Weight loss? You can do it. Hypnotherapy could help you to lose weight and keep it off.


You could start preparing to lose weight right now. 

weight loss hypnotherapyHow does the idea of being slimmer, shedding those pounds and losing the spare tyre sound? Others are doing it! Every week I’m using hypnotherapy in Reading, Oxford, London, Wallingford and Thame in order to help people to lose weight. Why not you?

You could be next!

Those of you who call me after having read this page will be amongst those who have the greatest hope of both losing weight and – more importantly – keeping it off, for good.

This page contains the hard truth about slimming but it also explains the reasons for optimism. Hypnotherapy for weight loss does work but it requires commitment and a willingness to address more than just the symptom. If you think that I can reprogram your brain to believe that chocolate tastes like fish (a therapist I once knew tried this with a client. She ended up coming over to see me instead) then you’re probably better off seeing someone else. Your weight loss will depend on you committing to the process. You will learn by doing so and will have a far higher chance of keeping the weight off for good.

It would be lovely if I simply had a magic wand and could cast a spell to remove all the fat from your body. It would be wonderful if I could say some magic words which would lead you to instantly discover self-discipline, a healthier way to regulate your emotions and an inability to see chocolate without feeling ill. I’d be a rich man and would spend my life making millions of people very happy indeed. That’d be great. That magic wand, alas, doesn’t exist. Oh, others will tell you it does. Listen to them if you choose and then come to see me later. 

I can help. I’m here to help. I’m wanting to help. All I need is commitment from you.

Are you ready? Is it your time to shrink into that thinner, slimmer you? Are you ready to commit to hypnotherapy and to success?

If you want to do it and are prepared to resolve the emotional aspect then your chances are immediately higher than those who merely attempt diets

slimming with hypnotherapyYou can lose weight. I’ve used hypnotherapy to help dozens of people in Reading, Thame, Oxford and Wallingford to shed those pounds. Right now I’m losing weight too, just after Christmas and using my own techniques. Another stone and that’ll be that. Goal achieved.

How about you?

You’ll become slimmer, healthier and happier too, if you’re truly determined enough. Read on…

We all know why we gain weight and we all know what needs to be done if we’re to lose it again.

Most people manage to maintain a balance, keeping their weight within a certain range. If we pile on a few pounds over Christmas, for example, then we cut back on treats in January. They thus lose weight.

Other people find this self-regulation difficult. People who struggle with their weight have commonly tried a number of different diets. Some will work for a while but when the diet is done the old habits begin to creep back in. This BBC radio program explains why diets simply don’t work.

A current client has lost 8 lbs in one month. That’s half a stone. It’s not a huge quantity of weight but she has done it in such a way that it hasn’t been difficult at all. This client is building a new relationship with food, a million miles from any diet, and a new relationship with herself. It is becoming sustainable, effortless and natural. This means that she’ll keep losing weight and will reach her target weight without suffering.

If you’d like to learn more about how I work with binge-eating then click here

You have a difficult relationship with food. You have a poor relationship with your own self. Resolve this and weight loss is easy

change hypnotherapyPeople who spend years fighting a losing battle against obesity usually have a problematic relationship with food.

Food is not simply a pleasure and a biological necessity. Eating serves some complex psychological purpose.

Food, for some people, fulfills an emotional need and weight loss will not last until the problems behind this need are resolved.

For some people food is comfort. For others it represents love. Who can have too much love? Sometimes people unconsciously maintain their obesity in order to avoid relationships. You can’t get hurt that way!

Eventually people recognise that they can’t continue. However, the diets don’t work and that sense of failure builds up.

Perhaps some people simply expect too much too soon. They get impatient and chase the next miracle diet.

This is how that endless cycle of yo-yo dieting begins and maintains itself. 

Repeat after me: ‘there’s no miracle cure’. There is only the resolution of psychological obstacles to weight loss, the mastering of trigger points, the summoning of determination and a relentless focus upon that better future which awaits you if you’re able to remain consistent and devoted to the cause.

You needn’t feel deprived or starve yourself!

hypnotherapy readingYou’re not going to lose that weight overnight. If you did, you’d have changed nothing significant. It’s just come back again. True weight loss is about changing habits and mid-sets.

In the past month alone my weight loss clients have found hypnotherapy invaluable and they’ve lost over two stone all put together.

They haven’t felt deprived. They haven’t, therefore, had to use a whole lot of will power.

They have simply adjusted their approach to food, begun work on the psychology behind weight gain and the pounds are simply melting away.

I have weight loss clients in Reading, Thame, Oxford and Wallingford and they’re all making progress. Perhaps you’d like to join them. 

Hypnosis for weight loss is a fast-growing field The results can be impressive and the method doesn’t involve absurd diets or punishingly severe exercise routine.

It’s all about adopting habits of moderation, rewarding yourself and recognising that you are capable of great things when every part of your mind pulls together.

It’s all about realising that you don’t have to rely on food to deal with emotions such as sadness, anxiety or stress. It’s all about becoming more at peace with your own self, your own past and taking control of your own future.

What about magical solutions such as the hypno-band

hypnotherapy and problems

I still occasionally receive emails asking if I offer the hypno-band approach. I never have and never will. I don’t offer a hypno-band. I offer an effective and lasting approach to losing weight and to keeping it off, once and for all.

These methods don’t solve the real problem. They are a quick fix and we all know what happens if you cut corners and do a botched job.

Hypno-bands were once hailed as a wonderful new development in hypnotherapy. I remember reading about them a decade ago. 

Weight loss is big business and, as the number of smokers declines, hypnotherapists lap up the training in the hope that people desperate to get thin will replace the dwindling numbers of people keen to stop smoking.

Hypnotherapists need clients and the hypno-band, with all its promises of a magical solution which requires no effort, is a wonderful marketing tool – in the short to medium term.

However, there is absolutely no research which supports the use of any such gimmick. Why would you want to lie to yourself anyway? You’ve probably done enough of that already. Your mind knows that there’s no gastric band. It would agree to fool itself for long.

The way to weight loss is simpler than that. It doesn’t require gimmicks or trickery of any kind whatsoever.

For some research which shows hypnotherapy to be an effective means of losing weight, click here.  

What about aversion therapy?

change hypnotherapyA woman came to see me some years back. She had seen another local therapist for weight loss and it hadn’t worked out in the longer term. The weight wasn’t going anywhere. I asked her what she had found useful and not so useful in their time together.

What she most definitely didn’t find useful was the use of aversion therapy. Her previous therapist had tried to convince her, using hypnosis, that crisps taste like fish, a food she hated. 

There has been lots of research into the use of aversion therapy with lifestyle choices. You can read more about it here. The research has quite conclusively found that aversion therapy has short term benefits at best. Hypnotherapy will not cause your brain to accept an untruth. You know that crisps do not taste like fish, dock muck, cigarette ends or anything else. Even if it works at all, aversion therapy won’t cause you to avoid food forever.

In any case, even if you could be permanently convinced that crisps taste like fish, won’t you just move to peanuts or chocolate or so on? There are plenty of other options.

Besides, why would you want to remove your ability to eat crisps, even if it were possible to do so. You don’t need to stop eating crisps. You just need to eat fewer crisps and to avoid using them for emotional regulation. 

Keep reading!

History will be harsh on the sellers of quick fixes

mindfulnessIn the long term I believe that this weight loss ‘miracle’ will be seen to fall short. Sooner or later people are going to look past the hype and will examine long term success rates.

It’s already quite an old intervention. I remember reading about it a decade ago. Yet not one piece of reputable research has been shown to support its value. Not one.

If I had invented this approach and if I had made as much money as the hypno-band’s inventors have made, I’d have invested some of that money into clinical research, in order to scientifically prove its efficacy. I have seen no such effort being made.

Because the hypno gastric band technique fails to redress the underlying issues I believe that it will be shown to have failed to produce long-lasting results.

I wonder if they’ll then realise that slimming requires both effort and a resolution of psychological issues or whether they’ll simply rush off in pursuit of the next promise of a wonder cure.

If you’re still here then take heart. You’re obviously looking for a proper solution. This means that you’ve a far greater chance of succeeding in your goal to shed those pounds. A thinner, happier and healthier you is waiting for you, somewhere in the future, and it’s time that the pair of you met up.

If you’re still reading, well done!

hypnotherapy and losing weightI wonder how many people, seeking to lose weight through hypnotherapy, have stopped reading this page already. Perhaps they’re now searching for another therapist who does offer the one session wonder cure.

There are plenty of therapists offering the hypno-band and similar hypnotherapy programmes in Oxford, Reading, Wallingford and Didcot. If you’re still looking for a miracle then I wish you all the best.

If you do choose to follow the route then remember this website. In the likely event that it fails I’ll be glad to speak with you when you look for the real solution.

Give me a call whenever you’re ready and we’ll get to work on helping you to begin losing weight without the gimmicks, the fads and the hopeless ineffective diets, pills and potions.

Repeat after me: ‘there are no miracle solutions to the problem of losing weight’.

There probably never will be.

Weight loss requires a holistic approach, free of gimmicks and a slow but sustainably steady progress. Everyone knows that they can lose weight. Everyone knows that keeping weight off is a different question entirely.

You’ve already tried the quick and easy approach. It’s time to get real.

Why wouldn’t I want to offer a miracle?

If I had any real reason to believe in this new technique then I’d be on that bandwagon in a flash. All I’d need to do is send someone a few hundred pounds in return for a couple of CDs and a bunch of scripts which I’d be encouraged to stick to religiously.

The expense would be repaid with my very first client and I’d have plenty of clients, all desperately seeking for a quick and painless solution. 

Ultimately, however, I gain clients through recommendations. It would do me no good to accept cash from a bunch of people who all realised, later on, that I’d done them no good at all. I’d be a fraud and my business model would be a failure.

No, I offer effective long term solutions. People in Reading, London, Oxford, Wallingford and Thame have already found that they can lose weight through hypnotherapy. Wouldn’t you like to join them?

If so then please just get in touch. You can call me on 07786 123736, email me at paul@resolvedhypnotherapy.co.uk or simply contact me using the form below. 

Strike whilst the iron is hot and we could be seeing each other in the next week. You could be losing weight within days. 

Others have done it.

So can you.

I look forward to helping you to do so.

 You can do it. Think positive!

A recent study conducted by Stanford University and Renford University College has discovered yet another link between positive thinking and weight loss.  Half of the subjects were asked to write for 15 minutes, daily, on topics which enthused them. The others were asked to write about issues of little or no interest.

Four months later these women (none of whom were thin) were weighed. Those who had been asked to write on topics which left them feeling more positive had lost weight. Those who wrote on topics in which they had no interest had gained weight or lost none.

Let’s improve your self esteem at the same time as you lose that weight

self esteemA well trained hypnotherapist already knows this. Weight problems often correspond with low self esteem.

Focusing on the positives in life raises self esteem, encourages physical activity and suppresses appetite and the need for comfort eating.

Hypnotherapy can help all of these become embedded until they’re just the normal and natural way of approaching life, and food.

You can do it! If you’d like to use hypnotherapy for weight loss and live in Reading, London, Oxford, Wallingford or Thame then get in touch. I could help you to achieve your goals.

You could lose that weight and also feel happier and healthier in your own self. 

A new you is waiting. A healthier body is possible. A happier mind is out there. If you want it badly enough then you can achieve it and I’ll be there to help and guide you every step of the way.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Exercise and weight loss

I can help you to gain the motivation to exercise more. This needn’t mean hours down the gym, it can simply mean taking the stairs, parking further from the supermarket entrance and suchlike. Most of my clients don’t need much to tip the scales moving in the other direction and every calorie counts.

Are you exercising too much?

contact resolved hypnotherapyBesides, for those of you who want to make a resolution to exercise yourselves into a rapidly-attained skinniness, just wait a moment. This may sound counter-intuitive but you can exercise too much.

Over-exercise, for those seeking weight-loss, is the same as starvation. The body goes into a self-protective mode and hoards fat. This means that you’ll hold onto excess weight AND feel super-tired.

Exercise is great for weight loss but it does require rest days. I’m by no means an expert on exercise but the physical trainers at my gym in Wallingford know their stuff. They advise me on how to work with clients seeking to lose weight. and their advice is sound.

You will not lose your weight through exercise alone. You can run a mile and not even burn off a mars bar worth of calories. Exercise is a mere fraction of what needs to happen before you lose that weight and can safely say that it’s going to stay off.

Get in touch if you’d like to hear more of how I could help you.

Real solutions, permanent solutions, no quick fixes!

I believe in real solutions. I want clients to go away happy with their progress and to be able to maintain their achievements into the future. It makes good business sense to avoid quick fixes and it’s also, more importantly, the ethical way of behaving as a professional therapist.

Some therapists, if any read this, may claim that they too deal with the underlying issues as a part of this virtual gastric band programme. If so, I’d ask them why they need to use the virtual gastric band imagery at all. Once the underlying issues are dealt with the need for eating to excess will disappear. Weight will begin to come off almost by itself. Why the gimmick?

No gimmicks, no trickery, just good, effective methods through which to lose weight

hypnosis for slimmingIf, therefore, you’re still with me then I’m glad. You’re one of those people with good cause for optimism. You really can lose weight and once we’ve worked through your issues with food you’ll begin to see truly sustainable progress.

Once we’ve analysed your strengths and abilities we’ll use them to turn the ship of weight-gain around. You have everything you need to both resolve your issues with food and lose weight.

It really is just a matter of you deciding that the time to act is now. Why wait? Start!

I hope to be able to help you muster the determination, motivation and strength of character which you do possess and which you’ll need in order to maintain a sustainable weight-loss program. Not only will you have lost weight, you’ll also be a stronger person, embracing your strengths and feeling better about yourself both physically and emotionally. Won’t that be worth the effort?

I wish that there were a magic cure for the problem of obesity. I suspect that you know, already, that there isn’t. After all, I expect that you’ve already tried a few. Why should a hypno-band be any different when people manage to cheat the very real ring of titanium which surgeons tie around their stomachs?

What’s next? Well, just give me a call!

You have everything you’ll need to succeed in your goal. If you live in or around Reading, London, Oxford, Wallingford or Thame then I’m here, ready to help you whenever you choose to pick up the ‘phone. Call me on 07786 123736. I hope to speak with you soon.

Best wishes

Paul in Reading

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