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Hello. Thanks for coming to visit my site. I must begin by saying that I’m sorry it’s necessary for you to be here. I understand that it can be difficult to admit to needing help and that the search for a therapist can be confusing and stressful in itself. I hope that this website will make your search for hypnotherapy in Wallingford a little easier.

‘Paul helped me beyond explanation. His unique and personal approach to counselling via hypnotherapeutic techniques blew me away.’ – Google Review.

Here’s how hypnotherapy can help you…

I use hypnotherapy to help people to see that they’re perfectly strong enough to achieve their goals. You have everything you need to leave your problem behind you. You are everything you need to be in order to move towards a brighter and better future.

When I convince you of this, using hypnotherapy to reach into the deepest corners of your unconscious mind, you’ll see that you were always more than capable of resolving the issues which bothered you.

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What can hypnotherapy do for you?

Perhaps you’re looking for hypnotherapy in Wallingford for depression or are hoping to stop feeling quite so anxious all the time.

You may be suffering from OCD, IBS, tinnitus, erectile dysfunction or any one of a whole host of problems. Whatever your goal may be, you can do it and I’ll be more than happy to help you.

‘His approach was kind and caring and he used Mindfulness techniques of meditation which have been really effective – especially as he recorded these sessions and emailed them to me so that I could listen at home. I feel so much better! He was brilliant.’ – Google review.

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You don’t need to be here! Read on to find out why…

contact resolved hypnotherapyThe truth is that none of my clients have to see me. It may not be a great sales pitch but it’s true. Nobody deserves to feel as anxious, depressed or as sad as they do.

Not one of my clients deserves their problems. They’re all good people and they all have the strengths which are necessary to solve their problems by themselves. They don’t see this, of course. Perhaps you don’t see this either.

So what’s the point of seeing me?

My job is to show you that you can do it. My job is to help you to discover your resources, your qualities, your strengths and to help you believe in yourself so that you can put them to work in achieving your goals,

If you’re looking for a hypnotherapist in Wallingford then please do give me a call. I help my clients to begin the process of resolving their problems and support them every step of the way until they can feel confident in continuing the job by themselves. I’ll be glad to take the time to discuss with you how it works.


I’m a UKCP registered therapist

The talking therapies are unregulated professions. You could advertise yourself as a counsellor or hypnotherapist today. There’s no law to stop you. In my opinion there are two professional bodies in the UK which offer the only reliable guarantee regarding the quality of a therapist’s training: UKCP and BACP.

You deserve better!

Some training courses for hypnotherapists last only a few days or weekends. Most take only up to a year. Plumbers train for longer than that and plumbers aren’t dealing with clients who are suicidal or who can’t see an end to their depression, generalised anxiety disorder, alcohol addiction, trichotillomania or suchlike.

You deserve better than to put your trust in someone who looked for a quick way to get a worthless certificate. Put your trust in the hands of people who appreciate that mental health is a serious matter requiring serious training!

ukcp hypnotherapy wallingford
I believe that serious therapists invest in serious training. My course and qualifications are accredited by UKCP and they took four years for me to complete. If you’d not trust a poorly trained plumber then you should pay just as much attention to the quality of training undertaken by the person you plan to trust with your emotional well-being.

Which conditions can hypnotherapy help with?

The answer to this question is limited only by the hypnotherapist’s training. I have used hypnotherapy in Wallingford to help with practically every problem which is complicated by an emotional response. When allied to sufficient experience and a thorough training in psychotherapy, counselling and other, allied, approaches, hypnotherapy could help to resolve practically anything outside of the organic psychiatric disorders.

More specifically…

I have helped people in Wallingford to overcome phobias, enuresis, PTSD, IBS, anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, depression, gambling addictions, drug addictions, low self-esteem and insomnia. I have helped my clients to deal with anger managment issues, premature ejaculation, anorgasmia, driving test nerves, social anxiety, job interview nerves and much, much more.

Much much more?

I have helped people find ways to cope with asperger’s syndrome, pathological demand avoidance, ADD / ADHD and grief. I have helped them to master performance anxieties including sports performance, erectile dysfunction, exam anxiety, driving test nerves, stage fright and more. When emotions get in the way, hypnotherapy can help.


Testimonials to the effectiveness of Resolved! Hypnotherapy

The use of testimonials is commonplace in hypnotherapy but UKCP forbids their use. They are seen as breaking confidentiality and can be faked.

So take a look at my Google reviews!

Google reviews are permissible, however, because they’re external to my site and can be negative. None of mine are and you can read what a group of satisfied former clients have written by clicking here. Please bear in mind, however, the disclaimer at the bottom of this page. I believe that I offer warm, professional and effective hypnotherapy but this doesn’t mean that I can promise you complete success. Results vary from person to person. Anybody who tells you differently is best avoided.

Think of the children! Resolved! Hypnotherapy Wallingford could help them too.

With twenty years of teaching experience (secondary) under my belt I came into hypnotherapy / psychotherapy with a great deal of knowledge of young people of 11 years of age and older. It’s for this reason that my supervisor (do other local hypnotherapists have regular supervision? – there’s a question to ask them!) always allowed me to work with children of circa 10 years of age and older. Read on to find still more reasons as to why I am now even better qualified to work with children of any age down to four.

What wouldn’t you give to see your child free of that problem, for good?

I have helped children and teenagers in Wallingford to overcome anger management issues, enuresis. (bedwetting) anxiety, school refusal, self-esteem problems, OCD, problems associated with asperger’s syndrome, sibling rivalry, pathological demand avoidance, panic attacks, sports performance and many other issues.

Read some more reasons why your child’s emotional well-being is safe in my hands…

hypnotherapy for children in wallingford
I am almost done with a two year Masters degree in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy. This means that I am now trained to work with children of four years of age and upwards.

Hypnotherapy isn’t always the best approach for children of such a young age. I will use it in combination with play therapy, sand tray work, puppets, music and many other effective interventions.

I believe that I am the only UKCP registered hypnotherapist/psychotherapist in the local area who is also a qualified child and adolescent counsellor.

I have worked with children suffering from the full range of problems. Your child is safe with me, for I am experienced, fully trained and UKCP registered. I wouldn;t trust my own children with anybody less qualified.

I’m a local specialist in helping people to overcome issues associated with Asperger’s / High Functioning Autism

If you’re not familiar with asperger’s syndrome then it’s easy to mistake some of their behaviours for other conditions and problems. This can lead to dead ends and wasted time. It’s far better for people on the autistic spectrum to find a therapist who has some personal understanding of what it is to live with autism.

I have significant experience in working and living with Asperger’s Syndrome in the area of Wallingford. Hypnotherapy can help!

My eldest daughter has asperger’s syndrome and it was this diagnosis which led me to specialise in helping people with the condition. I have helped dozens of people, using hypnotherapy in Wallingford and other places,  to learn to live with ASD/ASC and to live fulfilling lives. You or your loved one could be next!

Don’t continue to just put up with it. You could do better and feel better. Do you want to learn more of how I work with people on the autistic spectrum?

asperger's hypnotherapy wallingford