Resolved! Hypnotherapy Thame. If you’re currently stuck with a problem then I could help you to achieve your goals!

Hello. If you’re looking for hypnotherapy in Thame then I could help you! Don’t simply put up with it any longer. You could be rid of that problem for good.

If you’re here looking for help with a problem then I’m sorry. I know how it feels to be a person seeking help because I was in the same position, several years ago.

It was experiencing counselling and hypnotherapy which led me to train to work in this field myself. It was a truly transformative experience but I remember how daunting it was at first.


Here’s some good news!

The good news is that it works. I have helped hundreds and hundreds of people to overcome all sorts of problems. You really don’t need to put up with it anymore.

You could learn to be rid of it instead. If you’re looking for a hypnotherapist in Thame, please do get in touch. I’ll be glad to take the time for us to discuss how I could help you.

‘Best thing I ever did. If you are ever in doubt about whether to give hypnotherapy a go, be assured that this man can and will change your life.’ – Google review

You needn’t worry any longer

You needn’t worry because I’ve helped people with all kinds of problems, such as: depression, anxiety, sexual issues, IBS, exam nerves, OCD phobias, erectile dysfunction, unwanted habits, addictions, insomnia, trichotillomania, tinnitus and a whole lot more.

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I absolutely love what I do. I love seeing people realise how strong, wonderful and fascinating they really are. Seeing my clients leave, having achieved their goals, is a wonderful thing.

Thame is full of people made happier through hypnotherapy. You could be next!

Every time you walk through town you’re likely to pass someone whose life is now happier and fuller because they’ve learned to regain control and to feel more positive about themselves.

Perhaps you could allow yourself to feel a little more positive too. After all, you could be the next person to feel liberated, happier and free of those issues which once held you back.

‘Paul is a brilliant therapist who puts anyone at ease with his relaxed and sympathetic approach.’ – Google review

How can Resolved! Hypnotherapy help you?

I trained for four years in order to become the best therapist I could possibly be. Most courses only last a matter of months. Some people set up shop after a risible five day ‘intensive’ course.

You deserve better!

I believe that my clients deserve better than that. You deserve better than that and I believe I can provide better than that. Please bear in mind, however, that I can offer no guarantee of success and that results can vary from person to person.

‘Paul helped me beyond explanation. His unique and personal approach to counselling via hypnotherapeutic techniques blew me away.’ – Google Review.

Would you like a hypnotherapist who has won two national awards, earned a distinction in his training and now trains others to do the very same thing he does, day in day out? If so, read on!

change hypnotherapyHypnotherapy had helped me but I knew that my therapist had just treated me as some generic client with a label. I could hear her reading from a script (the laminate flapped) and simply inserting my name into the right places.

I wanted to be able to see each of my own clients as individuals instead of merely as problems.

I wanted a full and proper understanding of depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD and all the other problems which my clients now present with. I trained hard in order that I’d be able to offer a fully professional form of therapy.

I was determined to be able to look back at my training without any doubt that it had been in some way deficient and I’m glad to say that although there’s always plenty to learn, I never have.

You really don;t have to put up with that problem anymore. Hypnotherapy could set you free of it. There’s simply no need to feel, think or behave this way anymore!

If you would like to be free of your problem and happier, here’s the next step…

Hypnotherapy could leave you free of whatever it is which bothers you. I help people in Thame with depression, anxiety, performance anxieties, asperger’s, phobias, OCD, IBS and a whole lot more.

You could start to feel better about things rightaway, simply by giving me a call. It must surely be worth the price of a ‘phone call in order to make sure that you’ve chosen the right therapist for you. I promise that it won’t feel like an ordeal.

Hypnotherapy could help your child too!

Half of the people who come to me for hypnotherapy in Thame are children and teenagers. I was a secondary school teacher for twenty years and so have a great deal of experience with young people of ten and up.

I have helped them to overcome a great number of issues, stretching from OCD, anxiety and depression to phobias, anger management, trichotillomania and much, much more besides.

I bet you can’t wait to see your child truly smiling again

I once restricted myself to seeing children of ten and older because I was then relying on my teaching experience for my knowledge of children. I am now, however, a qualified child and adolescent counsellor and am almost done with a two year Masters Degree in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy. I am now, therefore, able to work with children down to four years of age.

Hypnotherapy becomes less appropriate with the youngest of children (though it still has its place) and this is why I chose to undertake this training, in order to be able to work via play therapy, sand tray, music, puppets and more. 

I’m therefore now skilled in working with the youngest of children and am looking forward t heping your very own child to overcome whatever it is which holds them back.

Happy children become happy adults. If your child has a problem and if you’d like to help them become free of it then please do consider giving me a call.

hypnotherapy for children

Thorough, ethical and professional hypnotherapy in Thame’s best known complementary health clinic

I learned to combine counselling, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and mindfulness into a distinct therapeutic approach, adaptable to each and every client. I learned that hypnotherapy not only deals with symptoms but can also get to the heart of the problem.

Psychological problems are like weeds, if you don’t deal with their roots they come back again. I offer a thorough approach to your problem in order that it goes away and goes away for good.

You’ve got it all wrong!

Above all, I help my clients to see themselves as they really are, Too many people in Thame see themselves through a distorted lens. They tend to see themselves as somehow lacking and tell themselves that they lack willpower, strength, value, that they’re useless, pathetic and weak.

I teach them to let go of such beliefs. My clients are all wonderful people and I help them to see themselves as I see them: as beautiful people who deserve to treat themselves more kindly.

This is often particularly true of those wishing to lose weight. I seem to have a good number of such clients at the present time and so here’s a video which explains a little of my approach. If you’d like to lose some weight and would like to learn a little more then please feel free to get in touch.

Do you specialise in anything in particular?

If a problem involves emotions then I can help. That means pretty much anything. However, I consider myself to be particularly specialised in helping people with emotional difficulties arising from emotionally abusive childhoods, the treatment of tinnitus and I also have a great deal of experience in working with people with Asperger’s Syndrome.

My eldest daughter is an ‘aspergirl’ and I have helped plenty of men, women and children with ASD to learn how to live happier and more fulfilled lives.

If you or someone you love has a problem based upon asperger’s then I may well be able to help you.

Qualifications verified by Psychology Today magazine.

resolved hypnotheray thame is aspergers aware

What are the credentials of Resolved Hypnotherapy Thame?

I hold the advanced Diploma from the NCHP. It’s the result of four years of training. I won two national awards whilst training and graduated with a distinction. I am also a qualified child and adolescent counsellor, through Terpia in London. You can be sure that your goals and dreams are in the hands of a competent, compassionate and well-trained professional. I belong to the following organisations:
Resolved Hypnotherapy Thame. Member of NSHP hypnotherapy thame. Member of CNHC    Resolved Hypnotherapy Thame. Memberof UKCP