Trouble with urination? Hypnotherapy could be the answer

I see a steady trickle (excuse the pun) of young people who continue to wet the bed years later than the average. I really enjoy working with that issue because the damage to self-esteem and pride from enuresis is dreadful and seeing people freed from it is lovely. They get to go to those Scout camps. They can enjoy sleep-overs and invite people around to stay. 

IBS and hypnotherapy in ReadingI’ve used hypnotherapy in Reading, Oxford, London, Wallingford and Thame in order to help young people with this problem and it’s lovely to see them feel happier in their lives.

However, I’ve just taken on two new clients who share the same problem, the opposite problem. They have become so anxious that they’re not going to be able to urinate that they’ve even ended up in hospital, catheterised.

They have shy-bladder and it comes to rule their lives. Over time the anxiety builds, becomes crippling and comes to rule every aspect of their thoughts, feelings and lives.

Eventually their anxiety becomes self-fulfilling and toilets become objects of fear.

For some people paruresis is a consequence of fearing the consequence of others being around them as they urinate. For others it’s simply the fear of needing the bathroom. Some call it ‘psychogenic urinary retention’. Whatever it’s called, it can be absolutely crippling.

If you’re suffering from shy bladder then I’m truly sorry. I really do understand how awful it can be. However, hypnotherapy could provide the solution.

Hypnotherapy could help you to leave this problem behind you

Now, there are two approaches to this. One is the direct approach – aimed squarely at the symptom and the other is indirect and aimed at cause. People present to me with symptoms (the difficulty with urination in these cases) but the cause lies somewhere else. If the causes are not resolved then the symptoms either return or are else changed into something different or worse. Nobody wants this to happen and neither do I.

I’ve used hypnotherapy in Reading, London, Wallingford, Thame and Oxford to help people overcome these problems. You could be next!

I also offer hypnotherapy online for paruresis and overactive bladder problems, using vsee, zoom or whatsap. Please get in touch for more details as to how this works.

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Now, there is no good reason why urination should be so difficult.

It requires an incredible feat of mental power to turn something so natural and reflexive into something so awful. social phobiaThose who manage it fall into the category which some people call ‘somatisers’.

A somatiser? Hmm, what’s that? Well, a somatiser is someone who has not learned to process challenging emotions and instead represses them, forcing them to find expression through the body.

If you feel as if you may belong to this group of people then do keep reading. I’ll explain it further and propose a solution.

Stress can make itself known in the strangest of ways

It used to be a cliché to picture that executive of the 1980’s with an ulcer caused by stress. He’s a somatiser.

Stress which is unresolved will find a way out. It can be an ulcer, IBS, conversion disorder or something as peculiar as shy bladder syndrome.

Somatising stress can be a useful distraction. You now have something safe to worry about and so you can discharge the anxiety without facing up to the real cause of the problem. IBS and eczema are other common examples of this process.

You’re now more worried about going to the toilet than about the thing which truly bothers you. You forget the original, deeper concern because wondering if you’ll be able to go to the loo is a far more immediate concern.

What a wonderful solution?!

Urination problems? You can learn to let them go

As for the direct approach, well, we can use those same techniques used with enuresis, except that they’ll need to be reversed in imagery and intent. You could harness your imagination in order to picture yourself urinating easily, effortlessly and naturally. It sounds so easy. It sounds so simplistic.

However, your imagination has brought you to this point. It can provide the solution too. Hypnotherapy is excellent at helping people to harness their imagination in order to resolve these problems once and for all.

Hypnotherapy will also help you to resolve the underlying problems with anxiety, depression or whatever it may be. I’ll help you to release those age-old problems with stress in order that you can let go of the symptom of shy bladder syndrome. I’ll help you to deal with emotions more effectively so that problems such as toilet anxiety can fade entirely and disappear.

Both of my present clients with this problem are extremely good at repressing negative emotions. Both are ‘worriers’ (their words, not mine) and both are going to find that they no longer need to repress emotions, that they’re both strong enough to cope with them and that they’re really not so bad anyway. Both are going to have happier lives and going to the loo will never seem like an irritating chore again.

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