Overcome the fear of death / dying with hypnotherapy

‘Staring at the Sun’ is a book on death by Irwin Yalom. I remember reading this book as a student of psychotherapy. It was a stark and daunting read. It challenged me to look my fear of death in the eye – to stare at the sun. Voltaire once said that death and the Sun were the same in that nobody could bear to look at either for too long.

If you’re here because the fear of death is ruining your life then I’m sorry. I’ve worked with people suffering this fear in Reading and Oxford plenty of times and I do understand how dreadful such a fear can be. However, there is a way out. Hypnotherapy for death anxiety is a wonderful way of learning how to live with the knowledge which all of us have to bear. Few of us will ever look forward to the end of our lives with glee. You can, nonetheless, learn to put it to the back of your mind and to come to be at peace with your mortality.

death anxiety hypnotherapyI’ve used hypnotherapy with death anxiety in Reading, Oxford, Wallingford, Thame and London. It’s more common than you might think. Others have beaten it and you can too!

Zoom sessions are available. Please also be aware that the October-December lockdown also permits therapists to see clients face to face.

I can remember, in my 20s and even into my 30s, having the odd night when the fact of death would hit home. I’d lie there full of dread at the thought of my own mortality. Now, at the age of 48, when I should be still more afraid, it bothers me far less.  Death anxiety has significantly receded. Why is this?

I learned to enjoy the here and now. Death will take care of itself. Spending life in fearing death is akin to wasting a holiday through fretting about the day you have to return to work. I used to do that too, before becoming a psychotherapist. I don’t do it any more. I love my job, thankfully.

Nobody ever lived longer through fixating on their eventual demise. It merely wrecks the ability to enjoy that time which we’ve been given.

Hypnotherapy in Reading, London, Wallingford, Oxford and Thame could help you to let go of this fear of death for good. Get in touch and we can discuss how it could work for you too.

Are you living life to the full?

Well, one of the things which Yalom explains is that those who fear death the most are commonly those who feel as if they are living life the least. 

I’ve used hypnotherapy to help people who are overly afraid of dying in Reading, Oxford, Wallingford and Thame. They learned how to live life and to forget their fears. Could you be next? Let’s work together and work to put your life in order. Let’s work together and bring to to a place where you enjoy your life so much that you simply forget to focus on its eventual end. You can do it. I could be the one to help you.

Live life to the full and death anxiety fades into the background, where it belongs

fear of death and hypnotherapyThose who live life to the full have less time or space in which to fear death. Death gives life its sense of urgency. Death gives the picture of life its frame. We can be motivated, invigorated, motivated by the concept of a finite time upon the Earth. Everybody lives life with the knowledge that they are running to a timer. Most people forget about the timer. They’re too busy focusing upon what’s important right now. 

Get busy living and there is far less to fear in life’s end. Death will come to us whether we spend our days fearing it or not. Worrying never stopped anything happening. Fear never got in the way of death.

I have recently worked with a woman with an al consuming fear of death. She even worked in the funeral industry. Her life was a constant terror of her own mortality. Over time our work together helped this fear to recede. She began to learn how to control her fear.

Then, one day, she met a new partner. She quickly moved in with him and began to build  whole new life. 

She was then engaged in living life to the full. She had a happy present and a promising future. She was doing exactly that which Yalom would recommend. She was living instead of focusing upon her mortality. The fear of death completely disappeared. It was proof of what I’ve been talking about in this page. Get busy iving and the fear of dying will fade into the background, where it belongs.

Lose the fear!

Hypnotherapy could help you to lose the fear in order that you could live life more fully. If the dread of mortality is dominating your life, wouldn’t it be worth spending some time learning to let it go? Learn to live and you’ll come to feel yourself at peace with the idea of life’s ending. 

My Great Grandfather once told me, when I was about eight years old, that “I’ve had my time. I’m ready to go now”. I remember looking up at him and thinking “I’ll never think like that”. I still don’t think like that. I can now imagine, however, that I might – one day. I’m aware of this shift in my attitude to such things. It brings me peace about such things.

You could let it go!

Wouldn’t it be great to let go of all this fear? Wouldn’t it be great to simply be freed from the terror, the sleepless nights and the sense of doom?

Hypnotherapy could help you to regain control. You don’t have to spend any more time worrying about the end of life. You could get back to enjoying the here and now, instead.

Death provides a frame for the picture of life. It gives life its meaning

negative thoughts hypnotherapyI’m writing this, now, because death is a dominant theme in my life at the moment. It’s almost the anniversary of my mother’s death. Several of my clients are seeing me for hypnotherapy in Reading because of issues surrounding the death of their loved ones.

Some years ago, as a teacher, I learned that a former student of mine had died. I attended her funeral. I had never had to bury a friend or a student, until that point. It felt like quite a big moment.

As I grow older these things will become more frequent. My own attitude to life and my own mortality will help to shape my response to such things. You can learn to reshape your attitude to such things too. 

When you’re happier with the way you’re living your life, death takes a back seat. Learn to tame those negative thoughts and move on!

Life is merely a sliver of time between two infinite stretches of something else. We’re all only here for a short vacation. We’re a brief spark of beauty and it’s time to learn to enjoy what you have. Like a holiday, life could be all the more wonderful because you know it’s not going to last forever.

Don’t waste another moment in fruitless fretting. Give me a call and we’ll get to work. I work in Reading, Oxford, Wallingford and Thame. I also work online, using Zoom.

The fear of suicide is another twist on the theme of death anxiety

I’ve recently seen a couple of people suffering from a variant of OCD in which they were plagued by fears of suicide. Intrusive thoughts would appear to them, causing them to wonder if they wanted to kill themselves. Newspaper stories on the subject and plot-lines in TV programmes would trigger them into wondering if this were something they wished to do too. It caused them great distress and the more they engaged with the thoughts the stronger they became. Arguing with the thoughts became counter-productive and a vicious circle of anxiety leading to thoughts leading to further anxiety became a ‘death spiral’ of fear and worry.

If this is something familiar to you then there is help at hand. Give me a call and we’ll discuss how I might be able to help you.

Hypnotherapy can help you to let it go

Hypnotherapy is helping my clients to resolve their issues surrounding death – that of their loved ones or that of their own selves. Hypnotherapy is helping them to come to terms with their own mortality. Hypnotherapy is helping them to live so well that death acquires its rightful perspective.

If you are having difficulty adjusting to the reality of death and feel as if you’d benefit from hypnotherapy in Reading, London, Thame, Oxford or Wallingford then please do get in touch.  

I’ve come to acquire a good deal of experience in working with this problem. It’s something I enjoy working with since I was once afflicted by the same concern. I let go of it, my clients let go of it and you could do so too.

Give me a call and we can discuss how I could help you. You could call 07786 123736 / 01183 280284 / 01865 600970, email me at paul@resolvedhypnotherapy.co.uk or use the contact form below.

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