mind is holding you back then it’s time to work on this side of the game. 

Sport may be a physical activity but the secret to success lies in your mind!

Let us look at the US Masters in 1996. Greg Norman led the field, at the final round, by six shots. By every measure he should have gone on to win by a handsome margin.

He didn’t. He lost his mojo, his focus, his self-belief. His game completely fell apart.

His mind defeated him. Does yours?

hypnotherapy for sportsNick Faldo seized his chance. How? He didn’t play a series of daring shots in order to profit from his opponent’s discomfort. Faldo simply played the game as he saw it in his state of flow. He played as he would have on any other occasion.

He ignored every external stimulus and played the course. He remained in focus and so won the tournament by five shots.

Trouble recovering from a sports injury? Hypnotherapy could help you

I don’t know what led Norman to lose his game. It is plain, however, that Faldo won because he remained focussed and it is here where hypnotherapy can help.

A skilled hypnotherapist can assist a sportsman in maintaining concentration, self-belief and an utter focus upon the goal in hand. You simply need to focus on the process of play. When you begin to fret about the result the actions are compromised.

You can get over that feeling of not being good enough. You can leave those self-defeating emotional and cognitive habits behind you. I could help you to do so. First, however, you need to get n contact in order that we can talk.

Focus on the result and you overthink the process!

It’s only three minutes long. If you’ve never seen ‘The Hustler’ then watch this little video in order to understand my next point better. If you have seen it then watch it anyway. It’s an awesome clip!

If you can hit the bullseye, score a penalty or achieve a hole in one then there’s no real reason why you shouldn’t be able to repeat the achievement one hundred times in a row.  Well, there’s no logical reason. Every sportsman knows, however, that our minds can be our own greatest enemies.

When our minds become enemies we become pessimistic about the odds of repeating the bullseye and our doubt-laden brains work to fulfil our expectations. As Yogi Berra said of baseball, “half of this game is 90% mental.” Our mindset, then, is vital if we are to achieve our full potential in sport, just as in any other field of human endeavour.

‘Flow’. Learn about it, develop it, enjoy its benefits to performance!

sports hypnosisWhen we achieve unconscious competence in a sport then we can talk of ‘flow.’  Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (good luck with pronouncing that one) recognised ‘flow’ as being that point at which we can perform optimally without conscious thought.

Too many people, however, lose this state and sink back into that stage of ‘conscious competence,’ where thought gets in the way of the best performances.

Click here for a little demonstration of how ‘flow’ works

Most of my sporting clients have, at one stage or another, suffered a set-back which shook their confidence. They then began to THINK about how to regain their previous leave of performance.

THINK!? How awful! You trained and practised for years just so you could think as little as possible. Thinking in a great many ways is the enemy. You can learn to unlearn that unwelcome new habit and hypnotherapy can help.

You trained so hard to succeed in your sport so that thinking became needless. The unconscious mind knows all it needs to know about winning in your chosen sport. Learn to trust it again and success will return.

Hypnotherapy for sports performance

 Hypnotherapy, then, can be a great help in dispelling those grains of doubt which serve to cripple a sportsman’s chances of true greatness. Hypnosis can help in teaching relaxation. Hypnotherapy can help to instil self-discipline, focus, self-belief and a positive mental attitude.

hypnotherapy for sports rehab in ReadingMost importantly, perhaps, I have used hypnotherapy in Reading, Thame, Oxford and Wallingford to help sportsmen and women to ENJOY their sport once more.

They have begun to play again and when we allow ourselves to re-access that state of flow, magical things can happen. When you already have the talent, what more do you need?

So, if you’d like to gain the edge over the competition, contact me here.

I’ve worked with golfers who wanted to escape the yips. Other golfers have had problems teeing off. Hypnotherapy helped them. I’ve helped children to improve their performance in gymnastics and athletics. Hypnotherapy has helped professional footballers to overcome the psychological effects of their injuries. 

Equestrians have come to me for help with eventing, show-jumping and other issues. Cyclists have come to have hypnotherapy because of their self-limiting beliefs. Teenagers with Olympic futures in the martial arts have used hypnosis to help deal with tournament nerves and anxiety.

Whatever your sport, if your emotional and psychological well-being is having a negative effect on your performance, hypnotherapy could help you. Give me a call, I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes

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