Dental phobia? Hypnotherapy could kick its teeth in!

I very much doubt that anybody positively enjoys going to see their dentist. A sense of unease is perfectly natural and reasonable. Dental phobia, however, can leave people terrified at the very thought of such a visit. Do you suffer from the fear of seeing your dentist?

fear of dentistsSuch a phobia doesn’t come without its costs. It can, of course, result in considerable pain and discomfort.

I’ve worked with people who have ended up in constant agony as a consequence of untreated dental problems. If that’s your issue then you’ve come to the right place.

The good news is that I’ve used hypnotherapy in Reading, Oxford, Wallingford, London and Thame for this issue and I can tell you, therefore, that hypnotherapy offers you a solution. Would you like to leave that phobia behind you, forever?

Can you realistically hope to avoid a dentist forever?

You know the answer already. Avoiding the dentist altogether is not a viable solution. Dental problems are far better prevented than cured and regular visits, as we all know, are essential. If people continue to refuse to visit the dentist then they’ll eventually end up there anyway. hey’ll be there in agony, for considerable surgical work and  possibly at great expense.

How do these phobias arise?

The development of this phobia is generally down to one of two origins. Often the memory of a past dental trauma remains acute and led directly to a fear of dentists.

This may have been due to a clumsy dentist who did some poor quality work which led to complications, a painful experience due to ineffective anaesthesia or a dentist who frightened you as a child.

I’ve heard some horrid stories

Someone (not a client) told me a story of how she was lined up with other children in a dental surgery, having to watch other children having their teeth examined, drilled and filled with no pain relief. It’s hardly surprising that she was utterly terrified and traumatised before she’d even reached the chair. The possible list of dental traumas is inexhaustible.

Early experiences of dentistry (particularly if these took place before the advent of modern anaesthetics and child-friendly dentists) are frequent causes of this phobia. Hypnotherapy has helped plenty of people with horrid childhood experiences to let them go. You could too.

Any phobia can be learned from a parent

The other common means of developing this phobia is by acquiring it from a parent. Young children will often accompany their mothers to the dentist and if the mother shows agitation before her appointment then this will make a solid impression upon the child.

Children are hyper-alert to their parents’ emotions. Fear is a very quick teacher indeed!

The good news is that your brain invented this fear and your brain contains the solution too!

How can hypnotherapy help you overcome the fear of dentists?

Hypnotherapy and hypno-psychotherapy can free you of your phobia. I can’t promise that you’ll skip merrily onto the dentist’s chair, for that wouldn’t be natural. You could, however, come to face your dentist with confidence and ease.

In most cases such a phobia can be resolved within a few sessions. When you’re confronted with the dentist your mind tries to cause you to escape what it has learned is a terrifying prospect.

The anxiety rises in an attempt to convince you to leave. Your mind is taking the feelings associated with an old memory and is replaying them in the present. It’s really trying to help you! In an unhelpful way.

Here’s how hypnotherapy works 

Hypnotherapy for dental phobia can take the feelings of confident calmness in one area of your life and super-impose them upon an imaginary scenario of visiting the dentist.

You can use the power of your imagination to rob the memory of its power to affect the present. Hypnotherapy could help you to take the traumatising memory (what we call the ‘sensitising incident’) and reframe it so as take away the fear.

dental phobia hypnotherapyHypnotherapy can help you to convince the anxious part of your mind to let go of its fear.

There’s any number of ways in which hypnotherapy could help you to unleash the power of your mind. Remember your brain created that fear. It can undo it too.

People in Reading, Oxford, Wallingford and Thame are now enjoying better dental health because hypnotherapy helped them to lose their fear of dentists. You could be next!

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