Stressed? Give yourself a break! hypnotherapy can help you.

Hypnotherapy could help you overcome stress and anxiety

I remember, as a child, when I played a game of doubles’ tennis with my father, one of his friends and this friend’s son – who I didn’t really know very well. 

There came a point in proceedings where my mother and the mother/wife of the other pair came back from shopping. I didn’t have a good relationship with my mother at that time, before or thereafter (this is largely why I became a therapist, by the way). I became self-conscious in her presence. My game began to fall apart. I made some blunder and criticised myself for it. I tried to concentrate harder. It didn’t work. I became angry with myself. It didn’t work. I became anxious about the next serve. It didn’t work. I became anxious about being anxious and that didn’t work either. My game was wrecked and it didn’t recover.

Deal with stress in an effective manner!

I see dozens of clients every month who suffer from various kinds of anxiety issues. There are anxious people all over Reading, Oxford, Wallingford and Thame. Some come to me for hypnotherapy and some battle alone, in silence. They all share similar stories about anxiety, stress and worry.

They become anxious about being anxious. They expect to be anxious. They criticise themselves for being anxious.

They try to suppress anxiety, to ignore it. They might turn to sleeping pills and/or alcohol in an effort to drown out their anxiety. Things begin to spiral out of control.

If this sounds familiar then continue reading and decide whether or not you’d like it to continue. I could help you if you decide that you’d like things to change.

Wanting to change is the first step to making it happen. You have always been capable of change. In fact, your entire life to this point has been a never-ending process of change. If you’d like to take charge of change and make it work in your favour then perhaps now is the time.

If you’d like to learn more of how I could help you with anxiety and stress-related issues then click here!

Hypnotherapy could help you to leave anxiety and stress behind you

stress hypnotherapyResorting to sleeping pills, alcohol or other methods just doesn’t work. Perhaps you’ve already tried them and perhaps you’ve found this to be true for yourself. Even if they could drown out or otherwise suppress the anxiety it will bubble away, gather steam and erupt through panic attacks.

Alternatively, your emotions can simply be overwhelmed and give up- leading to the numbness and miserably grey world of depression.

Every day I work with people who have learned to be strong in the face of anxiety and depression. Their coping mechanisms have failed to work and have, instead, become counter-productive. Alcohol comes to cause mental ill-health. Drugs breed anxiety. The old ways of coping, which once helped you to survive, just don;t work anymore.

You’ve tried to block and ignore those feelings of stress and anxiety. They haven’t gone away or else you wouldn’t be here reading this. 

Unfortunately, even if you’ve managed it for most of your life, stress and anxiety simply can’t be blocked forever. Perhaps it simply wears us down over a lifetime and overwhelms us in the end. Perhaps a series of stressful events all arrive at the same time, giving us no hope of possibly being able to block it all. It happens to everybody with a stiff upper lip at some time or other. It simply can’t continue.

What if it could continue? Do you really want to carry on living your life whilst struggling to keep a lid on your emotions? No? Well, then you’re going to have to learn to do things differently.


You can’t bully yourself out of anxiety and stress. It’s there for a reason and you need to listen to it. Accept it. By the time you read this post you’ve probably spent months or years battling with it. If it’s not working, why continue?

There will be long term issues which underlie this anxiety. Those will need to be resolved. I could help you to do this. You can also gain short term relief through accepting and relaxing around anxiety. If this sounds paradoxical, give me a call to find out more.

I can show and teach you how it’s done. Hypnotherapy can also help you to realise and muster your resources for the journey back to a healthier state of mind. You really can be rid of this problem and feel better but you won’t achieve it whilst you continue to think you’re “weak, pathetic, unworthy” or whatever other terms you use to bully yourself. 

Hypnotherapy is tailor made for anxiety. It can teach people how to physically, mentally and emotionally relax from the very first session, whilst those underlying issues are resolved and dealt with once and for all. I love seeing my clients return from their own personal hell, feeling better than ever once they’ve learned new ways of seeing themselves. You can do it too, once you give yourself a break.

If you live in or around Reading, Oxford, Wallingford, Didcot or Thame and suffer from anxiety then hypnotherapy offers you a way out. It’s certainly worth the price of a ‘phone call to find out, isn’t it?

Best wishes

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