Sprouts and hypnotherapy. Could you be made to like them?

Can hypnotherapy make you like sprouts?

Several years ago I heard some wonderful news. Someone, somewhere in the Thames Valley had invented a wonderfully delicious new drink. Yes, they had discovered a drink which nobody had thought of ever before.  They had the imagination and inventiveness to come up with the wonderdrink which nobody had ever asked for: the sprout smoothie! Would you like to try one? No? You wouldn’t? Weird!

hypnotherapy readingI wonder if I could ever use hypnosis to help someone to like sprouts. I love sprouts. I’d eat them every day if I could be bothered to peel and cross the things. I particularly love them in omelettes.

I’ve kept my eyes peeled ever since that glorious day when I first heard of the sprout smoothie but have yet to see any supermarket stock such a drink. I wonder if I ever will.

People are divided on the topic of sprouts. Some people, such as my own good self, absolutely adore them.

They’re not for everyone, however.

A 2011 study discovered that sprouts taste particularly bitter to those who have a variant of a certain gene. This one genetic difference could quite reliably be used to predict who would like brussels sprouts and who would not.

It’s not just your genes.

There are some people who have the ‘I like brussels sprouts’ gene and who still refuse to eat them. What could be going on with such people?

Read on…

One of the tasks I used to use with new clients involved a raisin. 

There have been many times when I have asked a client to eat a raisin only to be told that they hate them. I ask them to do it anyway, in a certain way (as taught by the excellent Ron Eslinger), and I have had several people exclaim: “oh, that’s not so bad. They’re alright! Can I have another one?”

After completing this exercise people would go on to realise that they may well have changed since they first decided that spiders were creatures to be feared, that this or that food was inedible or that public speaking was beyond them.

Whether in Reading, Oxford, Wallingford or Thame, hypnotherapy has helped people to cast off old ways of seeing things. Would you like to join them?

Raisins will taste how you expect them to taste. remove the expectation and you’ll taste what’s really there.

If you decide that brussels sprouts or raisins taste like crap then they’re going to taste like crap. If you approach them with an open mind they may taste different to how you remember them. Imagine how many foods and experiences you never get to enjoy because you decided that you hated them in your youth.

Why not learn to try them with an open mind now, just in case you’d enjoy them?

When you eat something you’re really just tasting the memory of that food. You’ve already made up your mind as to how it tastes. You made your mind up, on that front, years ago. If you decided that you didn’t like the food then you’re just repeating that initial experience.

Over the years I have worked with many people who were actually afraid of food. Perhaps they’d choked as a toddler or been ill as they were weaned. They then decided that food, beyond a few basics, was to be feared and stuck with that belief ever-after.

Such people can learn to be more open minded and to change their views. Sometimes we’re also talking about situations, people and opportunities. Tell yourself that a party will be awful, the people unpleasant and the food rubbish and you’re far more likely to find it so. Tell yourself that you’re bound to screw things up in a new job and you’re more likely to make it happen.

Perhaps its just time to stop sabotaging yourself and to learn that your ideas of what is good or bad, tasty or disgusting don’t have to stay fixed forever.

Our likes and dislikes are often formed young. We then stick with them, even if things change

self esteem hypnotherapyI’m not just talking about raisins, either. People continue with views and impressions long after those views and impressions deserve to be given headspace.

We often see ourselves through lenses given us in our childhood, for example. That might be a good thing. Perhaps your parents taught you to see yourself in a positive light. That’s great!

It often isn’t such a good thing, however. Some parents teach children to hate, criticise, demean, belittle and mock themselves. After a while they don’t need to teach us, we’ve learned to inflict the same damage upon ourselves.

Good parents or bad parents, we continue to see ourselves as we learned to in our earliest years and it can take someone like me to show you just how wrong you are. You are not how you taught yourself to see yourself. You deserve to be free from all that!

Anxiety, depression, anger management issues, OCD and more besides, all can be the consequences of a damaged self-esteem. Learn to let go of that old and useless way of seeing yourself. See your own person through fresh eyes and you’ll be amazed at how much better life could feel.

Make a start right now. Other people are.

strength and confidenceThis evening I met a new client who sees herself through a very dark and negative lens. As she told me her story, however, I was increasingly impressed with how she had managed to hold her head above water through so many very difficult years.

She is awesome and I’m going to help her to see it for herself. She will come to realise that she is strong in those very places where she feels herself weakest. Hypnotherapy will help her. Old ways of thinking will be cast aside and she will see herself anew.

We learn how to see the world around us, and our own selves, at a very young age. Sometimes we forget to double-check that those views are still valid. After all, who’d trust a five year old’s view on what car to buy, which job to take or who to marry?

Stop trusting that inner child to have an accurate view of his or her real self

I help dozens of people every month in Reading, Thame, London, Wallingford and Oxford to feel better about themselves.I do this by showing them that their opinions and views, often formed very young, are way out of date and were never right to begin with. You are your harshest critic and you could learn to like yourself a whole lot more. If you’d like to learn how then simply get in touch!.

I have the best job in the world. Helping people to cast off the weight of their pasts is quite simply the best thing. 

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