Stressed? Good. It’s time to grow! Let a lobster show you how.

Feeling stressed? That’s great! There could be better times ahead. Hypnotherapy could help you find them.

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Nobody likes feeling anxious or stressed. it’s not something to enjoy. Many people who suffer a spell of anxiety will head to the doctor’s for a pill of some kind or another. The feeling then goes away.

For a while.

Perhaps they stay on the meds forever. Perhaps they come off them at some point – only to find that the problem has been waiting for them all this time. The anxiety returns as if it had never gone away.

Others, however, come to me for help. People in Reading, Oxford, London, Wallingford or Thame have used hypnotherapy to not only remove anxiety / stress but also to grow through the experience. Medication can help bring anxiety down to manageable levels and yet you’ll need to deal with its causes. The research shows that medication PLUS therapy is more effective, in the long term, than either alone.

Are you suffering from stress? Are you looking for a way out? Have you spent weeks, months, years fighting it? If so then stop! Listen! Learn! Stress is a signal that things could be about to change.

That’s right. Stress needn’t be seen as an enemy. It could be the signal which helps you to realise that now is the time for a new period of progress.

The work I do doesn’t simply remove a problem, it helps people to realise opportunities for growth. Life doesn’t simply have to return to how it was before stress or anxiety came along, it could be even better. Watch the video below for more details.

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What does all this mean for me and my stress?

It means that you can be glad to have experienced it. It means that you can find better ways of responding to stress in the future and it means that you can strengthen your character as a result.

Experiencing stress or anxiety doesn’t mean that you’re weak or without hope. It means that your coping strategies have simply not worked in this new situation. It means, should you have the right frame of mind and be ready to accept help, that your personal growth is ready to take a great leap forward. 

Don’t succumb to the temptation to take a few pills and forget about it. Unless you want to be on medication forever it will all be there when you stop taking them. This doesn’t means that meds can’t help, it simply means that they’re not an answer in themselves. 

Stiff upper lip, anyone?

Don’t adopt the typical English ‘stiff upper lip’ approach either. Suppressing emotions is a typically English vice (I used to be a great fan) and it simply doesn’t work. Negative emotions fester when suppressed. They fester and rot and at some point their putrid gases will erupt from beneath the surface. Don’t do either of those two things. Deal with it instead.

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Use stress as a trigger for growth

Stress is a sign that your way of dealing with things isn’t quite up to the mark. Stress is, therefore, your cue for learning new ways of dealing with things.

Stress is your cue to add to your palette of coping strategies and, perhaps, to deal with some of those self-beliefs which lead you to believe that you’re incapable of coping.

You can cope!

People can cope with anything when they have the tools and the self-belief. You can develop both. You can do it and hypnotherapy could help you. 

You could hope to do better than just cope. Therapy could be a gateway to a whole better life. It certainly was for me and that’s the reason I went on to train as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist myself.

Join me in the ‘better life after therapy’ club.Therapy isn’t always easy and yet it’s rarely as traumatic as some people seem to believe. It’s not endless bleak hours of staring at shoes or wiping away tears. Learning to live better involves smiles and laughter too. 

I look forward to meeting you and to helping you to discover that life can be far more than simply coping.

I could help you. Hypnotherapy could help you.

I use hypnotherapy in Reading, Wallingford, Oxford and Thame to help people to grow and Problems-develop their strengths. I use hypnotherapy to teach people new ways of coping with and mastering difficult situations.

There are a great many people in Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire and Buckinghamshire who have grown as a result of stressful times and you could be the next one to do so.

If you’d like to lean more of how I could help you then give me a call on 07786 123736 / 01183 280284 / 01865 600970.

You could also email me at or else use the contact form below. However you choose to contact me, get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you and to helping you to leave stress behind you as a stronger, more resilient and happier person.

Best wishes

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